PS Home: Updates to MotorStorm, Wolverine, V-Store And More…

Hi guys,

Time for a PlayStation Home update…

First up, as promised a few weeks back, the MotorStorm Monument Valley Campsite personal space will, as of tomorrow, be winging its way into PlayStation Home and on sale at the Estates store in the Shopping Centre.

This mesa-top hideaway has its own crackling fire, MotorStorm caravan and a view of the pumping MotorStorm festival across the Valley. Check out the teaser trailer of this personal space below:

Not only that, but there’s also a raft of MotorStorm furniture available to customize the campsite including a sofa constructed from a mangled skateboard, the clapped out car seat from one of the original MotorStorm vehicles and a smouldering BBQ cunningly fashioned from an old oil-drum and other non-descript pieces of junk. Check out the screenshots below:

PlayStation Home MotorStorm Apartment

PlayStation Home MotorStorm Apartment

The good news is that this brand-new personal space will be available for a reduced price of €2.99 and all 16 furniture items will be available for €0.99.

Now there’s no excuse not to upgrade your Harbour Studio to something a bit more ‘rugged’ …

Next up, tying in with the release of Wolverine on Blu-ray, we have these limited edition SCEE-exclusive adamantium claws for your avatar available in Home Threads. Check out the screenshots of this awesome item below:

PlayStation Home Wolverine claws

PlayStation Home Wolverine clawsPlayStation Home Wolverine claws

These will only be available for a limited time, so make sure you jump in and get hold of a pair…

Also, the Resident Evil 5 Studio Lot will be updated to include a new mini-game, the BSAA Training Mission and Adam’s shop, check out a screenshot of the updated space below:

PlayStation Home Resident Evil 5

We are also releasing a new batch of MySoti t-shirts, plus the V-Store will have an update, including some awesome board shorts for your avatar and some new funky t-shirts; a few highlights from the V-Store are below:

PlayStation Home

PlayStation HomePlayStation Home

Finally, we will be removing the SingStar Rooms: VIP while it’s re-decked for its next event and the MotorStorm Sphere teaser space will leave PS Home as of tomorrow – watch this space for more info on its replacement…

Oh, and we’ll also be launching a brand new space tomorrow. But you’ll have to log into Home to check it out…

See you tomorrow, wielding some Wolverine claws, when PS Home re-opens.

iELL / Elliott

Hi guys,
Just to let you know (if you haven’t spotted it already or been on the EU forums) that Home’s maintainance downtime for today has been postponed. All updates, as per the blog, will however be made tomorrow.
Thanks for your patience.

3 Author replies

Great update! With PSN Cards, I might buy the Wolverine claws.

here’s hoping the claws are free!

Elliott Linger 07 October, 2009 @ 17:13

Hey critter44 – they are indeed free (but only for a short while…)

Thanks Elliott !!!!

Motorstorm!!!!! :D

Nice update! The motorstorm personal space looks pretty tempting. :P

Fantastic to see a reduced price coming to the apartments. this makes complete sense.

Im guessing its the flugtag Red Bull space being the brand new space? Or is that Ratchet and Clank…


can you give us a tiny clue on the new space? lol anyway good update guys, keep the good work going, i look forward to trying out my new found claws tomorrow :D


^^ oh yeah the flugtag space, forgot about that one, good shout :)

any info on the cameras yet?


Please! Some clarity on this issue!

Ndreams’s Pirate space?


Is the caravan enterable?

And i assume the Wolverine clothes will be male only – With no female counter part?

Maybe Lady Deathstrike will make an appearance :D

now we just wait and see the u.s get the camera and loads of other stuff better than e.u as usual . poor update yet again elliot


elliot do you have a £ price avilable for the new aprtment ?


awesome update :D i’m hoping to see a lot more updates like this now that 1.3 has been released.

is there any info on the camera, i believe Drexl posted a few days ago saying that it would come on the 8th.

Will we see any Uncharted 2 items on HOME ?

What about the TV’s and Photo Frames too ?

hmm no infor of said cameras & these words “they be comming sooner then you think” yes they be comming soon.

for SCEA region all eyes on the scea-blog then let see what better content they get,

i guess the said space is flutug, & at last the resident evil UPDATED space well done capcom. :)

Psicojacorral 07 October, 2009 @ 17:34

Thanks for the info!!


Hey Elliot ,
I am wondering if the adamantium claws will be for female too :P
Plz galz want clarefications from you ^_^

Elliott Linger 07 October, 2009 @ 17:49

Hi Kitty-Wali-
Yup – you will also be able to get the claws for female avatars too.


@GG, i think the £ conversions will be the same, no price change, so we will pay £3 for the apartment and £1 for the furniture.

i used a currency converter to see, and the difference on the apartment would be 20p so i doubt there will be any change.

is there any word if there is a patch that will be fixing the freezing issue that a lot of people are getting while trying to start up home? since there is nothing mentioned only that the claws from wlverine will be free for a limited time


thanks for the update ;)
Also when are picture frames coming? and will they be free(we are the last region to get them after all)


Good to have an update on the blog, hopefully SCEE can do this every fortnight like SCEA have been doing for months. It makes sense as SCEE want to sell stuff and your customers like to know what is new to buy.

