Brütal Legend’s Tears Of The Hextadon DLC Launches For Free On PSN!

Looking for some more Brutal Legend content? You’re in luck! EA and Double Fine are announcing an upcoming DLC pack, coming soon to the PSN. Not only that, but PS3 owners will be getting some special treatment. I won’t spoil it for you — you’ll have to check out the message below.

Eddie and Ironheade

Now that Rocktober of the year of our metal Lords 2009 is coming to a close, we at Double Fine Productions and Electronic Arts are taking the time to reflect back upon a pretty eventful year. Here are just a select few of the very many Brütal Legend highlights that have lodged into my memory banks:

1. Jack Black, Tim Schafer, and Rob Halford unveiling Brütal’s gameplay for the first time to the coalition of the willing PS3 gamers at the Spike VGAs.

2. E3 – staying up until 9am the day of the show loading builds (I may have never recovered from this all year), live Twitter chats, a banner 1/3 the size of a football field, debuting our talent trailer, the coalition of the unwilling finds its leader. Pandemonium!

3. Comic-con – the infamous Brütal Legend concert featuring 3 Inches of Blood and GWAR. Picture is pretty much self-explanatory.

4. Wherein Tim Schafer tries to solve a Rubik’s Cube in the time that it takes Emily Ridgway, Double Fine’s audio director, to recite the bands and titles of the 108 songs off of the (I would say EPIC) Brütal soundtrack.

5. Launch! Marketing and PR! Dancing monkeys! Jack Black makes the ultimate sacrifice to promote the game.

Skipping forward to the future, since I know fond memory #6 will be one of my highlights of the Brütal campaign:

6. Free DLC on PSN! The Tears of the Hextadon downloadable content pack launches on November 5 for the PS3…and did I mention it is FREE for two weeks exclusively on PSN?!

We love the PS3 and we’re excited that connected PS3 gamers across the world will able to enjoy 2 multiplayer maps, The Circle of Tears and Death’s Fjord, as well as the Blade of Ormagöden axe, courtesy of the fine folks at Double Fine, Sony, and EA.

We hope to see you online for a skirmish or two or three.

Lita Halford ready to attack

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nice nice. always like me some free content ;) nice one guys

My favorite type of DLC, free!

I’m correct to believe that if I essentially “buy” the content, I will keep it on my Downloads list? I might be getting Brutal Legend for Christmas, ye see.

@3 yeah. download the content while its free and you’ll be able to play when you get your copy :)

almighty-slayer 27 October, 2009 @ 14:15

Free content is always good, especially when it is for a good game :)

You know what’s better though? News on the European video store.

So it this free for 2 weeks then we have to pay for it if we didnt get it in time.

Or is it that PS3 users get it 2 weeks before xbox users but its free for everyone

almighty-slayer 27 October, 2009 @ 14:26

@6 Xenostar

According to Eurogamer, PS3 users get it for free in the first two weeks, whereas on 360 it costs money.

So it’s free for 2 weeks, then we have to pay.

If you are thinking of getting it at any point in the future, may aswell download it while it is free :)

almighty-slayer 27 October, 2009 @ 14:29

And surprisingly enough, when we have to pay, we end up paying 59p more than 360 owners.

Thanks Sony!

wouldnt pay for 2 MP-maps anyways :D

its silly how some map-packs cost like 15 euros (stranglehold) and some huge content packs are completely free (Unreal tournament 3, Burnout Paradise)

There should be rules and regulations to this stuff…


Soz, Brutal Legend Franchise, I never even heard of you, but I’m defo buying Uncharted 2: Among Thieves at 4th Nov, not BL soz.


@ BalramRules,just go check the BL demo mate,is on the PSN.Btw off-topic” UC2 really rocks you should buy it asap.Back to BL tho,the game is really good i couldnt stop playing the demo for days after its release,finish the full damn thing a couple of time.Anyone that even considering to think to buy this game should take the opportunity to get the DLC for free.


Awesomesauce, love me my Brutal Legend so far even if i’ve only come a short way. Excellent stuff Double Fine/EA/Sony.

Oh wow! Multiplayer maps aren’t really my thing, but I’ll put that axe to good use. I appreciate you showing the PS3 some love. We sometimes get left out. This warms the cockles of my heart right in time for Christmas <3

Very nice indeed, but now i feel guilty having just returned from the shops with my 2nd-hand copy :)

Great news, been playing Brutal Legend a bit lately, and I never say no to free DLC :)

I do hope that this is a worldwide offer !

Awesome!! I really hate to be agriefer but : Is it coming to the Portuguese PSN store (100% sure ) ? Because DLC´s here tend to be forgotten (PoP,F3)


Any comments about 3D Dot Game Heroes for Europe? Will we get it? I really hope we do.

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