Arivaderchi Means Hello And Critter Crunch Means Fun!

Arivaderchi, people of Europe!

Kris from Capy here. I’d like to take a moment of your time to introduce you to Critter Crunch, Canada’s finest puzzle game export:

Critter Crunch logo

We here at Capy have poured our hearts out into this 1080p, 60FPS puzzle extravaganza and we’re happy to announce that it’ll soon be available in Europe, as soon as it’s translated into all of your beautiful non-English languages that make everything we’ve written sound so much more appetizing.

Critter Crunch, in short, is the story of Biggs; a rotund creature with a long, sticky tongue. Biggs uses this tongue to grab Critters hanging from vines above, and force-feeds them into each other until they explode, dropping their tasty jewel innards for Biggs to eat. We call this the “Food Chain” puzzle mechanic! Check out this gameplay montage to see Biggs and his tongue in action:

Critter Crunch will be an overflowing beer stein of puzzle insanity, including Single player Story Mode, Puzzle Mode, Survival Mode and Challenge Mode. Also, you’ll be able to take on all of your buddies in Multiplayer Versus mode, or work together like one big European Union in Co-op mode. Both multiplayer modes can be played over PlayStation Network or locally on your chez lounge.

Critter Crunch

If you have any questions, ask away in the comments section and I’ll do my best to answer.

Let’s be PAL(s).

– Kris

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I saw in the US PSBlog that will be available tomorrow in America.
A release date for Europe, please?


Hey Guillemots – we’ll have an official release date shortly, but we’ll make sure the wait is as short as possible.

I am ready to buy this since that first trailer

How much will it cost give us a good price like the Americans :P

This game looks like 100% pure unfiltered awesome! Give my love to everyone at Capi and bring this game over tout suite. =D

Kris Piotrowski 07 October, 2009 @ 19:43

Thank you very much! We’ll do our best to bring CC overseas as quickly as humanly possible.

Yay, Critter Crunch!

Could you please hurry up localising the game, because I am aching to barf rainbows!

‘work together like one big European Union’ – I guess that’s how you people across the pond appeal to us multi-linguists? But I like it…!

Kris Piotrowski 07 October, 2009 @ 19:45

Clearly, we are very educated in everything European:)

Yes! Can’t wait for it! I’m addicted to it on my ipod touch :O too bad it’s released later than the U.S… I don’t think they had the same trouble for the iphone/ipod touch version of the game.. Hmmm.
Nevermind. Looking forward to it.

almighty-slayer 07 October, 2009 @ 19:36

So…Not tomorrow then? :'(

I’ll buy it from the US store where i will undoubtedly pay less and get it tomorrow.

Did he just vomit rainbow into that little fella’s mouth??


Do you mean “arrivederci”? :D

Kris Piotrowski 07 October, 2009 @ 19:52

Not only is it spelled wrong, it also doesn’t mean hello:)

@7 … and isn’t “arrivederci” supposed to mean goodbye?

Kris Piotrowski 07 October, 2009 @ 20:02

Let’s just agree that Critter Crunch still means Fun:)

One would think you would at least google the word instead of making an ass of yourself and insult italians everywhere.

Kris Piotrowski 07 October, 2009 @ 20:27

Hold on, hold on Spedfrom:
The title of the post was an intentional joke, playing on the cliche ignorance of North Americans.

For real, no insult intended: Of course we here at Capy know that what “Arrivederci” means, and we know how to spell it.

Ahh humor… the one thing that definitely does not universally translate:)




As someone who already owns this game (i have it on iphone) and thinks it’s great, i’m somewhat dismayed that it’s coming to the US tomorrow and we in the EU get jipped once again with delays, how about Sony make a deal all round and make it so any game on PSN won’t get released until it can be released to everyone at the same time, is it really that hard?, at least that way it would be fair.

Also, i really don’t like the fact the price isn’t being said, i have a very bad feeling this is going to be another one of these “Fat Princess lets rip of the EU price” games.

Anyways, i may pick it up for the HD goodness BUT this will depend on the delay we get and the price we get.


The price will be fair – Capy is a small indie dev with no desire to screw over our European friends with crazy price variations per region.

As for the delay, we’re doing our best to make it as short as possible.


Sorry Capy. I’ve been waiting for this game for a long while and was planning on laying down my money for it tomorrow as I’ve put some aside…. but now us Europeans (UK resident in my case) get shafted with a later relase date. I’m not sure I can be bothered to wait longer.

You’ve lost my money.
Next time… get your act together (or SCEE’s) and make it a worldwide release!

