Ratchet & Clank: A Crack In Time Collector’s Edition

Hi all,

My name is Kevin Smyth and I am the SCEE Product Manager for Ratchet & Clank: A Crack in Time.

I’d like to give you some details about the Collector’s Edition we have planned, and answer any questions you might have.

Ratchet & Clank Collector's Edition

The Collector’s Edition will come in a special foldout digipack containing the following:

  • A 3D lenticular cover – and this isn’t like the dinosaur ruler you had at school, this features new 3D technology and looks awesome. Check out the video which gives you taste of how it will look, although to get the full effect you will need to check it out in the flesh (and please excuse my foot in the background :))
  • An Artwork Book with exclusive concept artwork handpicked by Insomniac.
  • A PSN Voucher, exclusive to the Collector’s Edition in PAL regions. This allows you to download the stellar Discovery Package, which launches you over to the Insomniac Moon, a special level that resembles the layout of the Insomniac Games’ offices! Scattered through this museum-like level, you will discover a moon’s worth of extra content that didn’t quite make it into the game.

The Collector’s Edition is available in the following countries in the listed stores. Please note that this isn’t all of the countries it will be available in, as some details regarding who will be taking the Collector’s Edition are still TBC.

  • UK – GAME exclusive
  • France – Available everywhere
  • Spain – Available everywhere
  • Italy – Available everywhere
  • Australia – TBC
  • New Zealand – EB Games
  • Belgium – Game Mania, Smartoys (CLD), PlayerOne (BEMS), Consoles Fan (Horelec), Multimedia Partner (MMS), IPG (gameshop), Supra Center, Media Markt,
  • Holland – Bart Smit, Intertoys, Dexcom, Rigu,,, Toys XL
  • Norway – GameStop & Elkjøp
  • Sweden – GameStop & Siba, Media Markt, CDON, Webhallen, Nextstop, Discshop
  • Denmark – GameStop & Others TBC
  • Finland – Available everywhere
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I feel bad tho because ive never really been into the R&C series.. ive been more in to Jak & Daxter more then anything.

Nice – it’s not available in Germany I assume?

great to see a CE coming out for R&C, but I just want to verify that’s a cardboard box for it, as when I ordered the CE of infamous and it arrived damaged due to the *ahem* “careful hands” of the royal mail :(

If it’s cardboard I’ll be travelling to a local GAME store instead.


Yes it’s cardboard so probably best to pick it up from GAME to get a mint copy.

Overread the “more countries TBC part” – so there’s hope.

30 Oct. still the release date?

Any chance of this coming to the Middle East/UAE? Would buy this in a second! When’s it coming out in Europe anyways?


Yes it is available in the Middle East/UAE, specifically Saudi Arabia

Can’t see Poland on this list. I hope that it will be available here. Want it! Very much! :D


Yes it will be released in Poland but I haven’t got details of the stores yet

I hate cardboxes. They get deteriorate pretty fast, and the box looks annoying to open. I’ll stick with the standard edition…


Hey Kevin

I just preordered this from yesterday coincidently :)

On their page it says that they are offering the Discovery pack along with the 3 others from the US blog.

Is that just a typo and the Discovery pack is actually exclusive to the collectors edition?

The Discovery pack is the one I really wanted :)


That’s a mistake, the Discovery package is exclusive to the Collector’s Edition for PAL territories, it is only the other three packages that are available. Sorry about that I will ask SCE UK to contact and get it amended.


Update – Just a note that have amended their site now so it has the correct information and are only offering three packs.


i’m a big fan of the R&C series and can’t wait to play this next one looks and sounds really kools.

i just have one question will we see any playstation home conent from the game other then the outfit u can redeem from a pre-order at



There will be other Home items but I don’t have specific details at the moment as they are still being worked out


How come, games like new Uncharted, Fifa 10 and Ratchet are still being released with old cover style im already bored with, especially when i see how cool US Uncharted 2 looks like?
Is Europe stuck with the old covers forever, or is it about to change anytime soon?

addyjones1234 06 October, 2009 @ 15:39

great thanks, ordered this the other day:)

is there 2 artbooks?? as in that pic?


Just one artwork book, the other book you can see is the manual


Aw damn, it’s GAME exclusive? Overpricing, thy name is GAME

Will “suffer” with the peasants Normal edition, thank you very much :p


Also, this is still using the original cover design with PLAYSTATION down the side. Does that mean we’re keeping the original design or was this cover finalised and sent to print before the redesign?

Hope we keep the original design as my OCD is already finding the new PEGI ratings hard to bear! Think I’ll go insane if the entire packaging changes too ;)


Ratchet is one of the last games to have the old packaging design as it was finalised before the packaging change

addyjones1234 06 October, 2009 @ 15:45

@ matthew_117

I’d also like to know:)


Kevin will the insominiac moon become available as DLC at any point as i have ordered from play to get the 3 packages and dont want to pay for two games just to get a pack :(

also will the game have any multiplayer combat either offline or online


This is still TBC at the moment

With regard to multiplayer its strictly 1 Player only

aww i wanted it to come with a plushie ratchet :(

Please!!! Patch first Ratchet with trophies, now they just finished the game, they can do it, and know how to.


Hi Kevin could you please tell us when we will start to see in europe the PS3 games with new re-branded PS3 logo on the box and blu-ray disc?…


It just depends when the packaging was finalised, for example EyePet features the new design but Ratchet and Uncharted didn’t. After Christmas all releases will feature the new packaging design

Can i possibly ask sony to stop doing exclusive deals with special editions in the UK, or if you really have to can you not choose the most expensive retailer.



oh anything about a solid release date? i haven’t heard anything?


