adhocParty For PlayStation Portable Coming To SCEE

Hello everybody,

I am very happy to announce that adhoc Party will soon be launching in Europe, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand.

Lots of PSP games feature Ad Hoc Mode, which allows two or more players – each with a copy of the same title – to play together or share content via a wireless connection between their PSP systems. Before the introduction of adhocParty, players had to be in the same place, with their PSP™ systems no more than 10 metres apart, to enjoy Ad Hoc Mode. adhocParty changes that. Now you can connect your PSP to another PSP system in another location using your PS3 as a server to bridge the geographical divide. This means that you can make the most of the Ad Hoc Mode functions in some of your favourite games even when none of your friends or fellow players are close by!

adhoc Party Logo

adhocParty on PS3 also acts like a communication platform where players create “houses” where they can chat (via voice and text) in order to align themselves for the game play on their PSP. When entering the application 10 worlds are displayed. Every world is made up of 64 lobbies which the player can enter in form of an avatar. Up to 32 avatars can be within each lobby where houses are displayed. Each house represents a group of players who communicate around their specific game mission. Gamers can create their own house where they act as hosts and decide on the topic and the avatars entering the house.

Compatible games include Gran Turismo, Monster Hunter Freedom Unite, Dissidia Final Fantasy and Resistance: Retribution. The full list of compatible games will be announced nearer release.

To use adhoc Party you need to simply connect your PSP to a PlayStation3 system via a wireless network connection, then access adhocParty to find other players who want to play the same game as you. Just to note that to use adhocParty, your PlayStation3 system must be connected to the internet via a wired broadband connection.

adhocParty will be available from the PlayStation Store to download to the PS3 for free. So join the adhoc Party!


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when will this be available to download? I didn’t notice a date

This is awesome news, now how abot Fat Princess & Resident Evil Adam? :)

Finally! Woohoo. Will there be more support added for this in the future?


More titles will be announced soon!

We will all be 24/7 adhocParty people.

Happy Friday

you guys are brilliant. cant wait for this one!

this is wicked news. i use it already from the japanese store, its hard to use in a different language but it is awesome for monster hunter unite. cant wait for this

Another great news!
Thanks for this fab friday! :D

WOOOO great news!

Carnivius_Prime 13 November, 2009 @ 17:28

Was wondering when this might come out here. Nice extra feature for those of us who have both a PSP and PS3.

AlexanderTaylor 13 November, 2009 @ 17:32

Amazing news!


Hi all!

Glad you are excited! I will confirm the launch date shortly.

Let’s all have adhocParty!

yeah thank scee You rock i‘m looking forward to this week a crytic clue was posted by mikface lol,

btw the scea getting it at the same they blog told about it,

it gonna be awsome your owed personal server ;)

Will this work wirh ethernet only?

I have no ethernet connection, and would like to use wifi

Finally! Nice!!!


Finally, adhoc party in english. Will this version have new feature that the japanese one didn’t have?


This sounds awesome :) i read a rumor about this a while back.

Can’t wait!

This is great news! Will look forward to downloading this straight away on (Looks into crystal ball) November 19th… ;)

Brilliant news. I understand the hardware implications for this (having tried and failed to get a similar application working on the PC), but is it possible to have a separate wifi dongle as the main one used for the Internet connection and use the PS3 internal wifi for the PSP connection?

Solid_Snake1987 13 November, 2009 @ 17:59

Nice program. Shame I use my PS3 wireless. Can’t really connect it to the router considering the distance (and not to mention two walls in the way). Oh well, improvements are always welcome, even if I can’t use them. :(

Damn, I would so like this on the PC. Not every PSP user has PS3 :(

damn.. then i need to find a very long cable somewhere.. i have never needed a cable to use either my PC, PSP or PS3 to use anything so this is kinda annoying..


Awesome! I hope it comes this year.

Finally, you guys are finally getting your act together.
You should have really gotten this to work before all the Monster Hunter hype but now that its here you can pimp it out with metal gear peace walker.

