Killzone 2 Soundtrack Released On iTunes

Hi everyone! My name is Mario Lavin, and I’m the sound director at Guerrilla. I’m here today with some exciting news for all you game soundtrack aficionados out there. You asked, we listened – and now it’s your turn to listen, because the official Killzone 2 soundtrack by Joris de Man has been released on iTunes!

Killzone 2 Soundtrack

Performed by the Nimrod Session Orchestra and recorded at the world-famous Abbey Road Studios in London, England, these thunderous tracks are guaranteed to give even the toughest Helghast trooper goose bumps. The full album includes a throbbing remix of Fight the A.T.A.C. by yours truly (created under my pseudonym, Singularity23) and a digital booklet containing concept art by the Guerrilla visual design department.

The track listing is as follows:

  1. Opening – Birth of War (Retribution) 3:40
  2. The Second Helghan March (Helghan Forever) 2:21
  3. Battle Preparations 1:33
  4. Bridge Is Down 1:47
  5. Ambush 2:23
  6. Protecting the Convoy 3:14
  7. Flight Into Blood Meridian 0:45
  8. Fight Your Way Through 3:21
  9. Heavy Resistance 1:32
  10. An Unexpected Guest 0:58
  11. The Police Station 2:23
  12. Resistance On The Bridge 0:53
  13. Taking the Bridge 3:03
  14. Petrusite Revealed 0:56
  15. The Academy 3:21
  16. Fight the A.T.A.C. 1:59
  17. A Day of Mourning 2:36
  18. Suljeva 3:12
  19. Next Stop Tharsis Refinery 2:26
  20. Question Time With Radec 1:18
  21. Dante Garza RIP 1:58
  22. Going Up 2:07
  23. Templar’s Last Stand 3:45
  24. The Exoskeleton 3:38
  25. Nuked 1:53
  26. Radec’s Personal Guards 3:10
  27. Visari’s Lament 4:41
  28. End Credits Suite 8:07
  29. Fight the A.T.A.C. (Remix by Singularity23) 1:12

Total playing time is 74 minutes.

To find out more about the creative genius behind the Killzone 2 soundtrack, check out’s interview with Joris de Man here . Aside from discussing his inspirations for the score and the challenges he encountered during production, Joris also gives careful listeners a little pop quiz about a recurring theme on the soundtrack. If you’d like to purchase the album, or to listen to samples of the individual tracks, please visit the iTunes store by clicking here . Be warned, though: listening to this soundtrack can make your dull morning commute feel like an extremely dangerous military operation.

Happy listening!

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YES! Great news, my money will most def be heading your way now.



Cool! Was all music actually used in Killzone 2?


All music was used in total there is roughly 90 minutes of music, so we carefully selected the songs for the Original Soundtrack

Exellent news, i f-ing love the Killzone music!
What were some of the insispirations for tackling the sound you guys make in Killzone 2?


Inspiration comes from various sources particularly war films and documentaries, but it’s mainly inspired by the visual design of Killzone universe itself, we work closely with our concept artists and animators to try and make you feel like you’re there.

Nice one, the KZ2 score is quite epic, will be getting this!

Why not release soundtracks on PSN?


Same question as in #5 :
Why not on PSN?
I don’t like iTunes and am not going to start to use it.


Hey all, thanks for the feedback regarding PSN and iTunes etc. This is something we would like to bring to PSN but I can’t confirm anything at this time.

The first time i heard the KZ2 soundtrack on my hometheater system i was totally blown away. It was the second time i had this Feelin after Uncharted 1. Besides i do agree with #5 and #6. Why iTunes and not PSN as well?


Your charging money for a game sound track? Just wow. I think I’ll stick with the Dawn of War II sound track, not quite as awesome but given away free to anyone who bought the game. Even the last Tomb Raider game’s soundtrack was free.

Also, iTunes Sucks!

Would love to own the soundtrack but not from iTunes come on guys this is a Playstation site, I’m sure most of us don’t have Apple produces.


Why not release it on CD (PLEASE! Physical > Digital) and PSN? I would totally buy it if you did that :)

I just don’t like iTunes.

#9 I have an iPhone but will replace it very soon with Driod or Xperia 10 :D

Could you put it on the PSN? I don’t have an iPod and Itunes messes up my computer for some reason. I want the soundtrack and I can’t get it.



Are you seriously complaining about the release of a great soundtrack? I would gladly pay for this, but I’m not using iTunes

You Fail.
Fail Fail Fail Fail Fail.

track#24 is my favorite so far, by the way I totally like the sound of Exoskeleton in the game, what did you use for that? sounds like heavy machines being dropped on metal plates?


The exoskeleton sound design is a combination of various sounds for it’s movements including car door slams, hydraulic elevator/lift sounds and heavy metal container slams with a lot of post-processing and later scripted and mixed in our audio engine to match the rhythm and movement of the machine.

Ahhh this soundtrack rocks! Will you continue to be the sound director at GG?


