Introducing Buzz! The Friend Quiz

Hi everyone, I’m really happy to be able to tell you about an exciting new Buzz! quiz game we’re launching on Facebook today called ‘Buzz!: The Friend Quiz’.

Buzz! The Friend Quiz

Do you think you really know your Facebook friends? Buzz!: The Friend Quiz will help you find out by creating completely personalised quizzes from your shared photos, status updates, fan pages and more.

Buzz! The Friend Quiz

You can challenge your friends to single or multiple games to see who the best is. There are leaderboards for you to check your current ranking and a range of trophies to collect for great play, as well as message boards for each game you set up, so you can write as much smack-talk as you like!

Buzz! The Friend Quiz

Each quiz is 8 rounds long (up to 3 questions in each) and covers a different area of Facebook, so there are questions about which of your friends appears in a displayed photo, who wrote a particular comment on their profile, who posted the following link and more. Some of the answers about your friends can be very funny (and enlightening!)

Buzz! The Friend Quiz

Buzz! The Friend Quiz

I hope you’re all really going to enjoy it. The app is only in English right now, but we’re busy preparing the French, Italian, German and Spanish versions which will be ready before the end of this month; we’re hoping to add even more languages very soon too. Keep an eye here for more info soon.

Buzz!: The Friend Quiz has just gone live now on Facebook, so head over, try it out and let me know what you think!

(Please note: Buzz! The Friend Quiz is not compatible with the PS3, but works perfectly in any of your favourite PC browsers.)

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I’m very excited for Blue Toad Murder Files, I just hope Studio London is upto the task of bringing us more traditional point & click adventures as the PS3 is severely lacking (actually there are none at all).

If you guys are going to promote Facebook i’d just like to add this caveat for anyone who is thinking of sharing all their personal information :

Facebook apps are most annoying, looking forward to blocking it.

Bloody_Marcel 08 October, 2009 @ 19:30

Just played a couple of rounds. This is very, very cool use of Facebook! Great job!


Hi Bloody Marcel, glad you enjoyed it!


Sorry I thought I was looking at the Playstation blog…

I have Buzz! on my PS3 and it is great but have zero interest in facebook, myspace, twitter and whatever ‘social networking’ site is flavour of the month.

Great, would be even better if Sony & Facebook would develop a native App for the PS3 together so that we could use it on our PS3s. Sony should really consider opening up the development like Apple has with their Appstore or Microsoft has with their XNA tools so that we could enjoy more Apps, Games ans Services on our PS3s and PSP’s!

And not only that…perhaps have an app for our trophy cards like the 360 has!

Already done 2 quizes, damn nice work guys.


Cheers smokeypsd! What prize did you get at the end?

addyjones1234 08 October, 2009 @ 22:57

sounds fun, will try it next time i’m on:S

I got a donut lol


I had a go on this earlier and its pretty good, much better than most other Facebook friend quizes. I like the voice overs by Buzz too, very nice, haha.

Nice one :)

Finally a worthwhile Facebook game, very impressed. Feels like Buzz too. Give it a go folks, it’s really quite fun ^_^ you win trophies! ;)


OMG Buzz on Facebook… wicked! I am so going to try this out!

This must be one of the best apps on facebook, but I always seem to win the bloody iron!

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