VidZone Presents Groove Armada: Brand-New And Exclusive To PlayStation Home

Big news, guys: we have a brand-new, exclusive, (SCEE-only!) gig coming your way very soon – VidZone presents Groove Armada – in a completely re-decked and re-themed, Presentation Podium space.

To celebrate the launch of Groove Armada’s fantastic new Blacklight album, the Presentation Podium will be re-opened (at dusk) with a brand-new mini-game, new (exclusive) rewards and of course, exclusive music and interview footage from one of the world’s biggest music acts. Check out the trailer and screenshots below:

Groove Armada Home Gig

Groove Armada Home Gig

We’ll update very soon with the live date, so watch this space for more information…. Completely free and completely awesome – this simply isn’t one you want to miss! ;)

iELL / Elliott

For more information on Groove Armada go to: I Won’t Kneel single released 23.11.2009. Blacklight Album released 22.02.2010.

Groove Armada Home Gig

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video not available .

Elliott Linger 19 November, 2009 @ 15:15

Hey guys,
The video’s now working :)

Hmm… Video not working for me. Still, sounds great.

xKillerMonkeyx 19 November, 2009 @ 15:04

Very very cool, this is what it is about exclusive gigs and an aweome looking space to chill with awesome music.

almighty-slayer 19 November, 2009 @ 15:05

Sounds rubbish

omg …

this is marvelous :)

this is support extraordinary..
this is defintily a reason to revisit Home after Months…

pls don´t stop with these great specials


Not against Groove Armada or anything (i like a couple of their tunes) but i don’t think this piece of news should have been put high on a pedestal for everyone to get excited about when pop/dance music fans are only gonna cover about half the people at most. All rock fans are gonna be disappointed i reckon…. oh hum….

Elliott Linger 19 November, 2009 @ 15:19

Hi AdyColclough,
This won’t be the last music gig in Home ;)

(though even if the music’s not your taste, you can still check out the gig venue and play the new mini-game in the space :)

Seems that the new 3.10 firmware update has broken the ability to see videos on the Blog when viewing via a PS3 seems to work ok from PC

Elliott Linger 19 November, 2009 @ 15:19

Thanks for the feedback BLACK13 – will pass this along


nice looking very forward to this just a few questions

can u win prizes from playing that Freezeball

and will we see Assassin’s Creed Gear/outfits

Thanks again

Awesome stuff!

Keep up the good work guys!

Elliot , Videos are broken when trying to watch on PS3 but ok via PC

Ooops didn’t see your reply above thanks for passing it on to those who need to know

Would be great if I wounld’t get a freeze everytime I start up Home!

who cares e.u home is crap elliot its a ghost town thats overpriced and lacking bad


nice.. Lookng forward to it, and I hope for all that this will go smoother then the Singstar performance.
Will you be handling this in a way to guarantee smoother performance ?



Thanks elliot!! :D

yes elliot since 3.10 we now see “this application is not supported”

thamks for the heads up it been a good day with vidstore, mgs1 the 3.10 etc. im goin off topic

anyway any word about pictures frames a yes or no will do. :)


Hey all, Ben from VidZone here.

Just a heads up to say a MASSIVE thanks to all the guys at home for making this possible. We are loving working with different PlayStation 3 services and hope this isn’t the last time us and Home hook up for some ever exciting stuff for all of you guys!

You really shouldn’t miss out on this… It’s gonna be SPECIAL!!!

Ben C, VidZone


Hey Ben,
Tight update man :D
How do you guys handle requests for content for VidZone?

Because I’d really love to see more metal on VidZone. I noticed Lordi from Finland and couldn’t help to wonder why you haven’t picked one of the more popular metal bands from Finland like Ensiferum. So my metal-band for VidZone request is:

and Ensiferum

Best regards,
– Freelanzer


cool i ask for elliot to answer & got ben instead.

Rock on tommy :D

TurtlesFlipper 19 November, 2009 @ 18:57


Really enjoying vidzone and setting up my playlists from the ever expanding library.

But having a problem! How can i play a playlist in random order?

Cant find a setting to achieve this, if it isnt available could we have this functionality in a new update. It is a major hassle moving videos about in the playlists at present.

Please leave a reply – then i know someone from Vidzone is aware ;)


great, we get a new space, for a couple of weeks will it be this time?
while we still don’t get spaces like the stage set, the ghostbusters firehouse and features like the picture frames.
and why bother making new games for these spaces if you’re just going to take them away a couple of weeks later and they’ll never be seen again.

yes i know, you’re not going to answer, you’ve been ignoring this question for weeks and i don’t expect anything will change any time soon.
there room under that rock with jem? how is he by the way?


No Thanx for this simple effort, you ( SCEE Managers ) are really make us feel down .. We want see the change in EU Home .. Plz dont lie on us with this simple things .. 3 weeks for nothing .. when u will wake up from your COMA who called your self managers and had a big certificates from important universities from all world .. I like eu home and i want see it in the tops .. I wish you understand my msg Mr. Elliot & the others , we are really looking for huge update this thursday to change our view at you all coz we gave you 1.000.000 chance and we want just 1 wish from you try to restore your eu home customers and give us like other regions managers to there customers and leave us feel sad .. I want you promise us now managers to let smile shows on faces from next thursday and then .. Much Love .. W. Moore

can some1 tell me? can i get vidzone for free? some1 tell me please :)

Videos unavailable now with the PS3 browser. :/

Hey Guys,
Keep up the fantastic work… keep that content flowing :)
There is something really fishy about the new firmware…. video unavailable on the PS3 browser.

Thanks, I will check it out!

I hope the event is on a weekend or next wednesday, as they are the only times I am free. wouldn’t want to miss out.

Elliott Linger 20 November, 2009 @ 11:58

Hi agm2502
Keep an eye on the blog, you’ll find out the official gig opening date here first!


haven’t been in home for months and spent too much cash in there on stupid outfits that i didnt even like (no example on your character when buying sux hard..)

i hate how its based mainly on social activities and these stupid ‘quick mini-games’..i’ve been thinking for a while now to throw it off my ps3 but im afraid i might lose my content for which i paid quite some euro’s (same for lbp, bought most the outfits and i’m afraid i might lose them when deleating game that’s all stuff that takes up place even when i hardly play it anymore..especially home is a huge waste of space imo, i kinda liked it in the beginning but it keeps on focussing on all this social crap..i mean there’s chat’s for that..)


Hey, More from me… Just a little more info…

Look out for the special acts performing with Groove Armada:

sexy blues-lectroacoustic vocalist SaintSaviour

indie-rock-psychedelic band Fenech Soler (

and none other than THE M.A.D. (hip hop vocalist on SuperStylin)

Check them out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



sounds great, really looking forward to this. good job guys !!


2 great bands I love coming to home(GA & fenech soler)
But yeah what’s up with the blogs vids not working on the ps3 browser anymore ???


cool ai very cool

Need for speed shift is a must get game, Get Ittttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt

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