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Hi everyone, how you guys doing?

What started for us as an idea almost 3 years ago is now about to invade your lives. On Tuesday, 24 November Gravity Crash for PlayStation3 will launch on not only the North American PlayStation Store but also on the European PlayStation Store, two days ahead of the normal store update on Thursday.



When we started working with Sony on this project towards the end of last year we knew little of how encompassing or indeed how much we’d achieve, and I have to say we are incredibly proud of what we’ve created these past 12 months.



The game is being launched as Trial & Key type. When you download the Trial edition you will get access to 4 of the levels of the full games 35 single player planets and 12 multiplayer maps. You will also get full access to the editor, where you will be able to create your own levels straight away, however only when you buy the game will you be able to Publish them to the PlayStation Network for anyone and everyone to enjoy.


Actually, I’d like to geek out for a moment. All of us at Just Add Water are complete geeks, so one of the little things we included in the Trial edition, which as far as we are aware no one else has done before: on our Sell screen (All demos/trials have these) we have a dynamic “Published Levels” line that tells you how many custom made levels have been published to the PlayStation Network. Personally I can’t wait to watch that number getting bigger and bigger over the coming months!


Which brings me to the subject of price …

£6.29 / €7.99 / $9.99 US of your earth money, will buy you …

  • 35 Single player levels, including hidden and boss levels.
  • 12 Multiplayer levels.
  • 3 Multiplayer modes.
  • Different player ships.
  • Special weapons.
  • Weapon power-ups.
  • 20 devious Trophies.
  • Leaderboards.
  • Over 200 editor items.

Talking of the editor, just to reiterate what I said in the previous blog update, EVERY level in the game has been built with the editor you get in the game. To give an example of the editor here’s a little development diary from us along with a bit of editor action!

And finally, during December we will be releasing a few extras via the PlayStation Store, like wallpapers and themes. So all I’ve got left to say is thanks for your support since the game was announced, and we hope you enjoy it when it’s released on Tuesday, and we can’t wait to see what you guys can create with the Editor!


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Carnivius_Prime 20 November, 2009 @ 17:06

Had my eye on this for a while. Looks good and a nice price too.

almighty-slayer 20 November, 2009 @ 17:10

Brilliant looking game and a great price. THANKYOU

Amherst_Wind_4 20 November, 2009 @ 17:12

A fair price for the UK and Europe!!! You guys are legends, day one buy.

Awesome, tuesday can’t come fast enough.

excellent . ill save that 7 quid in ps wallet for this game looks awesome . great work


I have seen some other footages of the game as well and it looks like a really funny game!

So, this one I will definitely pick up. It´s been a lack of interesting games on the store lately.

@makingdamage . agree with u store games have bn lacking recently bt critter crunch is a little hidden gem of a game

Pretty good game, correct money conversion (1$ isn’t 1€ you know…), great trial to check before buying.

I need no more reasons for “a must have” game ;)

WOW! Why was I not aware of this game?! looks awesome and simple to play and create downloading now!

Interesting retroish game, with build in level editor and the price is good.


I love retro games ;P Looks cool

Congratulations Stewart, I love this game, can’t wait for it!

I think a dynamic theme about it would be AWESOME.

Looks good, well done guys!

Any news for the PSP version ?

Is that…is that a Samsung television?! Sony would be mortified :P

Thank you very much for the fair price for Europe :)



The game looks fun, and the level editor is a nice touch, but stood next to Shooter it looks a bit weak to me. I’ll see how the demo grabs me though.


at those screenshots.

I’m going to be all over this puppy the minute it hits the store.

Lots more screens and info over on TSA too guys – – Gravity Crash is a BRILLIANT game, worth every single penny.

really looking fwd to this :) Any chance of hearing your famous (well, at least to old ST/Amiga freaks) composer on here, or maybe give some more info on the brillaint soundtrack?

in Denmark Aqva singing back to thé 80ties back to soap back to rikki and cherry coke :)

Looks incredible. Great visual design, lots of content and the promise of an endless supply of user generated content. Will this feature Custom Soundtracks? Playing a game with this sort of visual style with music from Shatter overlaid on top would sound great.

