EyePet Patch Now Available

Hi guys,

I hope you’re enjoying time spent with your EyePet. It’s been a few weeks since EyePets have been released in the wild and it’s been great to read all your feedback on the forum. The development team is always reading the threads so please keep posting!

We’ve got a cool surprise for you today. If your PS3 system is connected to the internet you’ll get the chance to download an update when you next play EyePet.

EyePet Online

This update is free and is all about sharing your special video moments with other EyePet owners. It’s a great opportunity to be creative and show off! You can also view and rate videos made by other players. All of these options can be found in the ‘EyePet Online’ option on the Main Menu.

We’ve also fixed some of the problems reported on the forum. This includes the problem that some users have had with a grey box appearing instead of the professor when collecting a secret prize. We’ve made it easier to remove flowers in the garden so there’s less tapping required! Finally your EyePet will be able to hear you properly regardless of your PlayStation Eye microphone settings. You may notice some other small improvements here and there too!

Thanks for playing EyePet and we hope you enjoy the new video features!

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great thanks me and my kids love eyepet we named him fuzzles

WOW! That’s cool!

Now i need to get up to track with my pet! Named after a Playstation.com forum community leader.. I will not say who!!

Nice One


Finally a response!

Pleased to see you’re monitoring the forums and listening to people. Removing flowers was a nightmare!! I tried the patch last night and it definitely has been improved.

I’m hoping this game will be supported and expanded like LBP. Theres so much more that could be done.

I have to wait until tomorow to play! It’s to dark now and i don’t have enough lights here :-)

Carnivius_Prime 27 November, 2009 @ 17:18

I misread that. I thought it said Eye patch when I clicked on the link. Anyways sounds good. Will load Eyepet tomorrow morning. Sounds like some good improvements. The game as a whole is a great addition to the PS3 library and much needed kid appeal, especially with christmas coming up.

I plan to get Eye Pet after christmas, good to see it’s being supported well by the devs. Shows it’s a labour of love. :D

This is epic news!

My family love this game, and to be able to share videos and stuff is the icing on the cake.

Awesome stuff!

Hi Nicolas,
Is there any chance Eyepet could be a downloadable game, for those of us who already have the camera? The Magic Card could possibly be provided as a print-able jpeg.
I would like to get it but all my local shops(Game, Gamestop,HMV etc) are only selling it with the camera and they said they have no plans to stock just the game, which seems a bit odd. I know it can be bought from amazon etc but that’s not an option for me so i was hoping to download it.

It’s good to see you are continuing to look after eyepet and not abandoning it like EyeCreate,Mesmerise etc. (It had to be said, as an early adopter of PS3Eye i was disappointed with how little support it received)
However, all good now with Eyepet…once i get my hands on it ;)

Great to see an update. I better get cracking with EyePet again.

Nice 1 ;)

xKillerMonkeyx 27 November, 2009 @ 17:59

I soo want this game.


Good to see EyePet getting continued support, its been a massive hit with my three year old niece.

The biggest problem we have had with it has either been due to lighting, either not enough, or to much and it reflecting off the Magic Card. But also the intructions for what you need to do for some of the challenge lack enough detail and I know thats not just me as the forums are full of people asking how you do different challenges.

Still, even with that its been well worth the money, especially the challenges which involve drawing.


Is there any chance to have a patch to allow people who imported this game and play it using a US PSN account to earn the Shopaholic trophy?
Currently, we can’t connect to the EyePet store and download the free items, which means no Shopaholic trophy for the US PSN users.
Besides that, nice work on the 1.10 patch. Good to see the game improving.

Nice to see update!, not few times I’ve gone mad on the flowers! :), I really hope we can expect some playable addons aswell in future, with more day missions or alike, that would be great! :)

Give me the game free please! :D

Hey…. I look in every shop and the eyepet includes it with the ps eye. What about selling the game separately? Whats the point of me buying a ps eye if I already own one?

Don’t normally like to post external links here but there’s a few of you looking for the game only, so, here’s a handy link:


If it doesn’t appear correctly, simply copy and paste it. It’s a link for EyePet (without the camera but with the card) for £14.99.

Enjoy! :)

Thanks for the update. I love the game and I love the free downloadable content.

i felt that the number of magic toy is so few , is any chance to add more by download content???


Those EyePets look really freaky, in a “human gets it on with dog” kind of way.

There is a bug with the store content of Eyepet. If you access it through the game it shows only 5 free packs (pack number 5 missed). And directly in the store there are 2 packs number 4.

i just wish that you could go online with your eyepet and be on chat with your eyepet with your friends, to show off ;)that would be really cool :D maybe that could be a thing playstation could think about in the next patch.


My 6-year old daughter installed the patch when she started the game this morning. It seems you have to choose language again when the patch is installed, so now our EyePet is in Russian…

Does anyone know how to change the language?

To Johan_Iderot

The only way i know is to change language on the PS3 (ex. you may choose english if you use swedish). The XMB interface will change language. Now startup Eyepet, it will now ask you to choose language in Eyepet. Once done, return to the XMB and change back to the original language on the PS3.

When you change language on the PS3, Eyepet will ask you to choose a new language once you satrt it up.


hope this does fix the grey box thing, we stopped playing because of that.

regarding the dlc…what does it actually do. the last one didnt appear to add anything

If you want the game on its own, some places such as Game and Gamestation sell it pre-owned without the camera.

What would be even more fun was the ability to let your pet ‘visit’ a friends pet. 2 of these critters on screen would be fun to see :)

hillybillybobby 04 December, 2009 @ 17:40

Will it be possible to buy EyePet without the camera i Sweden?

(I have 2 PS3s both incl. EyeCameras, and feel very *VERY* reluctant to have to but another EyeCamera just to get the EyePet program.)

So, will I before Christmas this year, 2009, be able to buy EyePet without the camera in a regular game store in Sweden? Or, preferably, buy it as a PSN downloadable? (The magic card could be directly printable or savable to an removable memory device for separate printing on another computer.)

Where could I get an answer to this, if not here? My regular game stores i Sweden, Game and Game Stop, doesn´t have a clue.

plz plz plz .. patch the game to allow people who imported this game and play it using a US PSN account .. cuz EyePet store not open

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