LocoRoco Midnight Carnival Out This Week

Hello friends, only me!

What’s round and yellow and is out around Halloween? No not a pumpkin silly, it’s LocoRoco-Midnight Carnival!!

29th October will see the release of our LocoRoco friends on the PlayStation Network, just in time for Halloween! It will release for a mere  14.99€/£ 11.99. I know many of you have been waiting for a while for this and I can tell you now, it will be worth it…

Indulge yourselves in the new release where you can find yourself bouncing across the 16 brand new levels, 2 mini games and 3 additional stages. What’s also great is you can boing with your friends on full competitive and co-op modes. Don’t forget to stop bouncing when you’ve finished playing though, hehe!!

If you and your friends are up for “trick or treating” this Halloween then find some time at the Bui Bui store where you can spend your pickories here on dressing up your LocoRoco!

Loco Roco 1

Wear your new goods straight away!

Loco Roco 2

See them in -game!

Loco Roco 3

Can you guess who it’s trying to be??

Are these masks scary enough?

Loco Roco 4

Not only do all the accessories look great, but some even have special abilities! The Saviour Mask allows your friend to carry you over a stage simply by them wearing this mask. This would be great to use if you are finding a particular level too difficult or if you are simply too lazy!

Loco Roco 5

Saviour Mask- laugh at your friend with the funny mask!

See what happens if you manage to match accessories to the correct LocoRoco! Look at Voile here with her chic Heart Glasses, she’ll start singing to you and bouncing with her own colours!

Loco Roco 6

She’s having the time of her life!

Watch this space for more info to follow soon!

Think happy thoughts as you’ll soon be able to bounce until your hearts content!

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Awesome. I’ll definitely be picking this up. with the latest title being at such a low price (that’s good btw :D) will we see a drop in the digital versions of 1 and 2?

many thanks

Nice, i have 1 question. Will there be a demo for this game?


Yes, the version is a trial demo so go ahead and play the trial, then buy it :)

do want but do need more money first :(


Aw, well you can always download the trial one first to tied you over :)

Excellent, can’t wait.

OK great, but in the PSN US, there will be a demo, and the game cost 14.99 dollars, and in Europe it’s 14.99 euros, i think i will buy the game in the Euro PSN, but i think more and more to buy the game in the US PSN, because the price is lower with the conversion…

Instant buy for me. Cannot wait.

My PSP cannot wait! :D
(Nice avatar Florence ;))


Thank you, that’s Sigma, my very own feline friend :)

Excellent! Been really looking forward to this. Good price too!

hmmm…. £9.50 on the US store or £11.99 on the UK store… £2.50 premium for not having to swap accounts… ok I think you got me!

Sotp complaining about exchange rates, you all know it’s more complicated than that. Show me where the exchange rate is the same for any electrical goods in store, DVDs etc?

Anyway, I’ll be picking this up tomorrow for sure, I love Locoroco, but it’s interesting that the reviews so far have said how much more difficult it is (and sometimes annoyingly so).


feel free to post your own feedback on Midnight Carnival here, we’re always listening!

almighty-slayer 28 October, 2009 @ 10:32


Right, so how come some games can get it right (Battlefield: $15, 12 euros, £10)?

hmm I might get it, I bought Locoroco 2 not so long ago. If I get some money together then I will.

Can’t wait ! But £11.99 is 13€ not 15€ T.T

almighty-slayer 28 October, 2009 @ 11:16

^ Yeah and $15 should be £10 anyway, not £12

I remember paying a lot more for the first game on UMD, €39.99, and it was worth every cent.

It’s still the best game on psp imo, a perfect fit for the console. I’ll be checking the reviews but i’ll probably get this one too.

….i was also hoping we might see Critter Crunch this week…..

Psicojacorral 28 October, 2009 @ 12:18

Pfff 14.99$ are not 14.99 Euros

@12, don’t forget publishers choose their own pricing on PSN so some may decide to undercut the costs or provide the game at a price point they think will appeal. It’s still not really to do with exchange rate.

almighty-slayer 28 October, 2009 @ 12:21

I know it’s not, it’s to do with price elasticity of demand. But still.

Sweet! I loved the previous locoroco games so I’ll definitely be picking this one up. Hopefully us Aussies won’t get shafted on the price like you poor europeans (we probably will) otherwise I’ll have to break out the US account again.

Please forward on my request for a proper PS3 Locoroco! …just do me a favour and don’t bring back that stupid butterfly. ;)


Request for PS3 Locoroco forwarded!!