Looks great.Really nice price to, roll on tuesday.

I’ll looks great, I’ll give the trial a go for sure!

Been waiting for this for ages, I loved Thrust and all these other similar games and this looks like a fantastic return to that but with amazing graphics and cool level editor.

Tuesday I’ll be hovering over the buy button, oh yes!

almighty-slayer 20 November, 2009 @ 23:07

Love the counter for the amount of levels published :D I shall look forward to seeing lots of cool levels

UGC is awesome

What are the odds of 2 games in the space of a week that take into account conversion rates :O.


Can’t wait for the psp version :D
Love the aesthetic. Love simple mechanics. I’m a sucker for retro games. Bring on the gravity crash!

Looks great, decent price and awesome that you can create and publish levels.
I’ll be picking it up.

However i was unable to watch the video on my ps3 browser. Where the video should be there was “This application is not supported”…….I’ve always been able to watch the vids on the blog so this seems strange :O

So it’s Thrust…..

in HD…..

Fair enough.

Retro vectors look nice, hopefully rendered in FullHD 1080p so those lines can look nice and sharp on a big display.

Ah, now just read your previous blog link where you confirmed it is indeed 1080p/60fps – nice to see. I will be buying this for neo-retro fun.


Am the only person who thinks this game looks a lot like PixelJunk Shooter, with some exceptions like this has a proper retro look?

Well anyway, I’m excited for PJ Shooter so in this case it’s a good thing this game reminds me of it. I think I’ll pick it up.


Btw, the level creation stuff looks very cool, which is something PJ Shooter won’t have AFAIK. It seems PS3 is really pushing the play.create.share concept. :)

Looks more like X-Pilot (which also had multiplayer and a level editor) than Thrust. Either way, both were good games and this looks like a definite purchase.

First day purchase, no question about it!

Looks like a really cool game!
Probably buying once :)

Retro feel but modern presentation. Im getting it, looks very cool.

Looks like a good purchase and as mentioned very nice price.

almighty-slayer 21 November, 2009 @ 15:58

Bought a £20 PSN card today especially :)


Great work, like many others I will buy on the day of release.

I look forward to many more games from Just Add Water.

looks fun…1st day buy
retro games are great
now i’m waiting for Alien Breed and maybe someday Contra(form NES)on PS3:)


yeah, i’ve had my eye on this game for a while, btw gave someone PLEASE pass onto Sony that the recent 3.1 update has restricted me from watching vids on this website, PS.BLog and more


Looks great, I’ll definately be checking it out on Tuesday. :)

Just out of interest, why exactly is it being released on Tuesday, rather than Thursday, did you get to decide that or was it Sony?

A fair price. Nice looking game to. Well I better add some funds ready for tuesday :).

Someone mentioned the similarities to PixelJunk Shooter… I think PixelJunk Shooter has the added main element of featuring liquids like water and lava. But what makes things really weird and confusing is that the developer company of Gravity Crash is called “Just Add Water” :P

“Which brings me to the subject of price … £6.29 / €7.99 / $9.99 US of your earth money”

Note to all publishers of PSN content – THIS is how you convert $’s to €’s and €’s to £’s! Well done Just Add Water for not ripping off people in SCEE land!

I’ve not heard much about this game before but it looks like it could be fun, I’ll definitely be checking out the trial and, if it’s any good, I’ll happily pay £6.29 for it…

Looks like a really coool game and to come with an Editor as well, will probably pick this one up. I don’t buy many games on the PSN because they are usually unexciting or just plain over priced for what they are, but this one is Retro and looks like a lot of fun.

More of this at this price is a much better way to make the PSN work.

I second Apnomis’s comment at #48.

Fair and equal pricing folks….that’s all we ask.

You’ll notice how the comments on this board are positive as a result of it too.

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