It is strange that the biggest playstation exclusive game ‘Uncharted’ still has not arrived on EU home yet it has been in SCEA home for a year or more ?

Or is this the new space coming…finally?

i’m going to be very upset if those claws are men only.


and another question for guyz , what is about the claws catcher t-shirt , Is this for Free too :)

is this why you’re taking away the old motorstorm space?
so you could sell this one?
why put all that effort into a space just to take it away?

and the furniture is 99p each right?

elliot in that picture above she danceing to a tape recorder, is that pre-set music that the devs put in.

or our music from our HDD it not a public space so i wonder.

would scee do it hmmm *cross fingers* it be better then picture frames.


Bloody day tommorow in Home ,
Be Alert eu Home Moderators and Users ….. hehe

thanks for the info elliot, won’t have to go berzerker on you now :)
yeah, women can do it too, there is a she hulk you know :)

Eilliot !

Do you know where i could get in Contact with Product Managers, or maybe yourself ?
I’d like to ask you something ! May i post it here ?


awww thanx and kiss’s Elliot for the claws for Females

Be Ready guyz will make carnage in Home tommorrow .. hehe

in that cause i wont come online tomorrow, dont wanna get CLAW to death lol :D

To clarify “all 16 furniture items will be available for €0.99.”

16 pieces for 99 Euros. Is this correct or are they 99 euros each?

Thanks Elliott, Look forward to the update and the brand new space.


Hoo-flippin’-ray for the RE5 space finally arriving!

Can’t be easy having to deal with the torrent of abuse and complaints that’s endlessly thrown at the SCEE Home guys, so I’d like to offer a big slap on the back for this weeks mahoosive content offering, nice one guys :)

LOL.. update Playstation Home, update VidZone, new FW on PSP… and what ? Still I can`t play on my PS3 in Uncharted – screen freezing. When I play Bomberman or Killzone 2 online – game freezing. When We see new FW on PS3 ? It`s not funny. I bought games and I can`t play !!!!!!. Any answer or info ? I don`t know when I buy a new game I have`t any problems !!

I apologize for my english but i speak english not well.

I am not going to buy anything for home unless the censorship stops in germany!


Since there’s a price drop on the Motorstorm space in euros, will it have a new price drop in the UK too?

Carnivius_Prime 07 October, 2009 @ 18:29

Great stuff. Definitely having me those Wolverine claws. My character’s been walking about with Wolvie-style chops since I first used Home.


Finally Resident Evil 5 is (half) updated! :D It’s a Nice update (Y)

Nice little update for Home, ok Resi 5 space off the todo list now…. hmm Uncharted and Namco next :)

The unfortunate thing.. I dont think I have any spare cash lying around.



“The good news is that this brand-new personal space will be available for a reduced price of €2.99 and all 16 furniture items will be available for €0.99.”

That is good news! It’s about time prices of these things came down a bit! I wouldn’t even mind paying a bit more if the furniture is included but paying £3.99 for the Space and then probably another fiver on the furniture is too much for what you get – you could get a full game for that, and it’s not as if Personal Spaces are even that useful without media sharing or built in mini-games…

Shame about the MotorStorm Sphere being taken down, it never seemed to get used for any events that I saw? I’ll be sure to check out the ‘surprise’ space that is replacing it though.

P.S. Thanks for posting this on the Blog, it’s good that it’s being announced to more people than the Home forum regulars… Home updates should be a regular feature on this blog IMO.

A nice timely update ! :)

the resi update will please a few people and the motorstorm space adds variety to our personal spaces, albeit at a cost.
Nice to see that V-store is being updated.
I did expect to see cameras heading the bill but i guess it’ll be another fortnight at least now….. :(


i agree totally with apnomis,
home owned spaces are a complete waste of money, time and effort by home programmers and
absolutely ridiculous that 2 years on since the promo video for home we’re still waiting on
music players tv’s and ( apart from everyone else in the world ) picture frames …..
please EU home get these issues sorted … because i just don’t see the point effort or reason in buying owned spaces without media players??
if you asked any home user what’s the top item they’d like to see in home it’d be exactly that!!!

LagunaHeartly 07 October, 2009 @ 22:27

Awesome update. Thanks a lot ). And sorry i dont understand this: only motorstorm apartament will be available for 2.99 or this new price for all apartaments? Sorry for my english.

am temtpted to buy the motor storm space looks sexy and dyanmic. um when does the new home square come i thought it was due last week but it didnt come it looks kl i cant wait. or was it only for the US. can any one please tell mee

@LagunaHeartly : It’s the price of motorstorm apartament.

LagunaHeartly 07 October, 2009 @ 23:49

br_steph Thanks). I think I’l buy this apartament.

U.S get cameras a big feature thats part of 1.3 update that was announed at gamescom in europe yet again scee dont do their jobs properly and tell us to go take a run and jump .lol gotta laugh at scee home team and scee in general at how bad they are at their jobs

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