How big is the file size? I don’t have much space on my small memory stick left, so I need to know if I need to get a new one.


The download is just under 190MB… hope you have enough room!

We’ve reviewed LocoRoco Midnight Carnival here – http://tinyurl.com/locorocoreview – it’s a brilliant game.


:) Thank-you, I’m very chuffed with that review, nice job.


Straight out of google:
15 U.S. dollars = 10.1557211 Euros
(the game cost 15 dollars in the us store…)

spacemonkey15 28 October, 2009 @ 18:22

Locoroco 1 and 2 are without a doubt 2 of the best games available on the PSP.

I cannot wait for Midnight Carnival, it’s been a long time since it was first announced.

What I really want to know is:-

1. Is LocoRoco 3 in the works?
2. Will there be a PS3 version? (PLEASE)
3. How about an Orange Locoroco called “Toni” (Ok, that’s a request from my 6 Year old Son – Quite possibly the biggest loco fan in the world).



Glad to know the game spans across so many differently aged players :)

1. Sorry I can’t answer that, but please watch this space for future development of the LocoRoco series!

2. The more requests the better, keep them coming… :)

3. Noted!

I can’t wait for this to! Allready added the funds for it.

As for a PS3 locoroco….That I would love. How about adding it to sony’s slowly growing “Play, create, share” Genre? You could add a level creater fully sharable online like LBP and mod nation racers. Also add a online multiplayer (4 person max).
Just a thought but it would be much welcomed on my PS3.


great ideas Cirran, LocoRoco series fits right into that caption! another request for PS3 version duly noted :)

Amherst_Wind_4 28 October, 2009 @ 19:24

Hmm another premium EU/UK priced game, I’ll be getting it from the US store then.

I take it most of you don’t understand economy?

spacemonkey15 28 October, 2009 @ 20:09


My Son loves Locoroco that much he made me do this to a Pumpkin


Fingers crossed the finished Pumpkin will look quite impressive this Halloween :O)


ps, I hope that link works


SpaceMonkey, that is impressive! I hope mine turns out half as good as that. Good luck on the niggly bits, hope it ends up just how you want it :)

spacemonkey15 28 October, 2009 @ 20:12

Ah great, epic fail.

copy/paste into your browser and remove the extra space where the word wrap kicked in.

Wow thats adorable.

spacemonkey15 28 October, 2009 @ 20:18


Amherst_Wind_4 28 October, 2009 @ 23:04


sigh… another kid who thinks they understand the economy and uses it as a scapegoat for pricing unfairness. The fact is some games are priced fairly, and some are not. This game (like Fat Princess) is priced massively unfairly for the UK/EU market, the sooner you see that maybe you’ll be able to help the situation by not buying it. Anyway enjoy your overpriced game, I will be aswell except I’ll be getting it for a fair price.

I’d like to see a Locoroco visualiser for the PS3. Having little locos bouncing about in time to my MP3s would make me so happy my brain would melt and dribble out of my nose.



spacemonkey15 30 October, 2009 @ 22:42


Finished LocoRoco Pumpkin. copy/paste and remove the space added by the wordwrap.

It worked out pretty good :O) Do I get a prize for the 1st locopumpkin ?


:) wow your son must be proud, it’s turned out really well! Very impressed! My one was a disaster, let’s just say my pumpkin doesn’t have a face …

The link wont work for me again. ;x I do wanna see the completed thing tho!

Also another idea. For the PS3 game add SixAxis functionallity so that you can just tilt the PS3 controller to move the screen. Also some form of PS3 – PSP conpatabillty…? Like Whilst playing the game on the PS3 your PSP can conect while you play and the screen shows little locorocos dancing/singing the the level that you are playing? That sounds really gimicky but somthing PS3 – PSP would be nice.


Thanks! All of your suggestions are brilliant, we’ll take a step at a time, but watch this space!

Do you still check here? lol

Anyway is your studio able to obtain sony’s motion stick? If so as well as six axis you could play around with a PS3 locoroco using the motion controllers. Get some idea on how to incorporate the Play, share, create genre with the precision of Sonys motion controls/playstation Eye. They could also be fun in the actual gameplay…just can’t think off a innovative idea for it yet…I would need the crontrols for inspiration. lol

Keep up the awesome work with the locoroco series.


Aye I do still check on here!!

Thinking caps are on! Thanks for your ideas and support :)

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