I really commend you guys for doing this, but why the long wait!?

I’m really looking forward to this. It will be great to try GT PSP on this.

thank goodness, i was really on edge whether or not to get monster hunter what with playing with others being essential but now you are actually bringing this to users outside of Japan I can finally purchase it in confidence. thanks

Oh amazing!! Great news.


I can play monster hunter online! Finally!


Like trophies, over time will this feature become compulsary for all multiplayer psp games?

Great news. adhoc Party is an awesome app. Definately a good reason to play MHFU again.


Why can I use Remote Play – PSP connected over the PS3s Wlan – AND use the online features of the PS3 at the same time via its Wlan, but can’t use adhocParty with my Wlan connection? :(

US get it Nov 19th according to Capcom, so we might get it then too, hopefully… if it isnt “held back”

So cool to see you actually mention South Africa in the story! Thanks for bringing it to us!!

Great news, was pretty unfamiliar with this function.


great news!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What is the problem with PS3 on wireless with adHocParty? I can use remote play with PS3 wireless, so there shouldn’t be a problem with adHocParty, right?

This is awesome, so glad this is finally on our horizon.

For anyone who can’t use wireless on their PS3 and has a laptop, I connect my PS3 wired to my laptop and then use the laptop’s wireless connection to connect to the internet. It’s worth it for MHFU!

@theshepanator: Whilst adhocParty was in Beta on the Japanese PSN, any game I tried worked with it even though they weren’t officially supported, so I think that will probably be compatible with all games anyway, whether officially supported or not.

Damn, I was looking forward to this but PS3 is wireless. Any chance that it will become compatible with wireless PS3s in future?

Prem-aka-Prince 13 November, 2009 @ 22:21

This is great news, I thought it was never coming! It’s a shame that you need to use a wired internet connection… I can understand why, but unfortunately it’s not an option in my new house. I just hope UK and US gamers can play together!

Very good news, I didn’t understand all options of Japanese version

This would be great if only it supported WIFI.

EnergyCritical 13 November, 2009 @ 23:20

I don`t think it could ever become compatible with PS3s that have a wireless internet connection. The PS3`s own wireless cannot connect to the internet and the PSP at the same time, I think. But it`s well worth putting in a cable if you can, as it improves connection anyway, and this is a really good feature, thanks! :)

In the words of the great philosopher plate… THAT ROCKS! cant wait to try out monster hunter online:)


Very god news. A big thanks to all involved. Hope we get to try soon :)


Great News….

Will it be launching in Middle East countries supported by SCEE too? Because you only listed Europe, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand, and I just wanna make sure, lol


Yes we will, it will launch in all SCEE countries that have a PlayStation Store.

I’ve had the Japanese version for a while now. It will be great to be able to read the menus now :P. Hopefully there will be a fair few people playing Gran Turismo, as I can’t find anyone on the Japanese version. Hope the popularity of MHFU also transfers to the english version too :).

..Is this a version of something that might turn up for the ps3 eventually? A form of xmb-lobby would be a great addition to the psn, imo. Along with an invite-system ala WO:HD, and so on :)

Also – when are you going to remove the advertisements, and restore the graphics, in WipeoutHD..? :(

Nagash_MalKaVian 14 November, 2009 @ 03:45

OOOOOOOH! Best news ever since the man invented water!
for free! This is the news I love to hear.

=) _<)

That’s awesome! I really want to try this out… except my PS3’s nowhere near an ethernet port haha

oh fantastic!! now these are announces which i can get behind!!

this is great news, saw this on the us blog and was hoping we’d get it here, and now we are.
:) happy face.


Excellent news been keeping a eye on the blog for a announcement it’s been a long time coming!!


Brilliant! I’ve been looking forward to this!! Is there any hope of a release before Christmas? Getting my Monster Hunter on over Christmas, online, from the in-laws would be awesome!

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