Interview: Pandemic Studios’ Tom French on The Saboteur

While at EA’s UK title showcase last week, I spotted a familiar face. Pandemic Studio’s Tom French was showing off the studio’s latest title, The Saboteur. I thought he might like to introduce the game to the PlayStation community, so I brought him out of the dark game cave to sit for while and chat about it.

The game has a Valkyria Chronicles meets Grand Theft Auto feel to it, what with its reimagining of World War II Europe and free roaming gameplay. I’ll let Tom do the rest of the talking, so check out the full interview below.

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This game looks great, pre-ordered a month ago…


can you give us an update on FFVIII please? will it at least be this YEAR?

How about fixing the bugs in Mercs2 (“Tattooed millionaire”) first? I won’t buy any Pandemic game before those are fixed. Their support just sucks!

Can’t wait for it! There’s nothing better than kicking nazis in the ass!

Worst Irish accent I’ve ever heard in a game or movie… already has me thinking its gonna be crap if they can’t even bother to research the accents… Uncharted showed how voice acting really adds to a game experience, I dunno why other game companies don’t follow suit!

It was amaaaazing. -Jem

Hey, surprise, George Clooney has a new haircut! ;)

@ #4
Hopefully the german language version for Switzerland will not have the swastikas removed like in the version for Germany. Can anyone confirm that?
Will definitely buy the UK version if the swiss version is cut.


Now there´s a look you don´t see to often! :P

Hmmm, funny how people are styling their hair after the Home avatars :D
Seriousy though, apart from the “Oirish” accent the game still sounds interesting.
Any chance of some authentic irish melee weapons, like a Hurley or a Shilelagh? That would be cool ;)

Since the first screens in black and white I fell in love with the idea. Can’t wait to blow some nazis with great action.
Tom seems a great guy to me, always enthusiastic and talkative about his team game.

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