Thanks! Yes, I’ll continue to be the Sound Director for Guerrilla, It’s a great team to be a part of.

That would be ok if we could get itunes on ps3…

Great, this is a must buy!
The score for this game is immense, great job Mario and Guerilla!

@Bonyman: iTunes on the PS3, not a bad idea! :)

I’m for iTunes on the PS3 too, that would be a great thing for the console!

I love a song (before the Visari’s Plaza) that reminds me A LOT of Batman TDK main theme.

Good stuff.

Great! Already got the Unchart 1 & 2 soundtracks, this looks to follow. It would be better if these were available in lossless format.


£8. If it was on psn, i’d get it.

if you work in london your daily morning commute is like a dangerous military operation :)

Sounds good. As much as I like iTunes, I would prefer to buy it straight off PSN.

what music do you like more in killzone 2?

I imagine Sony don’t want to sell tracks on PSN because of piracy? A shame because it seems like another wasted opportunity. They have the store front and infrastructure already there and just have to add the tracks to a music section. Lots of stuff could go on there, game soundtracks, remixes, theme tunes, “inspired by” etc. Another example of Sony being behind the curve.


WOOT! I’ll download it when I get to my iTunes. Thanks guys :)

Awesome! My favourite killzone music is the drum n bass track in the credits. Great stuff.

Why don’t you sell the soundtrack on the PS store?

LOL whats next An album

please start bringing stuff like this to psn, as i dont use itunes.




Hey All,

Once again the feedback is much appreciated regarding PSN, As mentioned in a previous reply to earlier comments, We intend to bring the Soundtrack to PSN but can’t confirm anything right now.


if you released the game soundtrack on i-tunes then why couldnt you of released it on the “game soundtracks” section of the ps store? you’re more likely to find gamers who have heard the soundtrack to buy it off there. that part of the store is really under used !

A lossless format on PSN would be great. Bandwidth and space issues aren’t really a problem anymore.

Hey Mario, which track is your favorite, and why?


My personal favorite is Suljeva, because of the choice of instrumentation and it has very different feel than the rest of the tracks in the game in terms of percussion use and melody.

Fantastic! I really must get around to buying this, and the two Uncharted soundtracks.

I also agree with other posters here – these soundtracks should also be released on PSN – perhaps at a lower price to under-cut iTunes.

TehPhilosopher 09 November, 2009 @ 17:32

Thanks for the heads up. KZ2 soundtrack has the subtlety of a freight train – the way I like my post-apocalyptic movie/game soundtracks :)

But could you confirm whether it has DRM on iTunes, I can’t find a mention of DRM or lack thereof – I don’t buy DRMd content as a matter of principle as I don’t like being treated like t thief.

almighty-slayer 09 November, 2009 @ 17:58

I’d download it if it wasn’t on iTunes. iTunes sucks, end of story.


Very cool, to see this finally get an offical release. But a question, is this a full track list in the sense every song off the game? If not will you ever be releasing it and also is there any tracks which get dropped but wish were included?

For instance, i love that one on the train, the underlying guitar rift which is played repeatedly but is unique to the game. I think its part of track 19 “Next stop to Tharsis Refinery”, but its not the quiet version of it, where there isn’t much going on the train.

Thanks though for the release. =D

I allready listen to them during the game, and I have to say : they are great!!

hope you guys will bring this songs on psn, because i dislike Itunes, and i will not start now to use it ^^


Great!! My moeny will definetly be heading your way soon! Does this feature the monster track from the main menu/credits? I adore the killzone 2 soundtrack and is one of the reasons I love killzone 2 as an FPS compared to some other games! Music is underrated in todays videogames! I actually watch the credits from start to finish (Thanks for playing!) just to listen to this in full!

Is it on spotify?


(comments need an edit button!) Is the digital art boklet in HD and will it look pixelated when enlarged on my ps3?

I was definately impressed with Killzone 2’s soundtrack, so I’ll happily buy this – if it hits the PSN. The same with the Uncharted 1 and 2 soundtracks. I don’t understand why they weren’t put up already, with a soundtrack section already on the PSN. Of course, hard copies would be even more ace, but I’ll take what I can get.

*Throws out low-bit versions I found linked from some german gaming site* OH BOY! *Runs to iTunes* Time to throw out 80 kr. worth of cash, and get the best album I’ll ever buy! xD

Lovely, awesome news guys! But i want this in soundtrack on a CD! :) I’m of the rare group of people who collect those you know. So, maybe you guys over att Guerilla Games could make it possible to buy this as an CD from your website? Please! :)

Great but I’ll wait for it to come out on Napster. Do you have any plans to bring out any offical KZ2 Tshirts or hoodies?

Sold! :D :D

Awesome ! That soundtrack is amazing :)
Congratulations to you, Mario Lavin, for the remix, it’s great !

Well, I hope Sony will do the same for Ratchet & Clank A Crack In Time, since this game has a fantastic orchestral score too.
Please, Sony, make it happen !

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