Half Minute Hero Coming To Europe In Early 2010

Hi all, my name is Yen Hau and I’m the Product Manager at Rising Star Games. I just want to tell you all about a gem of a game coming out next year called Half-Minute Hero for your PSP. Some of you may have heard something about it already but I thought it would be nice for me to personally introduce it to our European community.

Half Minute Hero

I’ve had a play on it last night and I must say the rumours are true…its absolutely bonkers! You basically have to kill the bad guy in under 30-seconds, and all from the time you accept the quest. So you have to run from the quest giver to where the boss is, upgrade your gear, buy herbs, defeat monsters (think of FFIV when you have to run from the castle, over the world map with random encounters) and finally kill the boss all in this time. It takes a bit of getting used to at first, but once you’ve passed the first level (with a few deaths, guaranteed!) the whole thing becomes second nature. I haven’t had much time to check out the other chapters yet (there are 4 storylines to go through, Hero, Evil Lord, Princess and Knight, all with different play styles) but will post what they’re like once I get round to it.

Half Minute Hero

So far I’m loving the game and it has managed to keep my Monster Hunter UMD out of the drive for more than a day! As you can tell, I’m really excited about the release of this game, it is a refreshing take on the RPG genre and genuinely puts a smile on your face when you play it. At the moment we are scheduling the release for Q1 2010, sometime around February. It all looks on course so hopefully there won’t be any delays, but I’ll keep you all updated on its progress. Either way, check out the excellent feedback following the recent US release on the internet, it really does warrant a look into.

Half Minute Hero

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Oh Yeah! I’ve been waiting for this game for my pspGo for ages! will it be available as a download? Here’s hoping there’s no delays :-D

We’re looking into it and is something that I would personally like to do, although nothing is confirmed at this early stage. As soon as I get the nod I’ll stick the news up on here.


Ouch, a game based around my one weakness- Time limits.

Bugger! Seeing as this was up for download in America I sold my PSP 2000 and bought a Go at the weekend thinking this was a dead cert for when it comes over here. I really need to stop thinking of gaming being a worldwide thing.


Sounds very cool !
Love the 8 bit/retro style graphics and it solves the issue some people have with RPG’s being an overwhelming time sponge too !

Target time:

Thats not a surprise :O

How many hours will the game last on normal play from start to end?
(Do not say 30sec, I will kill you)

French traduction ? Or just in English ?

I’ve been suitably informed that there is a total play time of 15 hours covering all four sections, but to be perfectly honest I spent the first two hours replaying the first stage to get to grips with the frantic pacing (and a better score) and I suspect I’ll be doing the same with latter stages as well. It’s not about completing one stage and moving on, there’s a message after each completed stage telling you how well you did (I can’t remember the exact phrasing but its something like ‘rubbish hero’ and ‘wonderful hero’), so I actually spent more time getting a better time.

I suspect that those players who are better than myself (which will probably be the majority of you^^) will be able to whiz through this in just under 10 hours, but remember there’s also the adhoc mode which I have yet to try out (only one PSP in the office!).

@loxapac: I’m afraid this is in English only:(

If I had a PSP, this is the kind of crazy game I would buy!


Sounds pretty damn awesome. I’ll definitely get it… If it’s released as a download ^^’ . Just got my PSPGo! so I’m hoping for the same thing as V_Ben here. Looking forward to when you tell us whether or not that will be the case… Mostly looking forward to you telling us that it will indeed play out the way we want it to.

Could you give us any more information on the game’s multiplayer mode? I know you haven’t tried it out yet but given that you’re the Product Manager I bet you could pull a few strings to give us some information on that part.

the graphics alone sold me :)

I’ve heard nothing but good things about this. =)

Rising star games i love you guys already, your one of the few localisation companies in europe and ive already read about the games youve done and that are coming up soon. Please continue to bring japanese games to europe! for the longest time ive wanted our own version of ATLUS US, and i hope that one day you guys will rival them and beat them to bring the best games to the west! keep up the great work!!

Got this on the american store. Thank you for such a great game.

Keep the good idea’s coming.

Brilliant news. I’ve been waiting for someone to pick this up!

My question is, will you be bringing the demos out here as well? Can’t see it being an issue but would like that confirmed!


wooow!!beautiful game!!! Mike,one little question:do you think final fantasy VIII relased before end of november?please answer me



Pretty cool. Suppose the pricing has yet to be determined yet huh? Seems like a lot of PSP minis rolled into one.

this game looks awesome, I can’t wait! I really hope you guys bring over 3d Dot Game Heroes too… that looks badass… heres to you!

this game couldnt be out any sooner… hope it wont be too expensive now :)

I’m assuming Australia has the same time frame as Europe, right?

All the English screens I’ve seen for HMH have the same fuzzy analogue capture texture to them. Time to grab some better ones I think.

it’s a good game, plays as good as/better than the previews.

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