Mushroom Wars Available This Week On PSN

Hey everyone! It’s Scott at Creat Studios again, here to tell you about our seventh (yes… seventh!) release for PlayStation Network in 2009. Our new RTS, Mushroom Wars, will be available for €9.99 / £7.99 on Thursday, October 15th.

Now, you’re asking, what exactly is Mushroom Wars? Do I have to battle evil, killer mutant zombie mushrooms? Well, as cool as that might sound, (hmmm… maybe there’s a future PSN release!), you don’t battle the mushrooms themselves, but you will do battle for the mushrooms. Mushroom Wars is a fast-paced and accessible RTS, with a quaint, anime-inspired visual style, where you send your cute armies into battle, upgrade your mushroom bases, improve your weaponry and fight skirmishes in close-quarter maps.

You can play against the AI or kick your friends’ butts in Campaign mode. The Skirmish mode lets you quickly jump right into battles. Local multiplayer allows up to four players to tough it out to see who’s the baddest army in the meadow.

We’re very excited about Mushroom Wars, and we’re confident that you’ll have a great time. Whether you’re pursuing a full Campaign, or in the mood for a quick, five minute RTS battle to jump-start your morning, Mushroom Wars is simply great fun.

Mushroom Wars

Creat Studios wishes to continue to thank all of our fans who have played our PSN games this year. We greatly appreciate your support and your feedback. We can’t do it without you!

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Any news on Minigore for PSP. Just wondering as it’s like best app on the ipod!!!

Looks good – is there a demo?


Hey reakt,

Thanks for the kind words. The demo is not ready just yet, but it is in the works.

“take command of a mushroom army”, there’s a sentence i never thought i’d read.


HazelAM, are you sure you can handle that kind of power? Remember, with great mushroom power comes great mushroom responsibility!

Mario would have a field day with this


Did you mean that literally, Roxas598? “Field day”? Battle on the field.. get it? Get it? *sigh* Sorry, bad joke. This is why I make games and don’t do stand up comedy.


bit pricey for a game without a demo I’ll sit back and play uncharted 2 for a while

Lol bad very bad :P

Where are the 1ups XD

almighty-slayer 14 October, 2009 @ 16:41

Nice work deleting my comment (not blaming you, Scott, i’m addressing whoever deleted it). Thanks, nice to know we can speak freely about how we feel.

Once again, $9.99 US is NOT 9.99 Euros or £7.99.

Wow you guys are pumping these out thick and fast! I’ve still barely scratched the surface of DiggerHD yet, and I still keep meaning to get Cuboid (at the time I bough Magic Ball instead, as I had played the flash version of Cuboid, but the introduction of user-created levels sparked my interest again).

Unfortunately for you guys I’m in gaming overload at the moment, between Flashpoint, FIFA10, Uncharted 2, and potentially Trine and Fallout 3 GOTY Edition! I don’t think I’m going to have time for any more PSN games until things die down a bit!

It’s nice to see you’re working on a demo though, if it’s really good you may just persuade me to fit it into my busy gaming schedule ;)


We’re thrilled to know that you’re enjoying Digger HD, Apnomis, and we’re confident that you’ll have a great time playing Mushroom Wars.

The designers really innovated on Mushroom Wars, and created a game that’s great for a quick five to ten minute session, or engrossing to play for hours on end.

If you like Cuboid, you should know that there is also a Booster Pack available with an amazing Level Editor. if you think you would waste enough time playing it, imagine how fun it will be to make and share your own levels.

what inspired you to make a game about battling mushrooms?


Roxas, I’ll pass the question on to the team…


Roxas, to answer your question, I checked in with Nastya Aanstasia, the producer of Mushroom Wars.

According to her, our Design Director, Aleksey Rehlov, had a dream about mushroom battles while recovering from an illness. That started the discussions, and Mushroom Wars was born!

