Want To Take Part In The Planet Minigolf Closed Beta?

Calling all sports fans!!! I am thrilled to announce that today ZEN Studios confirmed that it will be holding a closed beta for its PlayStation Network exclusive title, Planet Minigolf. This means that for the first time players will be able to provide valuable feedback on a PSN downloadable title prior to it going live on the PlayStation Store.

So how does it work? Here at ZEN Studios we are giving out 1,000 UK-only beta keys to those who want to check out an early version of the game. We are currently accepting applications to participate in the beta and encourage players of all ages and golf experience levels to apply by visiting the official ZEN Studios website. We’ll let you know the dates as soon as they’re nailed down, so you can grab your clubs and prepare to be transported to several exhilarating courses around the world loaded with remarkable cartoon-style visuals in a fun-filled world of putters, balls and crazy obstacles.

For more details or if you would like to apply for the closed beta, please visit

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I can’t see where to apply… I would like to as well, sounds funkaay.

I cannot find anywhere to sign up. Any direct links available?

*Goes to apply*

Oh! nothing there >.<

Had a look can’t find the apply section. I guess Zen’s website has to update first?

hmmm and it locked PC giving me the “Office :O Panics!” lol

Psicojacorral 20 October, 2009 @ 16:57

Why only UK?

same prob here where do we sign up

V00D00CHARL1E 20 October, 2009 @ 17:04

Just emailed them, hopefully will get a reply soon.

sign me up! (you have my PSN – right here!) or update your site so I can sign up! :)


#1 You are not gonna buy this game because you can’t be in the Beta? Thats weird. You know that a betauser have to test if the game works right?

Anyway, looking forward to this game. I love minigolf :)

Now that i head that some PS3 game servers are already shut down i am not sure about buying network games, if the servers get shut down one year later. I am still playing PC games that are 10 years old online without problems. Sony, keep the servers online, it cant cost that much but you do a lot to build up confidence into your plattform. Shutting down servers does give a very bad impression. How long will servers for planet minigolf be online? 1 Year, 2 Years? We don’t know.

I agree with OttoT

“Why UK-only? Everything on this EU blog is UK-only!”

V00D00CHARL1E 20 October, 2009 @ 17:18

@12 i haven’t heard of any PS3 game servers being shut down. Warhawk is still going strong :)


@12 & 14 only game i know is calling all cars, which no-one played on-line!

V00D00CHARL1E 20 October, 2009 @ 17:42

Why announce something like this, when obviously nothing is in place for beta applicants. I dont hold out much hope for the game itself now :(

*Applauds* Thanks for saying who’s allowed to participate in the post! Might be a small step for the post itself, but a huge step for the community. :)

Now just implement different flags in the posts for posts that apply to different regions…

A UK flag rather than the EU flag when it’s UK only (and other single country flags if it’s something that applies to only one other country). A partial EU flag if it’s restricted to only some countries in the EU, and a full EU flag for europe-wide announcements.

Readability ftw!

And to you “why only uk (or whatever country)”-whiners… Because it’s easier that way. It’s not THAT hard to figure out…

addyjones1234 20 October, 2009 @ 17:56

where to do it?:|


do i? no. i only play hardcore like Borderlands!

———————————————— blagging free games since 1984


Zen site has updated. Sign up now!

Just signed up Thanks :)


addyjones1234 20 October, 2009 @ 18:28

done cheers guys:)

Zsolt Kigyossy 20 October, 2009 @ 18:28

Hi, I am Zsolt @ Zen.

OttoT and petros_88, you are totally right, it is a bit unfair to have this available only for UK registered users.

Unfortunately we did not have any other option for the Beta, simply this is what technically viable now. I am sorry for that!

Psicojacorral 20 October, 2009 @ 18:29

I don’t understand


just applied, fingers crossed now…

Edit on 26:

Or is the application for later, also for UK only?


@26 Where on earth is the application page?


It hasn’t updated for me at all.
How do I apply?


Goto wait for it to load, then look at the bottom of page! It says: Sign up for beta here..

Might be working on PC only…

I got a link here ya go:

No go grab a key all ;-)



Thank you! The application link does not on the homepage on either of my browsers… fire Fox and IE.

Least I can take part now!

No worries!

BTW: It works fine for me on FF..


Odd at the bottom of the page in my browsers are the following:
Legal info

Terms of use



No mention of the application page. Also the Punisher Music is obnoxiously loud.

Thanks again for the link though.

It’s under the video playing!!
There’s a pic of the planet and it says: Planet Minigolf Sign up for the beta..

If you can’t see it use the link i provided in post 31

V00D00CHARL1E 20 October, 2009 @ 19:01

I applied too, fingers crossed. PS does anyone still play Punisher online?


@ Vech
I signed up with you link as soon as you posted it. I’m just saying if I can’t see it, then I must not be the only one.

“It’s under the video playing!!”

Underneath the video is two buttons:

One for Punisher
One for Zen Pinball

There is no link for Planet Minigolf.


Well, hope it comes to the rest of EU soon :D


For further clarifcation, here is a screenshot of what I can see:

Signed up :D

Just keep refreshing the page, It took a few minutes for the Zen site to update for me, but the Minigolf signup thingy loaded onto the page.


when will final fantasy VIII on playstation store?



Aha now I see it. Guess thats the problem when working with an entire website embeded with Flash.

I’ve just realised that these people are not only responsible for Zen Pinball, which was quite good but also they are the ones who brought us The Punisher….oops…. i’m hoping the golf game will be more successful…(really).

Anyone got it yet? :)


I would like to beta test as much as I can, but it’s hard when developers make their betas UK-only.

That’s how I end up with poor multiplayer connections, because nobody thought to test the lower end of the scale, where I can’t get anything faster than ADSL.

Jiminy_Cricket 21 October, 2009 @ 03:44

UK only huh? I couldn’t possibly be any further from the UK if I tried.
Practically the antipode.

Still, I personally prefer a finished product over beta testing.
Have fun, everyone that gets in!

SeasonForTreason 21 October, 2009 @ 04:18

Please refer to this blog as “Playstation blog UK” instead of europe!! Half of the news you post doesn’t concern many of the countries in europe! Either it’s a new service (PlayTV) or some beta that us “not-so-european-europeans” can’t enter or take part of. =(
Better yet.. rename this blog to “Playstation Blog selected countries of europe”

So much for an EU blog, not that Australia is even a part of EU…

Stop being such babies.

Is a parking lot not a parking lot because some of the spaces are private?


oh after that abomination known as Punisher No Mercy? No :D


Any idea of when we will know if we were successful or not?


“Non Disclosure Clauses:

1. Binding the Tester
2. Binding the Developer

8. Developer’s Warranties and Limitations of Liability.”

Clauses 3 to 7?

Are they the ones written in invisible ink that means we sign our soul away to you, or has someone dropped a soft dangly trouser object with the copy and paste?

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