A New Epidemic Starts On October 29 With Zombie Tycoon..

Zombies! Aren’t they AWESOME? Yeah we think so too.

Zombie Tycoon

However, while many games tend to be all about defeating a zombie infestation, we think it’s about time that zombies get to feast properly on human brains. Prepare your weapons and sharpen your teeth because you’ll be up against the whole humanity and not a single individual should escape!

Zombie Tycoon lets you take ‘control’ of a hilarious zombie horde in order to achieve complete world domination. Doing so will require a lot brain throwing, building trashing, mascot bashing as well as equipping some of the silliest loot ever conceived.

Zombie Tycoon

We are really proud to say that, just in time for Halloween, Zombie Tycoon will be available as a minis title for PSP on the PlayStation Network for just £3.99/4.99.

Zombie Tycoon

Let’s be clear, Zombie Tycoon isn’t a port from a phone game, it’s a whole new strategy game designed specifically for PSP. This unique tale of intrigue and betrayal spans over 10 challenging levels, allowing you to attack humans AND the places they call home.

If you want to get more information on the game, check out zombietycoon.com!

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almighty-slayer 29 October, 2009 @ 13:11

Sounds like my kind of Mini :) Might have to buy it! Looks good.


Was hoping this was for PS3. ah well.


Now all we need is a PS3 version of Plants Vs Zombies :D

Grrrrr PSP only :( this looked awesome too. I wish I had a PSP and PS3. :(

looks ok is this in place for the epic fail which is the weekly letdown I mean psn update?

No ps1 classics this week guys

and this is the only game you can expect to tee this week lol

almighty-slayer 29 October, 2009 @ 13:23

Good point, where the **** is Kebby?

kebby doing list @-slayer


Isn’t this week meant to be a huge update?

perhaps thats why its taking so long


when will final fantasy VIII ? i want final fantasy VIII !!!!!!

and sims 2 for psp


I read that it’s meant to be the biggest store update yet… Any truth in that? I’ve seen no proof.

@Pigoldino91– FF ain’t out today

I doubt it, a lot of content people want has been available for months(ps1 games), SCEE just dont want it up on the psn as the profit margin is lower than pushing the above game.

looks kinda good compared to the price :)

maybe there should be a build in PSP emulator on PS3’s :P


when will final fantasy VIII ? i want final fantasy VIII !!!!!!!!!!!!!

SCOUTING4GUNS 29 October, 2009 @ 13:39

wish this was for the ps3

COOL ! This and LocoRoco my PSP is very happy !

The minis series is really consuming my wallet!


i really hope this massive update today will make me happy for once about the store xD

pretty sure i will pick this mini up after watching the video, so it better be good :)

Hopeing the store update post is less cos there really is so much to write up .

Nice concept, I really wish the PS3 would get more of these low-priced mini-games as well as PSP. There are some £7.99 games on the PS3 Store that to me only warrant a £2.99-£3.99 price but there is no support for that type of price-bracket on PS3 (aside from the Demo scene stuff).

Hopefully when the Motion Controller launches next year Sony might consider a ‘Minis’ concept for PS3 as well…

I have to say though I’m more tempted to get a PSP for these little mini-games rather than the full-blown retail ones!

Martin Brouard 29 October, 2009 @ 14:38

Wow, a lot of people say they’d like a PS3 Zombie Tycoon game.
Let’s say that we can seriously consider this if the PSP version proves very popular :-)

Believe me guys there’s a lot of silly fun to be had in Zombie Tycoon.

Executive producer
Zombie Tycoon

WinterSoldier5 29 October, 2009 @ 14:42

Dont consider it :O Get off here now and go make it. Go now before i get me pointy stick out —>

i want more PSP games iv bought a psp go for £230 and still no descent titles available other than god of war and gt. weres final fantasy? silent hill, u know the games that made psp??? anyone else with me.

Mike, any news on the game “invincible tiger” i wanted to get that one. Its out in the US for several month!

Its a good little game been playing it for about an hour. Cant say theres a lot in the way of strategy here but good ol point click and destroy!


Please! Can anybody help me? I can’t get into home anymore..
When it has loaded everything I get stuck when it’s finished loading the ‘Home Auditorium’ (the last place I visited before I quit Home).
But now I can’t do anything anymore.. all I get is a lightblue screen and a full loadbar.
I even removed Home from my PS3 and re-installed it, but that doesn’t help. Please someone help me out here!

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