Calling All Fortune Hunters! Uncharted 2 Space Enters PlayStation Home!

Big news guys, tomorrow will see the launch of the UNCHARTED 2: Among Thieves space in PlayStation Home!

Straight from the critically-acclaimed Blu-ray game, this stunning Nepalese village environment contains no less than three mini-games as well as an array of must have PlayStation Home Rewards, leaderboards and more. Check out the screenshots below:

Uncharted 2 Home Space 1

Uncharted 2 Home Space 2Uncharted 2 Home Space 3

Uncharted 2 Home Space 6

Take part in the multiplayer Fortunate Thieves adventure where, as part of this strategic card-game, you can explore the perilous wilderness, discover lost treasures and defeat your opponents – check out the screenshots below:

Uncharted 2 Home Space 4

Uncharted 2 Home Space 5

Alternatively, you can try and re-assemble all of the pieces of the shattered mask for the mysterious Stone Face in Mask Mayhem or attempt to climb to the top of the leaderboard in the Torch Race.

Uncharted 2 Home Space 7

Uncharted 2 Home Space 8

However, the fun doesn’t stop there. We will also be launching two brand new personal spaces in PS Home tomorrow, the first of which is the Pirate Galleon apartment:

PS Home Pirate Ship

PS Home Pirate ShipPS Home Pirate Ship

Your very own pirate ship to decorate as you wish, this awesome new personal space includes the relaxing Tiki Bar area and a brand new mini-game called “Man the Cannon” (if you can survive the onslaught of enemy pirate ships you may well win some exclusive furniture items for your pirate ship…). This will be available in Estates in the Shopping Centre.

Next up we have the second SCEE exclusive personal space, The Lost Dam Hideout:

PS Home Lost Dam

PS Home Lost Dam

Miles from civilization and hidden deep in a gorge, this long-lost Dam is the perfect hideout for every aspiring evil overlord – just make sure you watch out for the piranha pool… ;)

Now last, but by no means least, we have five new Street Fighter IV costumes coming your way. Blanka, Vega, Dhalsim, Zangief and E. Honda outfits will be heading to Home Threads and also available via the commerce point in the S.I.N.’s Secret Laboratory space:

PS Home Blanka Costume

Plus, the swish City Penthouse apartment will be making a re-appearance in Estates.

Enjoy, and I’ll see you tomorrow for a game of Fortunate Thieves :)

iELL / Elliott

**Due to technical issues we have had to globally postpone the Home publishing process for 24 hours, all content changes will however be made on Friday**

2 Author replies

the eu home will finally see an uncharted space?
never thought i’d see the day. :)

oh and you and finally some new sfiv costume, FOR MEN, where are the women’s costumes we’ve been waiting months for?

WOW Thanks Elliott. Thats an awesome update.

Really looking forward to the Uncharted 2 Space and The Lost Dam Hideout.

Keep up the good work :)

This would be great if my Home didn’t freeze every time I started it up >_>

This is great news for EU Exclusives. It’s about time!!!!

Many Thanks…

Any news on when we are expected to get the Tekken 6 space?


Yay, Uncharted 2 space \o/

That lost dam hideout is looks swish too :)

another thing, when is europe getting the picture frames?

or at least tell us why we don’t have them.
this is why we need an edit function.


nice another Epic update thanks SCEE well done looking forward to this new content. just 1 question will Uncharted 2 space come with Game Launching


good update ! i just never can make it on thursdays though way too busy :( i may have to take my PS3 to work with me !!

Forgot to ask.

Elliot do you know if Uncharted 2 space will include Full game launching and not just the universal one?



great work cant wait to start exploring again!

Uncharted space FTW! :)
looks to be a good update :D

will the queueing system work for this game?

Also, what are the risks of freezing now considering there will be a 1.32 core update.

And will Home load up faster? And do I need to keep deleting my apartment game save for me to log successfully back in ? As this is what is currently stopping me from going on Home more often atm.

Wow huge update well done guys?

But when will we be getting picture frames? We are now the ONLY region without them, and TedTheDog said (before he left) that all the legal issues were sorted and SCEE were just deciding where we would even GET them :(


They should really included that pool that´s in the game in the Home space. I think a lot of poeple would enjoy that. A “real” pool party anyone?

Carnivius_Prime 21 October, 2009 @ 17:17

Good stuff. Particularly the new SF costumes and Uncharted 2 space.


Home completely hard-locks and freezes my PS3 at the moment when I try to load it , I have tried all the work arounds but nothing works :(

and another question, i had to delete the home data last week because of the crashes, but the console reset before it was finished, now i have an icon under the home icon that says corrupted data, and i can’t delete it, any way to remove it?

