PlayStation 3 Firmware v3.10: Facebook, Friends List Details

Hi Guys, just wanted to give you some more detail on the main features of firmware 3.10 for your PS3. Hopefully you will have seen the American video previously posted that demos some of these features. If not check it out here.

As shown in the video and the screenshots below, the Photo view on the XMB has been improved. Your photos are now shown in a grid format rather than in one line to make it easier for you to skip straight to the photo you want or browse an album quickly.


We’ve added some links to the worlds most popular social network site, Facebook.

If you want to show your friends what trophies you’ve earned or brag about your gaming prowess, simply go to account management, under PSN, and turn this option on to share your triumphs with your friends

You can also share information about your PSN Store purchases if you want. Turn this on the same way and you will be asked each time you purchase from the store if you want to share it on Facebook or not. Let all your friends know what you’re playing and get them to join you online.


Television lovers in other parts of Europe can now enjoy faster access to catch-up on TV with the addition of the following on-demand TV sites to the XMB over the next few days-
RTVE, Antena 3 and LaSexta – Spain



NOS – Netherlands


AXN/Animax – Czech/Poland/Hungary/Bulgaria/Romania & Slovakia



No need to watch catch-up TV on your PC anymore, enjoy it in the comfort of your living room and on your big screen.

We are working on adding more of these as soon as we can

You will also see in the screenshot below, and the previous video post, that the next stage of the Friends list update is complete and, as you can see, only the profile that’s selected has the coloured box.

Friends List

This brings us to the final part of the main updated features which is that you can now customize your PSN profile with your favourite colour. Just open up your profile and click X on the upper left tab to get the colour pallet and to choose your colour.

New Picture

This is the colour that your profile will appear as on all your friends PS3’s.

Hope you like the new features and we will let you know about the next update as soon as we can


Update: Hi Guys, just wanted to clarify a couple of things regarding the catch up TV icons for the XMB

There seems to have been some confusion that these might be access to the live TV stations but they are not. They are quick links to the broadcasters ‘catch-up’ TV sites that have been optimised for the PS3 browser and TV screen viewing. (programmes that have previously been broadcast live.)

Also I have been informed that Animax is not available in Poland and Bulgaria, as previously stated

Poland AXN
Czech AXN and Animax
Slovakia AXN and Animax
Hungary AXN and Animax
Romania AXN and Animax
Bulgaria AXN

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No TV channels for Portugal? :(


Sorry, doing our best to get more ASAP

Can you guys try to get NRK to the tv on ps3 thing in the future?
And can’t wait for the update.

Please bring 4od to the UK. My girlfriend will stop mithering me then!

I thought the firmware update would be today……..

What about adding a patch to sort out error 80022A07? Many people have been unable to sync their trophies or compare with friends for quite a while now. Any news on a fix for this?


The tech’s are aware of this issue at very high usage times and are working hard to fix this

Does this mean the browser is finally getting some love?

Premium Avatars? Please :D

when is it live in the previous ones the updates been on thursday & not the Normal tuesday.

so i say tomorrow we be force to download it. ;)

So… ¿Do we need PlayTv to watch this ‘on-Demand TV’?


No, you just need to download the update and you will get the TV icon on the XMB and the link straight to the on demand TV services. PlayTV would give you the whole PS3 TV package though ;-)

hey james just wondering has the the ps3 internet browser been improved because at the moment facebook doesn’t work with it properly

SCEE – Randomly shifting from one thing to the next without evert actually seeing anything through :)


God of War collection, is it coming to PAL regions?
MUA2 DLC, is it ever going to arrive or should I just trade it in?
Trophy Sync issue ever going to get fixed?
PSP games, you ever going to add any to the store?

Bring all for all EU custumers…

Ed_the_Penguin 18 November, 2009 @ 09:34

@ssaannttii – You don’t need PlayTV!

What about fixing the Official Bluetooth Microphone volume level bugs first?

Any news on the update on region being detected by login? I got a replacement PS3 from Sony customer care and it’s a Euro version not a UK one, so the TV section doesn’t show and although I can just go into the browser to get to iPlayer, it’s annoying that I have to follow more steps to get to it.

Five Demand works through the browser too, so that’s a good thing. 4OD would be cool, but no worries about ITVPlayer, who really watches ITV these days ? :o)

Also I seem to be walking round Euro Home and unable to understand what the hell people are saying ! LOL !

james . couple of things m8 anychance u could pass on feedbk abt gettn the photo layout implemented to the music section too as it does look better and would be great to have that layout for all my albums too . release date please whens this due next week , dec ??


no problem Seany1 its on my list of things to pass on.

great when is it going to be released to download thanks

Will any of these features be making its way into the PSP, especially things like viewing photos and facebook? Oh and allowing me to organise my psp games in any order.


