Critter Crunch Is Here!

Hello All of Europe, Australia and More!

Kris from Capy here once again with a quick announcement: Critter Crunch is set to appear on your PlayStation Store today! (Please) GO GET IT!!!!

Critter Crunch logo

And you’ll be happy to know that the demo is out at the same time! The demo features a sampling of single player levels, as well as online versus multiplayer for you to enjoy.

The full game features a whole bucket-full of single player modes, like adventure, puzzle and survival, as well as online and local multiplayer in versus & co-op flavors. Of course, Critter Crunch also features a ton of great trophies to collect, competitive leaderboards for every game mode and 1080p art that will fill your brain with magic.

Critter Crunch

Critter Crunch has been universally praised by critics and players alike since its release in North America and we’re extremely excited to finally bring our HD puzzle opus to a whole new audience!

We hope you give it a whirl. If you have any questions, ask away in the comments below and I’ll do my best to answer!


PS: Check out the official site for more info on the game, like pretty screenshots, videos and Bigg’s-shaped barfing pumpkins

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Any Trophies? Might consider getting it if easy 100%


Yup, we’ve got trophies galore. Check out the full list here:

you guys are amazing. i’m totally buying this one!

almighty-slayer 19 November, 2009 @ 14:08

I’ll buy it :) Looks good, and like to support small studios. Cheap too- thanks!

defo buying this what a fun game . looks fantastic to the eye aswell great little gem this 1 . thanks

Hey Kris,

Thanks for the great Price, this is no ripoff like many other EU released Games. 9,99$ in US & 5,49€ here effords me to show you 2Thumbsup ;)

i have the Game already & completed the adventure Mode yesterday. Now i´m off to get all Puzzles solved…Phew they get really headcracking with the Time..

Challenge & Survival r really motivating too *g*

But the coolest is the online Part…. 2 compete with another Biggs is so much un & can take long to finally win the challenge… Barf!

hope we see some more Adventure DLC for this great Game in the Future..

Greets Samarotu

ok i meant so much Fun ;)

Isn’t this just Warios Woods?


Give the demo a try – it’s definitely not Wario Woods, although that is a truly wonderful game.

is there online fucntionality?


There are 2 modes playable online via the PlayStation®Network or locally.

The first is Versus mode, where you try to crush your opponent with critters by popping huge chains or using unique power-ups.

The second is Co-op mode, where 2 players work together to fend off the critter onslaught.

Kris . just to ask m8 has sales picked up for critter crunch i read abt it nt selling as well as hoped which i was shocked abt tbh as its 1 of best games ive ever played off store . im sure e.u will defo help the sales with at least 50 or 60 k sold if burn zombie burn can do that here . thanks again . SUPPORT THIS GAME PEOPLE IWE WANT GAMES LIKE THIS TO KEEOP COMING


hey seany1,

Kris is extremely busy working on Capy’s next title this very moment, but he’ll still be answering questions a little later.

As for sales in North America, we’re not doing too badly at all. Things picked up a bit after the demo and we hope our European friends help our numbers too :)

Great game at a great price. Glad it has finally made its way over onto the EU store. Just a shame we had to wait longer that our US counterparts.

Great game and excellent price. Will be grabbing this in the next couple of days :)

You NEED to submit these cute little critters to Sony for consideration as new Avatars.


We’ll do our best… we’d love to use them as our avatars too!

Nice game at a nice price

IS there any chance of a PSP version coming someday? :) Even if not, I’ll buy the big version – looks fun.

@danilsa , great idea , kris premium avatars critter crunch style would be awesome

danlisa sorry lol


hi nathan,
i’m playing the US ver. now. Have 2 questions to ask:
– My friend and i could not play online together. She uses wireless network connection and i use the wired one. There’s always messages popped up say sth like: “network connection not compatible”
– Is there any DLC in form of costumes for Bigg… Coz it would be really nice to see him in Sony’s style
Thanx and best regards


Kris do you have family from Poland?
Becouse your last name sounds Polish.

Get this game. It’s great.

Yay! This weekend is saved, and every other weekend of this year :D

Carnivius_Prime 19 November, 2009 @ 15:33

Not my usual type of game but occasionally something like this has got me addicted so I’m gonna give the demo a go and see if I like it. Thanks for actually having a demo too.