Alex_Assassin_08 21 October, 2009 @ 17:24

my bloody launch model PS3 YLoD’d on me today :(

ah well, refurbished launch model arrives tomorrow :)

just SO annoying I gotta put my big HDD back in, transfer saves, re-install EVERYTHING…[DELETED].

If this refurbished one breaks im getting a Slim.


And I’m getting Uncharted 2 tomorrow! Excellent News! Thanks :) Hope the Tekken Space can be Localised quickly! Tekken FTW!

Elliott Linger 21 October, 2009 @ 18:30

Hi DNAtlantic,
We’re working to get the Tekken space to SCEE asap.
So watch this space!

Guess i’ll be spending some cash in Home tomorow ;-)

Thanks!!! SCEE!!!!!! :D


Oh and YES! the City Penthouse is back lol I’ll be getting that back again :) and oh errr that Cave space… looks interesting. 1 thing, is it as rich in content as our U.S counter part’s Exclusive Personal Space?


Lol oops where did “Cave” come from? o_O i meant to say “The Lost Dam Hideout” *Holds hands up* don’t shoot :P

Will it be possible to access this space from germany?


+ the only way i can get into HOME now is by Quitting HOME when i’m in the HOME Square. If i quit the game in my Apartment then the game will crash/get stuck when i try to load up HOME. So i have to Delete my Apartment saves all the time :( At least i can get in i suppose :D [i have deleted it all but it still happens to]

Epic update. I just wish my Home would work normally and not freeze at loadup.


The US blog mentions exclusive items ‘only available on opening day’. Is that also the case with the EU space? Uncharted is my favourite game franchise, and I really don’t want to miss the items due to work commitments.


Great stuff, supreme update!

Hmmm, noticed elliot never answered 1 question :( Disappointing no female SF4 outfits, again!!!!!

so thats europe another space behind u.s what we at now abt 10 lol scee home team are a total laughing stock

U.S has every SF4 character outfit.. then again an extra 25 tomorrow yet we have like 5 char outfits and and only a couple more 2mrrw?! whaaaaaaaaaaat?!

Thats BS!!!!

elliot no wonder u post and run with lack of stuff we have been waiting months for

i don’t see why we don’t have the rest of the sf outfits, maybe capcom don’t like making money or something, although it’s scee that are the chrometophobia sufferers, i mean if we can have the sf space all in japanese why can’t we have the costumes?
don’t worry, i’m not expecting an answer.
oh and with the pirate ship will europe finally get the pirate costumes?
no, i’m not expecting an answer here either.

Seems pretty cool :) I’ll have to check it out this weekend.

Elliott Linger 21 October, 2009 @ 18:56

Just to note, that due to technical issues the global Home update for tomorrow am has been postponed for 24 hours.
You’ll see all of the new content on Friday…!

that’s cool i don’t mind waiting!

There was some talk of having Uncharted 2 game-launching aswell, has this been delayed?

cant even enter home keeps freezing on the same part every time,iv’e tried deleting home of the xmb and saved data and still freezes in same place, so at the moment home is no good to me

fatal1ty_Energy 21 October, 2009 @ 19:39

So Where is Cammy and Sakura? Is it that hard to provide some thing for everyone? You guys just left out your Girls.


any idea on the pricing costs for the spaces?

thanks elliot a good update nevermind about U1 It binned eh

i said i buy my space like i said in the forums (skookie‘s high seas adventures)

the lost dam sound good as well, but……

im puzzle about “due to technical problems” has MB eat the fishys again btw we seen to be on a roll atm

last week was content week the week before that was content week will next week be content week lol.

i end now & say aaaaaaarrr jim lad :D

Looking very much forward to the Uncharted 2 space. I might also get the Pirate ship space.

To be honest that Pirate Ship looks dumb, but I have one question about the Hidden Dam-one.

I see a pool, and it looks secret super-villain-like. So… Will it contain FRIGGIN’ SHARKS WITH FRIGGIN’ LASER BEAMS ATTACHED TO THEIR FRIGGIN’ HEADS? Because otherwise, I will not buy it…

Elliott Linger 22 October, 2009 @ 09:03

Hi guitain,
The Lost Dam does indeed have a pool, containing pirahnas – no laser beams though this time… ;)

My ps3 system shut down when it starts to initializing tje ps3 home I need some HELP please!!!

I have to say the Uncharted 2 Home space looks funny because it is a lot less beautiful than the real game. I wonder if that can hurt the game in any way.


I have to many apartments. And more to come. Wich space should be my main space. hmmm.


That’s a very good update indeed!
Can’t wait to see that! still, i have a little question: Will we have the Katamari stuff anytime or i can stop dreaming bout it?
Thanks for the space and keep up the good work!

There is also a client update (1.32) that fixes some freezing bugs, and prevents more glitches.

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