Yay. Finally us Kiwis have a tv section now. Now I can catch up on Supernatural and The Cult. Awesome.


Sorry for the slow reply but I posted the TVNZ image inadvertently but I expect to be able to update you all properly soon.


Truly pointless update, yet again. It appears Sony has completely forgotten that first and foremost we are gamers. We have been asking for features that would enormously enhance the gamer experience, and not useless aesthetic fixes. I warmly welcome all firmware updates, but I certainly would be a much satisfied customer if Sony could prioritize on improving the core gamer experience.

more in depth gamer profiles needed too tbh the trophy cards are very very boring

Being a web designer by trade I’m in agreement with other posters here, the Netfront web browser needs some serious work on getting it up to speed. Incomplete Javascript and CSS support is not going to help when people want to browse facebook (or any other modern site). Maybe you should drop Netfront in favour of Opera or better still Webkit (if it can work on an iphone then the PS3 should handle it no problem)?

Check this *linky:

*thanks to Onna for the Heads up d^_^b *2 thumps up* lol :D

Good amount of features there, the Facebook feature looks great! All we need know is a summery of trophy info in the friends list boxes and its perfect! (Well, cross game chat as well ;))

“…only the profile that’s selected has the coloured box”.
Sorry to moan, but the majority of people actually want to get rid of the coloured boxes altogether. They look ugly. Any chance of having an option to remove them?


So I’m in the UK and English, my Fiancée is Polish, can we have separate country profiles and get both sets of catchup channels. Or is it machine related?


And while I’m asking questions:

I’m most excited about the improved photo browsing, more than any other firmware updates rumoured to be coming. So will we ever be getting improved music browsing.

Sorry about that link i copy/paste it wrong

this should work now apparently Eric says its today. :D

Wow AWESOME, TVNZ On Deman…. heeeey wait it minute! Where did it go!?


Hi guys I am just checking with our NZ office and will get back to you.


Hi SnapAttack, Sorry for the slow reply but I posted the TVNZ image inadvertently but I expect to be able to update you all properly soon.

lmao are nz gettn the shaft . i seen that nztv pic too


Hi Seany1, as I said above, I posted the TVNZ image inadvertently but I expect to be able to update you all properly soon.


I have the same problem as WizardWeb in the UK with no iplayer icon, please tell me this is going to fix that. Other things that might be good for the TV section – Youtube support so you can see when your youtube feed has been updated and there is a new video to watch that you are subscribes to, or even better some kind of way to have an itunes style podcast section where we can add feeds and they get udpated, for video and audio.

Of course what this update is about is anything the x-box can do the PS3 can do and do it for free

Hey what happened to the TVNZ content?? It was featured in this blog post but then disappeared?


Hi superstu75, Sorry for the slow reply but I posted the TVNZ image inadvertently but I expect to be able to update you all properly soon.

remember this isnt full facebook integration

Poor NZ they pulled the picture it was there when i post my 2 posts

NZ you been Shafted by SCEE. :|

Ok where did the TVNZ on Demand picture go?!!!

This one: (yes, I saved it. Don’t say it wasn’t there)


Hi arnienz, Sorry for the slow reply but I posted the TVNZ image inadvertently but I expect to be able to update you all properly soon.

yeah can someone please tell us what happened to TVNZ on demand? i was really looking forward to that


Will update you ASAP

I’m Portuguese, live in the Netherlands and my wife is Hungarian.

Will we be able to watch both NOS (Netherlands) and AXN/Animax (Hungary) on my PS3?

scee at it as per usual . u should maybe clear this up james u posted abt new zealand gettn the tv catchup we all saw it now its bn pulled . what gives


No TV channels for Poland??? :(

yeah i saved it as well, lol WHERE IS IT!

Everyone saw the TVNZ pic. Give us some news. You better not have pulled it from the update. NZ always gets this crap service!

Where is our Play TV (that was promised 2 years ago)?

come on every 2nd post is about it, so can you tell us whats happening with us kiwis please

#40 – there are TWO TV channels for Poland ;P You’re blind or what? ;P


It’s so cool, thank you SONY :D :D :D Now I’m waiting for Vidzone :D

Nice, thanks from all of Polish PS3 owners, finally we will get something ;) still waiting for VidZone ;)

Ok, I’m a little bit lost here, Help! How do I get that ‘TV’ icon on my XMB? After all, no playtv is needed…

I know that no channel was mentioned for Portugal but I just want to know why my xmb doesn’t have the ‘TV’ icon, only countries with those services has it?

yeah ive been waiting for PlayTV too, australias got it now, they waited ages theyre finally getting it, but why do we have to wait even more

james sayn u posted the nztv photo by mistake would be better than no response at all . its things like this that really annoy every1 about sony . IGNORANT

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