Trophies look good, game looks ace and a sweet price. Sounds like a sale to me! ;)

Can’t recommend this game enough! Fantastic hand drawn graphics, awesome character design and great background environments. Gameplay is addictive and challenging but first and foremost really fun! Dont miss this one! Wishing for DLC allready sinice i 100%-ed it :)

Great, i’ve been looking forward to this since the demo….


I’m pretty sure my wife will love this one, I’ll hold off downloading till I’ve finished fallout 3 or she’ll never let me on the PS3 :-)


It looks like you guys have hit that perfect balance of great gameplay, great graphics and great price – a rarity nowadays!

Keep them coming!


Thanks jbni… that’s pretty much what we were going for :)

Yes! Thank You! :D

Looks a good litle game, might have to check this one out. :)


The brand new cereal from Capybara’s.

To say I’ve been looking forward to some more puzzling would be an understatement. Great demo, well worth releasing simultaneously!

DarkKnight__85 19 November, 2009 @ 17:41

w00t! Been waiting for this since i heard Nathan on PSNation podcast! I’ll be buying it as soon as the store updates! :D

I’ve just bought it :D
I’m downloading the demo right now and the I’ll download the “unlocker” for the full version.

I bought it before downloading the demo becouse in the Spanish Store it said “Download the full version” instead of saying I should download the demo first ;)

But now… I only have to wait a little… and then… :D


been waiting for ages for this and had i not checked the blog i’d never have know. someone has to make sure these games get the marketing they deserve, it’s not on the “latest” section on the store and given that i check that every week as opposed to trawling through the whole store for new stuff i’m sure loads of peeps will not even know about it.


Please don’t despair if the sales aren’t amazing.

You have a fantastic, beautiful title. I will be getting it when I have some money (Christmas) and have been enjoying the US demo for sometime.

It’s just unfortunate that many people see the ‘cutesy’ (yet amazing) art style and fail to grasp that the underlying game is fantastic too.

Keep up the GREAT work!

Finally :D
I’m veeeery happy!
Time to bought a new PSN game!

sweet. i have been waiting for this since i tried the us demo. consider it bought.

good price too.

I’m loving it atm. Good price, good game, now only if you put these cute fellows up for avatars :)

Whoa, I’d played the demo and the INSTANTLY bought the full game – it’s great. Cute, smart, funny and good-looking. And the price really encourages to buy it, not like with most of the PSN games.

well it’s about time!

No remote play on the PSP?

This game is absolutely incredible, I can’t get enough of it…I won a code for it on a contest run by Capy and PSnation podcast…I just adore this game, downloadable game of the year, easily.

Delighted that this game has finally made it to European shores after an agonising wait. What has made it even better is the incredibly low price instead of the usual ripoff exchange conversion we get from alot of developers on the PSN. Its basically a no brainer and truly in the realms of impulse buy.

Congratulations Kris on making a truly beautiful game thats backed up with equally stunning gameplay. Thanks in particular for including online play modes; so many PSN titles lack such features (only providing online leaderboards) and yet seem tailor made for them.

I hope it proves to be a runaway success in Europe after its reportedly slow start in the USA (glad to hear sales have increased since the demo – come on America, $7 is near giveaway!?!). I look forward to whatever Capy decide to make next.

Great post :D. I kept wondering when this was going to come out over in pal land. I’l pick it up :).

I bought it too and it’s so addictive; my nephew and I are really enjoying this game online. I recommend it guys.
And nice price!!!


i just wanna thank you good people for two things: the game and the price tag :)

i tried the demo last night with my girlfriend and we were instantly hooked! i went to the store just to check the price, expecting the usual bad conversion rate (or lack of it) and let me tell you, for 5.49€ i bought it on the spot!

so thank you for this great game and thank you for an honest price :)

I didn’t know what to expect when I bought it (good reviews made the works). I was impressed by the gameplay which shines on advanced stage and online; but I was amazed by the attention brought to details (and the philosophy lines :) )

Looking forward for anything Capybara now.

I didn’t really know what the game was about, so I tried the demo. Bought the game right away as it seemed like fun and the price was excellent.

It’s a really fun game, it’s very addictive and challenging enough to spend several hours on. Easily one of the better purchases on PSN.


i am so unlucky…I get a £20 PSN card and buy zombie apockalyspe and then critter crunch is put on the PSN, do you except an IOU?

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