Kris Piotrowski 07 October, 2009 @ 20:36

Sorry to hear that. As an smaller independent studio, it is very tough for us to do a worldwide release at the same time. We’re just not big enough to handle all of that at once. Heck, it’s tough to do a single territory release! Anyway, hopefully you’ll give us a chance when the game actually does come out in Europe (which will not be long time, we promise).

Perhaps this Destructoid review can convince you to give our dear Critter Crunch a bit more time before totally giving up on it?



Hey, looks good nice to see psn mutiplayer in a smaller title dont listen to goons complaining they r worthless, congrats on putting out a good game. :)

Kris Piotrowski 07 October, 2009 @ 21:01

Thanks you very much!


I’ve seen the Destructoid review already and it only makes me sadder that i’ll have to wait longer to get the game (if at all).

Perhaps i’ll buy a US PSN card and give SCEA my money.

The3DGalaxian 07 October, 2009 @ 21:09

I’m excited about this. I know it won’t be this week but oh well. When it comes it will be fantastic. I played it on ipod touch after watching videos of it on the PS Blog. The touch controls work but are a little tricky sometimes. I know the d-pad will be so much better, and the graphics will be great too.

Great job Capy.

Kris Piotrowski 07 October, 2009 @ 21:14

hey hey,
The controls for the PS3 version are finely tuned and very snappy, don’t worry. It’s a joy, even to us, to finally play Critter Crunch on a D-pad! Thanks for the kind words,


wow it looks awesome. I like to support smaller indie dev’s & as long as the price isn’t silly, consider this sold :)

Wow, cool!!! I was expecting it for tomorrow but…whatever. You’ll have my lovely euro money as soon as you release it, my canadian barfing friend. And some dynamic theme love would be awesome.
Also, Biggs is the ¿cutest? thing on Ps3 since Sackboy. Congrats to anyone who designed it.

Kris Piotrowski 07 October, 2009 @ 21:41

Haha, thanks MrJorgito!

And yes, we are busy working on a dynamic theme, which will be out very soon, along with some free non-dynamic themes:)

Biggs was originally designed by Victor Nguyen, and then redesigned for the PSN version of the game by Nick “Qiqo” Stephan, who along with Sylvain Coutouly, did nearly all of the art for the entire game. I’ll pass on the praise to them:)


Always glad to see Critter Crunch info!

And it still looks awesome. Hopefully the game does well and I wish you crazy canadians all the best, gonna chip in myself just to be on the safe side. ;-)

Any chance of an avatar or 2 to go with that dynamic theme?

SerialCleaner 07 October, 2009 @ 21:44

Hi guys

Just wanted to say that I’ve had the pleasure to work with the guys at Capybara while I was a producer in the mobile games industry, and I have to say those people are super nice and passionate about their work. Critter Crunch has been a great hit and received many awards since it came out on mobile and iPhone, and it’s great for us to get this game on PS3. Oh, and please don’t blame the studio for the delays caused by the localization process, as it’s a hard and time-consuming development/QA phase, and I’m 100% sure the devs aren’t having lazy afternoons playing SF4 or whatever.

Keep on supporting small independent studios and IPs, the future of video gaming’s there !

Kris Piotrowski 07 October, 2009 @ 22:27

Hey SerialCleaner,
Thanks for the support! Much appreciated…. now if only I could figure out who you are… Hmmmm… Mysterious!!

It’s nice to know that we made a good impression, regardless!

Thanks again,


Been looking forward to this since I first saw the post over at the US Blog.

It look absolutely stunning, and I really can’t wait to pick it up.

However; There was another title I felt the same about, and coincidentally, they had a similar artistic direction as this title. That game was Fat Princess, and due to a pathetic blunder on pricing, I’ve refused to pick the game up, and months later, I still haven’t.

Please don’t make the same mistake as they did with this title, and price it fairly in regards to pricing of the US release, and the comparable iPhone release.

I look forward to picking this game up :) Please don’t let us down!

TheDevilsJoker 07 October, 2009 @ 22:36

Wow! I adore the animation for this game, i’m an animator myself, but independant/freelance so i can only look in awe at that beautifull game. Regardless of the gameplay, which i’m sure will be good, i’ll probably pick it up just to drool over. Gold Stars all around!


I’m gonna use my US account and get it tommorow ;) It seems fun ;)

almighty-slayer 07 October, 2009 @ 23:03

$6.99 on the US store. That’s £4 or £5 i think.

Go for the US store i think. Screw SCEE and their stupid pricing.

I read about this game this morning in the Destructoid review at work, and me and all of my co-workers love it. Graphics and music are great. About gameplay… I’ll see it when I buy it (because I’m going to buy it the firts day).

