This Is Football Management

Hi, I’m Roger Womack, Director of Sports Director Ltd and designer and developer of ‘This is Football Management’ the 1st football management game specifically designed for the PSPgo, available soon for download from the Playstation minis Store.

This Is Football Management

This is Football Management provides months of fun as you choose from 92 clubs and lead them to glory in the league and cups, building a stronger team with careful wheeling and dealing in the transfer market to build a squad capable of winning every trophy in its path.

This eagerly anticipated game provides football fans with the opportunity to step into the football manager’s shoes, pick their favourite football team from the English divisions and take the all important decisions in managing their squad to league success and cup glory.

This Is Football Management

This is Football Management is easy to pick up and play, providing PSP owners with a unique handheld gaming experience via a solid match engine, an intuitive game interface and easy to read team & player statistics. This is one game that is going to provide your football management experience on the go throughout the season.

This Is Football Management

Play TiFM for five minutes or even for a whole season, gliding your way around the slick interface, controlling all aspects of the game.

Packed with hours of in-depth football management tactics & strategy, TiFM allows any football fan to make club & team decisions on and off the pitch and experience the excitement & drama of a real football manager.

TiFM is an absolute must download, setting an impeccable standard in its field. You’ve got the job, now you have your chance to experience life in the manager’s chair.

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my idea of strategy in game is usually have loads more troops than the other guy, but from what i understand that’s not a tactic you can use in football.
means i’d have to actually start thinking… about football. :0
seriously though, looks like it could be a fun little game, tried my hand at these sort of games before with varying degrees of success.
if the price is right i could be tempted, it will work on all psps won’t it? not just the go.

Works fine on all PSP’s, without a doubt. I think that goes for everything that doesn’t require bluetooth. Is it just the British (or even just English) league?


Yes, at the moment it only has 4 English divisions that are manageable, other European clubs are in the European competitions, you can buy players from them, but not manage the club.

Great news, i hope it comes out really soon :D

I’ve been looking for something a bit simpler to play. The big football sims have become a pain to play now and feel like you’re playing a spreadsheet. They’ve become too much of a simulation and less and less of a game. Hopefully this will fill the area of the market that covers me.

Do a port of the old Ultimate Soccer Manager game and you’ll have an instant customer.


I loved This Is Football on the PS1 and PS2. Will definitely pick this up!

Really enjoyed footie management games since way back with Football Manager on the Spectrum.

This could be a welcome addition to the PSP. It would be good to have accurate team/player/team badges info via a load data option & fan sites (Like PES uses to popular effect).

I would be interested in an upgraded (but still cheap) for the PS3. As the PS3 lacks games of this genre.

Good luck with the game.

xKillerMonkeyx 05 November, 2009 @ 11:09

Bring it on PS3???

This game looks pretty cool. Will it include small clips/pictures of board meetings, press releases and newspaper headlines about the club and manager etc.?

To those who wonder about PSP 1000/2000/3000 compatibility, the game will work on all PSPs not just the Go (Roger Womack, maybe you should clarify that in your blog?)


It is a PSP Mini and will therefore will work on ALL PSP that have the correct OS installed, Sony have tested it to ensure it fully complies with their standards.

Nice idea, although I thought at first this was a PS3 download game, oh well I’ll guess I’ll stick with FIFA10 Manager Mode for now.

Good concept for a PSP game though, it’s the type of thing you can easy pickup whenever you have a few minutes spare.

The whole official licence thing makes me laugh though, it seems like just a daft loophole that you can just change the team name slightly and change a letter of the players name and that means it doesn’t breach the licence – even though everyone that picks it up knows exactly which team it is and who the player is…

I mean, W. Rooniy striker for Manchester Red, I wonder who that could be… :roll:

Looking forward to this, however, I would rather have just random names instead! How about an option to use the provided names, or a completely randomized database?


There is a name editor for clubs and players.

Thanks. Sounds like the next best thing :)

And will I be able to download someone elses database so that everyone who wants the right names isn’t going to have to do it manually?


Unfortunately not in the current version.


loving “wayne rooniy” lol XD

Whats the point Football Manager 2010 will always Rule This will just be a waste of money.
Compare the pictures for This is Football Management and FM10 Watch which 1 comes on top.

clint_westwood 05 November, 2009 @ 17:06

i’m really sorry i haev to say this……….

this looks absolutely attrocious, who on earth wants to win the league with highbury and sign players who cant have proper names due to licencing, or lack of it.

i have never ever made a first impression on a game having known so little about it but really this is half harted and a cheapskate attempt of a management sim

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