@ almighty-slayer, I know what you mean, it’s a shame €9.99/£7.99 has become the standard. SCEE really need to take a leaf out of Microsoft’s book and standardise the exchange rates – if the $9.99 Critter Crunch can sell for £6.29/€7.99 why can’t every other $9.99 release? Is it too much to ask for for some CONSISTENCY?

Every internet review/opinion piece about the PSN service and how the SCEE version can be improved always includes the problem of inconsistent prices, yet still SCEE take no action (or at most continue to debate it behind closed doors). Not to mention the fact they make themselves uncompetitive on multiplatform releases, which MS sell at a fixed £6.80 for a $9.99 release…

Oh and don’t forget the £20 PSN cards – At the ‘Critter Crunch’ exchange rate you could buy 3 x £6.29 games or 2 x £9.99 games. With the ‘SCEE’ exchange rate you can only buy 2 x 7.99 games or 1 x £11.99 game!

almighty-slayer 14 October, 2009 @ 17:04

That’s true and quite possibly why they put the prices at such a stupid level lately; people will have to buy more PSN cards. It’s the same with PSPGo games – they cost £21 (or this seems to be the most used price from what I have seen) – requiring the buyer to spend at least £40 on PSN cards in order to buy one game.

SCEE – Consistency in pricing please.

@ Apnomis: if I’m right, Critter Crunch was 7.99 dollar…

Btw: this game looks interesting & up my alley, but I’m gonna wait for some reviews.

Anastasia Barmina 22 October, 2009 @ 15:55

Hi Klart! My name is Anastasia, I’m producer of Mushroom Wars. I’m glad to see all of players’ posts here. Will try to reply to everyone.

Klart, I’m thrilled to hear that Mushroom Wars is your cup of tea. Making such games is our cup of tea!

To dispel your doubts, please, have a look at some of the reviews:


Not really my type of game but its too cute not to give a try…when the demo comes that is :o)

Does this game have online multiplayer or plans for it in the future? I’m a big fan of RTS games (like Warcraft 3, Red Alert 2 etc) but my real love is online ladders, not the singleplayer.

Anastasia Barmina 22 October, 2009 @ 16:13

ZCFlayer, thank you for posting! Your feedback keeps us moving on with ideas for developing our games!

We have plans for Online multiplayer, it’s under consideration now.

Thats a weird way for a game to start lol

Say thanks for the info :)


No Demo – No Buy! So when is expected ETA of said Demo?

Wheres the psn update heads up? Just wanna know if I should get another usa psn ticket this week?

Looks a bit like monster which is a third of the price, so ok that inflation but lets at least have a demo……. again…. no demo…. no buy…. not too much to ask really from the PSN is it?

This seems like a game I’d enjoy more on the PSP. Are there any plans for a PSP iteration?

Anastasia Barmina 22 October, 2009 @ 16:35

Hasquart, be sure that you will enjoy Mushroom Wars on PS3 too :)

Regarding PSP version we are considering all suggestions.


Looks interesting.

Will this be on the Australian store too? Can you indicate what the price will be?



So you basically took Galcon and changed it from space ships/planets to muchrooms?, looking forward to it as i love Galcon BUT it’s a very big rip off, i mean it looks exactly the same BUT with mushrooms.



They made a Galcon for the iphone/ipod touch and it even has online MP (which actully works :D), so seeing as this is the same game (with different graphics) they could easily make a PSP version.

Forgot to say in the other post, price seems OK as Galcon was priced $9.99 originally.

Sweet. When they posted about Mushroom Wars on the US site without a simultaneous post on the EU site I figured we would be waiting a while. So this is good news.

i just want dragon ball raging blast demo

Does this game come with online multiplayer? If not, are there any plans for an online feature?

Hey Scott,

I bought Mushroom Wars today and was sad to find out that there was no four-player local multiplayer that you mentioned.

I was wondering what happened to that plan, and if possible, would there be a patch to implement a four-player local multiplayer, as well as maps that would support this configuration.

Thank you!

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