The first thing I did this afternoon when I came home from work was download the Critter Crunch demo for my iPod Touch, and it’s really fun for a puzzle game (I don’t like a lot puzzle games, but this one rocks, congratulations)!!!

P.S.: Capi logo is GREAT.

people moaning about scee’s pricing, shut up, its nothing to do with them, its the developers/publishers who decide that.

as for the game itself, i don’t usually go for these sorts of games, but the style and the little hamster/gerbil thing is really sweet, like a fat adorable hamster.

by the way, i’ve seen the kratos/sackboy/okami versions of the critter on your website, any plans to release these as dlc… :)

Kris Piotrowski 07 October, 2009 @ 23:42

We wish… but that is most likely impossible!

And about the price: Like Nathan mentioned above, we will be fair.

£3.99 or cheaper would be great.

The style is absolutely fantastic, 1080p is a bliss and your sense of humor is spot on. If that Destructoid article MSRP of $6.99 is indicative of the PAL price, you’ve just made a new pal, pal.


I like new pals. Thanks!

everytime i come on here hoping to read about a new release i have to wade through page after page of moaning idiotic paupers complaining to some poor guy who has eff all to do with the pricing , get a life ( or a better paying job ) you bunch of loosers , cant you just be happy for once in your sad depressing little lives? ……..oh and great looking game guys :D

This is the first time i have seen this game. But let me say your art style looks AMAZING very stylish. And judging from the game play in trailer it looks like you guys have done a great job. I’ll definitely get this when it makes its way over this side of the world.

Great job, keep it up :D

P.S. Also I’m looking forward to the dynamic theme for this game i’ll definitely pick that up too.

It is 1:09AM here on the east coast. I have a test I should be studying for here at RIT, but instead I’m anxiously awaiting Critter Crunch. I’ve wanted this game since I saw the puke trailer. Hope mine and others’ purchases leads to other great games in the future! Congrats on the release.


Good luck on your test, and thanks for the support!

I am so hanging for this game! I love Biggs! I wish we were able to purchase shirts and little plushies of sorts of him, or other possible merchandise. Any chance of that happening?

Bit disappointing that we aren’t getting it the same time as the US though, but hopefully not too far away. I’m from Australia, so have no need for other languages other than English (even though I’m included in the PAL market).

So great to hear that there will be free themes though! Maybe they can be released before the game makes it to the PAL market so the wait isn’t as bad?

Also, even though I’m pretty sure I’ll be purchasing this, can you say whether or not there will be a demo?


There definitely will be a demo, complete with a little multiplayer action.

If you’re interested in Critter Crunch shirts, check out the brand spakin new Capy Store here:


Looks more entertaining than I originally gave it credit for. No need for the delay in my book. You could localise and then simultaneously release, so based on that and the obligatory price mark up that will accompany it I will be giving it a miss.


wow,I was impressed even by the little company logo, heh, what a lovely looking game too. Will there be a demo? Puzzle games are something I really need to get into before purchase, even if they have vomiting rainbows

This game looks very good :). I’m definately not going to be able to pick it up on release day (you have seen the awesome October schedule for full games right?), but this game will probably be very high on my list to pick up when I have the time and money to do so. You will virtually guarrentee a sale from me if you price it at $13AUD. Please don’t make it some ludicris price at over $20 though :|.

It looks great – thanks for posting a nice introduction to the game. I will definitely buy this on the day it comes out as I’m looking for a girlfriend-friendly-puzzler and this could be it!

welcome to the eu blog guys. May i interest you in a cup of tea and a scone?


What are you talking aboot eh?

SerialCleaner 08 October, 2009 @ 12:59

Hey Kris

A couple of hints: I was producer on the publisher side for a game that was developed by Capybara about one year ago for mobile platforms. The project was managed by Matt R. on your side, and I had a good time working with you guys.

Well you surprised me! From the screenshots I thought “bah, another bust-a-move clone”, but this is really put in a nice and funny form. I’ll give it a go :)

you can leave those beady eyes of yours on yonge and eglington, only bad teeth and smoking jackets on this blog my fellow gamer.

Good luck with the release guys, this game is actually awesome, I have it on my iphone and I didn’t even notice my girlfriend leaving me for my dad. A good enough recommendation if ever i heard one.
I look forward to the ps3 version.

Can’t wait for this game, you guys really should support Capy, they’re an awesome dev. We saw them and the Edinburgh Interactive Festival and they were just super cool. They’re Might and Magic game is looking great as well.

Just bought an awesome pink critter crunch t-shirt from the store.
Looking forward to the game hitting Europe soon :)

Greetings from Calle & Pieces Interactive.

I’ve been playing the demo now and love the game. Biggs is soo cute! :D

Please, release the game this thursday!

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