We should be able to confirm the release date late next week, look for another blog post on this and details of the demo

replace end ? with a . Facepalm Shame on myself

Carnivius_Prime 06 October, 2009 @ 15:54

Cool stuff. Though it comes out just a bit soon after Uncharted 2 for me to afford it just yet. Still got some reward points on my GAME account but not enough. Used some to get Uncharted 2 Special Edition for £32.49. I’m looking forward to playing this though. Enjoyed Tools and Booty muchly but I haven’t played any of the PS2 ones. Kinda hope they’ll do a God of War and release the PS2 games in a new pack for PS3 with HD res and trophies.

addyjones1234 06 October, 2009 @ 15:55

thanks Kevin, very quick:)

just one more question, is there a certain date that the new box arts come in or are they just being filtered in? also, why has the us got the new box art on RACACIT but the EU hasn’t?


It just depends on the deadlines to go to print, Ratchet & Uncharted was before EyePet so EyePet got the new design.

SCEA got the new design as they can go to print much later than SCEE as they only have one language and one Country and we have many.

Awesome! this has been on the GAME website for a couple of weeks now, glad we finally get some official details from SCEE though.

“Finland – Available everywhere”

AWESOME! Can’t wait.

addyjones1234 06 October, 2009 @ 16:07

thanks a gain Kevin, I can understnad the issues with countries etc.

just one more question, what is the RRP? thanks:)

Wow a collector’s edition announcement on the EU blog?! That rarely ever happens, it’s normally the US that gets all the collectors edition love!

I’m glad there is only one version, I hate this recent trend of juggling features depending which retailer you go with! Plus I’ve always had a soft spot for 3D lenticular covers!

You’ve just made yourself a sale, although I’ll probably “send it off to Santa” so I don’t have to pay for it myself ;) Uncharted 2 will keep me ticking over in the mean time.

P.S. You may be able to answer this being a “SCEE Product Manager”, why did SCEE take the decision not to relaunch the PS3 game boxes with the new PS3 branding in the same way they did in the US? Are there any plans to do this down the line or are SCEE sticking with the full name spiderman font logo?

Re above, never mind, I’ve just seen that you’ve already answered the question!!!

Looks great except for the case being made out of cardboard.

I’m sure you are aware but the inFamous collector’s edition was the same but it gets damaged so easily either getting the game out of the box or via it being sent via the post.

If you could going forward stray away from cardboard releases we as customers could breathe a huge sigh of relief. :D


Ok good to know as we are doing lots more Special Editions but you wouldn’t want to just have steelbooks would you? What sort of other Special Editions would you like to see?


thanks for the reply kevin :( shame its one player but its understandable cant have too many captain quarks floating around in space now :P althouh theres one thing i would love too see return to the franchise and that would be the captain quark comic minigames they were so much fun to play

i also has one more question the playstation home outfit is it the same as the 07 version or is it completely diffrent ?

thanks once again dude


Insomniac are reading this blog so if you have any requests for what you want to see in future Ratchet’s then this is your forum to shout.

Sorry not sure what you mean by 07 version?

What about Ireland?


Yes its available in Ireland but I haven’t got details of where yet


@33 ireland will probably come under the UK deal geographically and if i remember ireland does have GAME so it will probably come under the UK deal


Very cool! I, for one, love collector’s editions.


here you go kevin the link is below

that will take you to the picture of the 07 version of the suit although i think it may have been mere promotional back then but i wonder if it will be the same suit or will it be completely diffrent


do’h the link has broke

here is a tiny url link to it kevin


Got it, we are still deciding which Home item would be best for the Space package


Thanks for my reply glad to see more Home content coming from games.

as for future R&C would like to see some kind of multiplayer would be nice or even a co-op mode

Nice! Glad to hear they’re available everywhere in Finland. :-)


I wish we could have gotten that Uncharted 2 Collector’s Edition :(

InfamousPsy21 06 October, 2009 @ 16:34

love that cover, is that cover special edition exclusive or is it for all the editions of the game


Glad you like it, for PAL territories we are just using this for the Collector’s Edition, the regular edition has a different packshot. They are using this cover in the US for their packshot but without the lenticular


:O now thats teasing kevin :(

i want it to be the ratchet costume would go well in the ratchet and clank space too :D

cmon you know you want it to be ratchet too your inner gamer agrees :P


:O cant beileve no one has said this yet

hello all the insomniac people reading this blog :D

addyjones1234 06 October, 2009 @ 16:42

hi imsomniac peeps, we want mp/ co-op:)

also, you may have missed it Kevin, but what is the RRP for this £49.99?

Where can we get the info of where the CE will be sold in Ireland? When you guys find out that is ;-)


I’ll contact the Irish office now and see if they have an update and post back asap


Update – Its a Smyths Toys exclusive

sweet its coming to saudi arabia any idea of the release date?


just had a idea for a future game of R&C how bout using the new motion control to maybe have a boss battle using a giant wrench to WACK him with lol

almighty-slayer 06 October, 2009 @ 17:06

You made the Insomniac Museum (which has been a sort of hidden puzzle the previous games, or the first 3 at least) exclusive to one shop?? Not just one shop, but the most expensive on the market?

Umm. No. Just no.

Thank you Kevin :-)

Very nice edition, I hope some of it arrives to Iraq (as here in Iraq the stores import PS3 games from UAE & China) :-D & I thought you were going to show the whole package & the stuff inside in the video, hope we’ll see more in the future.


The package in the video was just a mock up so was empty inside but the picture at the top of the page should give you a good idea of how it looks

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