The time has come, folks! The countdown’s over – we wait no more!

Final Fantasy XIII

Final Fantasy XIII

As promised, the FINAL FANTASY XIII developer team put together a special message to celebrate with you the history of the series and reveal new details of its latest – and long awaited – chapter.

Final Fantasy XIII

Final Fantasy XIII

But I won’t say more and leave the stage to the game Producer himself, who wanted to write a few lines for the occasion, exclusively for the PlayStation blog.

Enjoy – and let us know what you think about it!


Final Fantasy XIII - Kitase-san

Hello, this is Yoshinori Kitase, Producer of FINAL FANTASY XIII.

I am very excited that the launch of the latest chapter of the FINAL FANTASY series is just around the corner.

We have prepared a special video for FINAL FANTASY XIII including new footage and some very important information I am sure you will be happy about. It is now available for all of you to watch, so please check it out.

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Exellent i love being first!

Too quick.



Sorry for the rushed comment!!

so.. UK release date?

Thank you for taking the time to come to the Blog, i for one can’t wait.

March is going to be pleasure overload. God of War III, Possibly Gran Turismo 5 and now FFXIII. The best new games month ever <3


Fantastic, i can’t wait!

Dear Square-Enix… Go to hell you traitors. I’ve always been an FF fan, but now FF looks so retarded it would be dumb to get the game.


Is that the US or UK date format?!

I think i’m gonna die

Woo!!! Worldwide release date!

Wow you goy Leona Lewis AND a release date!
I have to say im loving this!

Well, this isn’t a ‘buy’ for me, I hate RPG’s, not my kind of game at all but still look forward to see the graphics on this one because they used to have pretty cool animations and effects.


right! will be ringing in sick on the 9th of march! cough cough cough

That was the funniest thing I have ever seen.


I knew it was going to be an announcement of the release date, and I knew that’s how they were going to display the date (info detailing the video was leaked)…kinda thought it would be March too, so I’m happy! :D

But Leona Lewis? Wow, wasn’t expecting that AT ALL. I was happy with the Japanese theme song, but having Leona Lewis do it for us is even better, she’s amazing :D

*Is happy*

Nagash_MalKaVian 13 November, 2009 @ 15:40

release date is not such a big deal. We already knew it was around march 2010 =(. I’ve been defeated by my expectations :(

OMG 9th march i cant wait

Just when I thought Leona Lewis was the big announcement..


3rd September 2010!

A ver que me entere.¿El juego sale el 9 de marzo?


A lot of you guys are idiots !! WOO Game of the Decade launch 9th Oarch !!

sowasred2012 that’s a really good point! Wondering myself…

AlexanderTaylor 13 November, 2009 @ 15:41

So is that the 9th of March or September 3rd?

is that date in the us format? with the month first


@Yatzer, STHU!!!


Is that 9th March or 3rd September?

i take it the video is not playing because of the amount of people trying to watch it :(

9th March.

Cannot wait! :D

Well we finally got a release date!

I wonder if we’ll get demo this year.

No idiots March the 9th…


Boo I want the game now. Look at all the games coming out before March. I will be broke before the game comes out.

If that was a big announcement you mentioned before and got my hopes up you successfully dashed them.

March 9 in US
March 12 in EUROPE

Can’t wait!

Why has it gone back to being number 8? (sorry not a follower of the series, so I do not understand the numbering).

I thought there was a demo on the horizon. What an anouncement about an anouncement that yet has to be anounced.

They are releasing this info on a european blog….which format do you think its in.

9th of March….so it will be this fiscal year.

about damn time NA and EU got the same release date

@ Post number 2, Yazter;

Did you even watch the video? They just announced the release date.

A full seven lines of text exclusively for the PS blog, I guess verbosity isn’t what it used to be :)

Glad to see a firm release date though, one thing I really hope for is that Square Enix has learned from Naughty Dog about this thing called caching, would love for Final Fantasy to not need an install or long load times.

I wish I could delete my last message. I got my roman numerals mixed up. LOL sorry *slopes away shyly*


I’m glad people have put this in plain text in the comments… people asking at the top what the release date is?? are you two? can you not read?

Sigh… i can wait for this, cos it’s going to be incredible.. don’t be all fickle because they’ve done something cool and suspense building.. i thought the vid was a nice idea…

Now, i wonder if we can chain in the shift to combo moves for ultimate effect ;)

wow great its my birthday in that month. Final Fantasy XIII was THE reason that i bought a ps3

Isamu: “I wanted anyone who stepped into the world of FF to get hooked on the extraordinary visuals”


Hypocrite, if what u said was true, why did u go multiplatform?!

“The blend of futuristic technology with the wild nature…”

He obviously never played Xenosaga.

MUSIC!? Talking about music… music in FF died after FFIX, after IX, ff music is pathetic.


2 words just destroyed Final Fantasy for me.

WHY???? I dont want to have to have this talent show shrieker inflicted on me thank you very much

Ok then. That was nice I guess.


Did you read the THIRD comment?

I retracted what I said! >.<

This was the “BIG thing”, the great surprise? A release date?


Release date before Spring of 2010? Fantastic!

Their big announcement: “hey fans, we will continue to choke on M$ thingy for a while expect more horsecrap from us”


Good month for PS3 if it is March i.e. FF XIII, GT5 and GoW 3.

Great news! :D I am a happy chappy!

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