December 3rd 2009 – Groove Armada Rock Into PlayStation Home

It’s confirmed. 3rd December is the date and the Presentation Podium is the place – as PlayStation Home plays host to one of the world’s biggest music acts – Groove Armada.

Home Groove Armada

To celebrate the launch of Groove Armada’s fantastic new Black Light album, in association with VidZone, the Presentation Podium will be re-opened (at dusk) with a brand-new mini-game, new (exclusive) rewards and of course, exclusive music content & interview footage from the inimitable Groove Armada.

Home Groove Armada

First into the venue will receive a one of a kind Groove Armada gig t-shirt for their avatar, plus the chance to hunt down some exclusive VidZone merchandise within the space. Oh, and it’s all completely free.

Home Groove Armada

However, the gig will be on for a limited time only, so make sure you head into PlayStation Home, dress up your avatar and ska to the dancefloor ASAP – this isn’t one you want to wait around for… ;)


For more information on Groove Armada go to: I Won’t Kneel single released 23.11.2009. Black Light Album released 22.02.2010.

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Looking forward to this one myself :D

Video not available……

Elliott Linger 30 November, 2009 @ 15:08

Hey Pamperdamps,
Video will be back shortly…. :)

Elliott Linger 30 November, 2009 @ 15:16

New video is now there :)


Hey Elliot. I’m under the impression that ‘for a limited time’ means 2 weeks. Is that true?


hoping for a bunny outfit lol

‘First into the venue will receive a one of a kind Groove Armada gig t-shirt for their avatar’ – Does this mean that only 1 person will get the T shirt?

Elliott Linger 30 November, 2009 @ 16:50

Hey LAClennell – let me confirm that for you…
This won’t be just the first person, but the first people… :)
(if you get in there during the first week I’m pretty certain you’ll get one).

@LAClennel: If there really is only 1 shirt, I’m waiting for the first ‘Avatars crushed to pixels in virtual concert’ headlines.

I’ll be the those black pixels at the bottom of your screen.

@ sentry-23: I see where you are coming from, but if there is only 1 shirt, then this will cause a massive uproar. I bet you’ll get people who will stay on Home for like 24 hours waiting to get in, and these people with like have the cache size at 12GB so they get in faster, and you obvisly get people who would like the shirt, but has to go to work at the time (I’ll be at my voluntary place at the time). I’ve just got an Xtival 09 T shirt for my Xbox Live avatar so I’m happy there, again I would like to have this exclusive shirt, but not enough to sit on Home and wait for 24 hours with 12GB cache size just to be the first person :|

Thanks Elliot. So I’ll have an Exclusive Xtival 09 T shirt for my Xbox Live avatar AND an exclusive Groove Armada T shirt for my Home avatar. I love pimping both my Avatars with exclusive gear :D

Oh yes Elliott, we still can’t see the video when accessing the Blog via our PS3’s, it says ‘This application is not supported’

All this content is great but I’d much rather a fix for the Z(7,-104)error so that I cab atleast use Home.

Seriously, its getting ridiculous now. Its been over 3 months since I was able to use the service and it seems like all of us with the problem are simply just being ignored.

Hi there, i posted (in the gravity crash article over a week ago)about the fact that the blog videos no longer work on ps3 browser. This seems to coincide with the release of firmware 3.10.
I asked at the time if it was something you’ve changed on the blog or whether it is firmware 3.10 that is causing the problem.
I’m still hoping for an answer but now i notice that a few videos on other (similar) websites are not working.
Also i went back thru the older entries on the blog and found that videos that used to play ok now give the same “This application is not supported” error.
So, i figured you guys would probably want to be aware of this before ye go to the trouble of filming anymore interviews etc as ps3 users can no longer watch them.
Maybe you can have a chat with the devs and find out. ?
TNX in advanx :)


I’ve seen them perform live quite a few times.
It will be good to see them at ‘Home’.
Well done.

Will be interesting to see how far the SCEE area servers will hold. This, vidzone extension (Nordics) and other new stuff.

I think you should book these people to do a gig sometime at spring. They may be EU song contest winners this year..

almighty-slayer 30 November, 2009 @ 23:16

Not interested in Groove Armada, but will probably pop into home this weekend anyway to see the gig. Not had a night at HOME since the Halloween partayyy :)

22-2-2010 is my birthday unfortunately :(
So I won’t be joining then, but might check things out this weekend.

cant see your video .. using ps3’s browser .. application not supported …… unbelievable

Stuff like this is what home is all about. love it great work sony keep on expanding the experience. would love for you to do QA sessions with devs and stuff that would be epic or a public forum


Have improvements been made to the SCEE servers since the Dizzee Rascal event? Has the VidZone “must wait for a few mintues before exiting the space to avoid PS3 crash” bug been fixed?

I’m looking forward to the Groove Armada event so it would be a shame to run into those problems again.

never used to like playstation home but this is definatly 1 to go on now


that should be wicked,i dont go on home much but i will for that

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