Kojima on Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker

Remember gamescom? I know, it feels like it was years ago now. We have a special interview that we shot at the show with none other than the head of Kojima Productions, Hideo Kojima himself.

We’ve been itching to get this up for you and, after a few complications, it’s ready for you to have a peek at. Kojima-san talks to us in depth about the co-op features in his upcoming Metal Gear Solid PSP sequel, Peace Walker. He also discusses what he’d like to do next and confirms that a sequel to a certain beloved franchise is more a case of “when”, not “if”. We’ll let you find out for yourselves which it is in the video below.

Since this video was shot I’ve had my hands on the TGS demo of Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker and can confirm that what I’ve seen looks and plays brilliantly. The game’s 2010 release cannot come soon enough.

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SurrealNightmare 14 October, 2009 @ 19:10

Kept us waiting, huh?

Jem Alexander 14 October, 2009 @ 19:26

This is a strong candidate for Comment Of The Year! :D

almighty-slayer 14 October, 2009 @ 19:20


I love Hideo Kojima. Such a brilliant mind, and he makes such brilliant games. Peace Walker looks excellent – i really can’t wait to give it a shot!

Thanks for the interview Jem.

Jem Alexander 15 October, 2009 @ 09:43

It was my pleasure! :)

Sweet :D

While it took a while, it was worth it :P
Thanks :)

Jem Alexander 15 October, 2009 @ 09:43

Glad you enjoyed it. :)

theshepanator 14 October, 2009 @ 19:33

Great, will be getting this on launch, iy cant come soon enough!

The game would be better of on PS2/PS3.

The God of gaming devs has spoken…

Didn’t sound to exited to be interviewing the legend that is kojima

Bow to kojima!!!

Jem Alexander 15 October, 2009 @ 09:43

Believe me, interviewing Kojima is something I was very happy to cross off my list of career goals.

(Just don’t tell anyone that I promptly wrote it back on there so that I have an excuse to do it again!) ;)

Above comment made me LMAO

Any update on when MGS1 is coming to the EU PSS?

kojima give us mgs4 TROPHIES after 5 million sales time to give a little back we all want these so cmon stop ignoring fans

loonytoon1982 14 October, 2009 @ 21:07

Awwww hell yeah!

Not only did he answer me but he seemed to be taken by surprise with my question :D

MGS4 Trophies PLEASE? ;)

Have played the demo handles very well. Seems like a good game game, its a shame i can’t speak janpanese, but still was a good demo


SWEEEEEET! MGS:PW looks like it’s gonna be ace. i do kinda agree that it would be better on a home console but POps was better than i expected and i think it’ll do very well on the PSP. let’s face it, the PSP needs all the AAA games it can get, this may even challenge GOW:COO for the top spot.

freakin love Kojima, crazy ol’ coot. he’s a busy boy too with two MGS titles and Castlevania coming out soon. i’m looking forward to that too. he’s always struggled to get the cinematic quality he strives for and i think with Patrick Stuart and Robert Carlyle heading up the voice acting there should be far fewer of those wooden, melodramic moments we’re so fond, if a little tired, of.

does anybody think he may have opted to put it on the PSP so Konami couldn’t force an Xplat version like we’ll see with Rising? No? OK.

Yay, you asked him my ZoE question! <3

Nice to know that they will have something in the pipeline.

Jem Alexander 15 October, 2009 @ 09:38

<3 to you too!

hazardous_zone 14 October, 2009 @ 21:56

none of my ones were asked,oh well. i can wait and see,sorry i lied i cant wait another second for mgs:peace walker :D

moshii geting us exited then makeing us wait for ages for shame :P

Jem Alexander 15 October, 2009 @ 09:38

Peace Walker should definitely be worth the wait.


ZOE3 is all i want, so PLEASE dont make me wait too long lol

Would you ZoE fans please stop sending Kojima ‘love calls’ :D



It’s always great to hear Kojima-san doing an interview. Was hoping for a bit of English from him at the end, though! ;)

I always laugh when I hear Aki Saito doing the English translation for him, I’m just so used to hearing him from the Kojima Productions Report. :)


Me too, love the KP report (Not the same without Ryan Payton tho :()
Love Ken and Aki! so funny.

Trophy patch please… that’s the only thing keeping me from selling my limited edition of mgs 4!


Cool a new ZOE might be on the horizon =D Great game that has so much love. =3

you guys should have asked him about the mgs4 trophy patch Dx

I still remember the shock of playing MGS1 in 1998. I could not believe such a game could exist. I create games these days and not a week goes by that I think of Kojima’s creations and look up to them.

… oh and.

“Kojima-san doesn’t need to make Metal Gear anymore.”


Thanks for getting this up (TOOK YOUR TIME MIGHT I ADD LOL) but to be honest worth the wait alot of good infor from the god that is Kojima San and to here he is considering ZoE 3 and a new “Original Title” just makes me want more :)


P.S where was the BOWING lol

PsychoboyUK (Ronnie)

Jem Alexander 15 October, 2009 @ 09:37

It’s hard to bow when you’re sitting down. :)

Glad you enjoyed the interview!

I wish they could make a game based on the Boss .. put that in a bit earlier era than MGS3-snake-eater.


They have this new invention lately called subtitles. It’s easier to understand, no annoying double voice, some of might’ve picked up a word of japanese or two and it would’ve been nice hearing my hero’s voice for a change.

I wouldn’t mind a game where you play as The Boss to be honest, he could even add co-op player and make the other Cobras playable too and set the game in the WW2 era.

Kojima, We want Trophies on Metal Gear Solid 4.

Will you add it?


“Love calls for Zone of the Enders.”

You can hear them late at night…

Just thought I’d mention Joystiq’s comments in their article for the interview (… *awkward*

Ahh nevermind…


Cheers for asking my question Jem! I totally forgot about these questions and was taken by shock when you called me out!

I loved watching the video, i prersonally never seen Hideo Kojima talking in person but I am truly convinced that he is the Steven Speilberg of Video games. :)

UKJacobRollin 18 October, 2009 @ 18:35

I have no doubt that MGS: Peace Walker will be the best PSP game released in the year of 2010. Thanks for the interview Jem, and congrats on making your way from Joystiq to the EU PlayStation blog.

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