Incoming Cold Front For SOCOM: Confrontation

This post has now been updated with the accurate content list for the DLC.

Today, we are very happy to announce the COLD FRONT downloadable pack for SOCOM: Confrontation. Loaded with new features and content, this pack brings a brand new snowy Eastern European area of operations into play with two all new maps and three classic SOCOM maps for 16 to 32 players. The classic maps are drawn from some of the most popular SOCOM maps of all time, each built from the ground up for the PS3!

SOCOM Confrontation: Cold Front

Kit yourself out in snow gear and fight your way through blizzard conditions, joining a team of mercenaries or a squad from one of the world’s top Special Forces regiments including the Russian Spetsnaz.

SOCOM Confrontation: Cold Front

Try your hand at Arms Run, a new game mode that features randomly placed missile launchers that must be activated or destroyed, depending on which side you’re fighting for.

SOCOM Confrontation: Cold Front

Employ the new thermal vision scope weapon attachment to track your enemies’ heat signatures – vital in the dark and useful in daylight for picking out white camouflaged adversaries. In addition, we have new primary weapons to make use of and new attachments.

All told, this pack will have:

  • New Russian / Eastern European Area of Operation
  • Snow setting complete with snow effects, snow gear, and thermal vision
  • New ARMS RACE gameplay mode
  • 5 New Maps
    • Uprising
    • Entrapment
    • Blizzard
    • Night Stalker
    • Vigilance
  • All new mercenaries characters with new looks and new VO
  • New Special Forces squad, the Russian Spetsnaz
  • Gun turrets emplacements
  • New music
  • All new character specialization/progression system
    • Allows players to pick a primary and secondary specialization and unlock new equipment exclusive to those specializations
  • New weapons, including:
    • 3 new weapons
    • 6 enhanced versions of weapons available as part of the new weapons specialization system
    • 2 new weapon attachments (including the thermal scope)
    • 5 enhanced versions of weapon attachments also available as part of the new weapons specialization system.
    • 2 new grenade launcher ammo types (flash and smoke)
  • New Trophies

SOCOM Confrontation: Cold Front

Stand by. More information on this COLD FRONT DLC will be coming your way soon.

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Nice stuff.


sbav sbav sbav

date? cost?

Alex_Assassin_08 16 October, 2009 @ 18:10

Looks nice, now how about making Confrontation not a [DELETED] game?

That looks sweet. :)

Looks good! If only the game wasnt a pain to do anything in… The menu is awfull

Hawwttttt >:D
Any ideas on price?

blackprophesy 16 October, 2009 @ 18:31

Great news thanks Shijima! Now we need a date and price please! This’ll get me back into SOCOM for sure.

Elliott "Shijima" Martin 19 October, 2009 @ 14:05

A price for Europe will be confirmed in due course. The release date will be shortly after patch v1.60 is released. Keeping checking, forums or the PS Blog for more info as we have it…


14,99 but for the first week 9,99 ;)

almighty-slayer 16 October, 2009 @ 19:14

Good stuff :)


sold this crap socom remake months ago, do you really SONY and slant six wan the money for this (should be included in the full game and we are really sorry for all the crap you had to go through socom community)!!!. no fcuking way, please do NOT bUY this pack people, do not be stupid!!!

Oo_Lady_Rage_oO 17 October, 2009 @ 01:37

No Release Date Yet But Price Is Going To Be $14.99 But For The First 24 Hours After Launch It Will Be $9.99. May I Add This Is Gonna Be AWESOME Not CRAP.

15€ thats way to expensive….

Seriously, if SOCOM would be a game without bugs, ok, but that game is full of them (a lot less since 1.50). You need to patch your game faster then this.

Make the FAMAS available for everyone too…

Мдаа половина стоимости игры 450 руб за 5 карт и русский спецназ.. Где вы видели спецназ в шапке ушанке и танкистском шлеме :)))

Thermal vision! snow! new maps!, sounds good to me :)

But i thought /6 said the dlc was gonna be free? somethings free right? … it sucks how a patch to fix a super broke game takes a year, yet something you’re getting paid for only seems to take a month or two to get out, prioritize much?. i’ll wait to see your dodgy converted uk price before i moan about that but any more than £7.50 and im not playing lol

Elliott "Shijima" Martin 19 October, 2009 @ 14:09

I don’t think it was ever officially said that the map pack DLC would be free. The extra content in patch 1.60 (inc. Italian and Dutch special forces, among other things) is being offered for free.


looks cool but wats with having to pay of it??? Is SONY trying to be like microsoft???

anybody still playing this game? It’s awful. You assassinated the mighty SOCOM saga. I was a devoted fan for the PS2, own every game there is EXCEPT this one… it’s just bad!

So when is the retail re-release with the DLC included releasing? Don’t try and pretend the answer is ‘never’ either, you keep putting PSN games on disc. Siren, Fat Princess, Wipeout, PAIN etc etc.

Dutch KCT, YAY! :D But, what are we supposed to pay for this…?

Elliott "Shijima" Martin 19 October, 2009 @ 14:09

Dutch KCT will be free in patch v1.60.

Huh? East 17 are BACK!
Baby if you’ve got to go away
I don’t think
I can take the pain
Won’t you stay another day
Oh, don’t leave me alone like this
Don’t say it’s the final kiss
Won’t you stay another day

Its looking very good for SOCOM :)

“I don’t think it was ever officially said that the map pack DLC would be free. The extra content in patch 1.60 (inc. Italian and Dutch special forces, among other things) is being offered for free.”

Ya i understand now, theres two things to come, 1.60 update thing And a map pack :)

Socom is my favorite game ever for the PlayStation
I have been playing since the first Socom and will continue even after they quit making them

Yes this game (Confrontation) has had alot of problems but most of them have been fixed, there is still some lag when playing the 16v maps but as for the 4v and 8v they run pretty smooth.

I know it takes $ to make these maps but they should be free
We put up with all the bugs for months and kept playing the game anyway, don’t that count for anything?
Well, me and my clan will all purchase this DLC and so will everyone I have talked to and I guess Slant6 knows that
This is the best Squad Based Game out there in my opinion

Just give us a date that this DLC will be available!


the price for this is $9.99 if you buy it the first 24hrs it comes out but after that itll cost $14.99.

(re-check the socom website to make sure)

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