Get A Free Game With PSPgo! Happy Holidays!

PSPgo Promotion

I am very happy to announce a new promotion for PSPgo! Starting today, if you buy a PSPgo you can get either the ultra-realistic driving simulator Gran Turismo, brutal off-road racer MotorStorm Arctic Edge or awesome action-adventure Assassin’s Creed: Bloodlines to download completely free! In Germany the 3 games that are on offer are Gran Turismo, MotorStorm Arctic Edge and LittleBigPlanet.

PSPgo Promotion MS Arctic Edge ThumbnailPSPgo Promotion Gran Turismo ThumbnailPSPgo Promotion Assassins Creed Bloodlines Thumbnail

All you have to do is set up or sign into your PlayStationNetwork account, then visit PlayStationStore to download a special PSPgo Promotion Theme.

This will trigger an email from PlayStationStore containing an e-voucher. Enter the code onto the PlayStationStore via your PSPgo and select which game you would like to download. The voucher will be with you within a week, but you should get it much quicker than that.

This offer starts today 1st December and will run until midnight on the 10th January 2010.

PSPgo Promotion Wallpaper

In addition to those of you looking to pick up a PSPgo, this offer is also available to all existing PSPgo owners. So if you have bought your PSPgo before today you will be able to go onto the store right now, download the PSPgo Promotion Theme and we will send you a voucher to download one of the great games on offer!

For the full details and a step by step guide please click here or visit

Happy Holidays!

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dammit.. should of grabbed a PSPgo on HMV yesterday >_>

Sweet, Thanks.


Hope you enjoy it!

I thought there was a PSP deal coming! HMV were selling the PSP Go for under £150 yesterday – it must have been to clear their current stock and make way for this new pack with the added bonus of a free game. This is a great deal as they’re all excellent games to choose from. I hope it sells well over Christmas.

Wow, the 5th free game. I don’t regret buying a pspgo :D


I discovered it before you posted this lol :)


Good spot!

So that’s 4 free games I’ve got since getting my PSP Go.
Price officially justified. :D

Great deal!
One question, the promotion is valid only in UK and Germany?


Hi Guillemots

The promotion is happening in all countries that have a PlayStation Store.

Can we have a price cut instead of a free game?

The psp go is too expensive :(

Good afternoon,

Do you have any encouraging news regarding an upcoming addition of OSX support to the Media Go Software?



great :D this time i’ll go for AC already got GTpsp. Great action sony.

Great ! And the theme is already online. I just download it on my french account :) I love my psp go ;) Thank you !



You should get your email soon.



this is gr8 news i just won a psp go last week and was planning to get AC gd timing lol

thanks SCEE

Thanks Adam :D


I was one of the lucky few that got the PSP Go for £150 at HMV!

Now just to decide which game to buy… You should do this more often Sony ;)

Maybe make Monster Hunter Freedom Unite FREE for a day so tons of people get it! It’s criminally underplayed as it’s by far the best game on PSP and better than any in-house offerings.

I want a price drop for the PSPgo :(

Is this replacing the existing “Rewards programme”?


No, this is in addition to PSPgo Rewards (

“Happy Holidays!”

Adam, you know that scene in Jaws with the fingernails and the blackboard?


Classic film, I know it well.

1st December today!

so you have to go back in time to claim it or just claim it today?? lol January 2009!!


No time machine needed! Should read Jan 2010! Woops. Will amend.


What about giving replacement codes to those that have already bought the faulty Assassin’s Creed Bloodlines. I’ve phone Sony 4 times now and apparently it’s not their fault despite me buying from their store.

@strictlybeats delete the file thats on your psp and go into your download list and re download it that should sort that problem

Wow… I’m loving Sony today…

So since buying my Go on release day I’ve now got GT PSP, Resistance Retribution, Logan’s Shadow and Pursuit Force 2… plus what will be Arctic Edge for FREE!!! Even second hand that’s around £50 worth of software…

Trouble is I spent another £130 on buying LBP, AC BL, Disgea, GTA CTW, EA Replay, Midnight Club, Soul Caliber, Rock Band and 8 Mini’s… Thank God for Zavvi’s cheap PSN cards!

Anyway… FREE Game… whoop whoop… and one I have almost bought twice now too!

I tried ALL DAY yesterday trying to buy a PSP-Go from HMV at £150 but could never get my Visa to work. Tried other Visa cards to with no luck :-( Nothing wrong with the Cards to? Strange. Maybe LOADS of people wanted it and the site couldn’t take it. Oh well. I will get one when it’s cheaper ;)

Looks like i’m gonna get Arctic Edge for free :) already got Grand Turismo from the week one offer and 3 other games from the upgrade offer so that 5 free games, and i bought AC Bloodlines on day one :P

i was beginning to think it was a stupid idea (with the enormous prices in Dk :\) but your suprising me :) thanks SCEE :D

Thank you Adam and thank you Sony! Thanks for taking care of us PSP Go owners :-)

Adam, can something be done about the overly complicated audio file/folder structure issues please:

1. To use SenseMe I have no choice but to download & install MediaGo in order to apply the SenseMe data to the audio files. This by default changes the folders to the Artist>Album>Track structure.
2. Motostorm: AE’s custom soundtracks then require the MP3 files be first converted to a very specific bitrate & sample rate & placed in ar location different to the folder used by MediaGo.
3. Gran Turismo Portable then requires the audio files to be placed in yet another location in order to be recognised.

I currently must have 3 copies of every MP3 track on one memory stick in order to use all the games/apps above, hardly economical. Can we please have a fix/patch soon?


“No, this is in addition to PSPgo Rewards”

Thanks for the answer, this is a sweet deal. Very glad I jumped on that HMV offer yesterday :)

Impressed that you’re applying it retrospectively to existing owners as well. Nice work.


Since the PSP go came out, I’ve been sticking to UMD even more rigidly, so I mean it’s hard to justify this thing at almost any price with any number of built in games at this point.


Any ideas when the codes are being emailed ?


and it’s unfortunate because I really was going to buy a PSP go until I heard about how all your UMDs are useless and the price tag.


“The promotion is happening in all countries that have a PlayStation Store.”

So this is available in the US as well as Canada, Japan, Hong Kong etc, etc…

Terms and Conditions

This promotion is open to residents of Australia, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Arab Emirates and the United Kingdom (each a “Participating Country”).


No sorry, SCEE territories only.

What happens, if I download theme with PSP 3000? Free game too?


Hi Adam. Sounds like a good deal. Your link to the PSP rewards program doesn’t work!

Happy Christmas!


yes I know.

try this


@Roxas598 – tried that just get another copy of the broken game. Need a code for the new download file, which Sony are supposed to send out, but their helpdesk gives me a different story every time.

TheGaminDutchman 01 December, 2009 @ 15:24

This is really great. I missed GT because I had bought my PSP 11 october, but this I like also!

Great from you Adam and Sony Playstation!


Thats really strange from what i know they should have updated the file on your Download lists aswell

“No, this is in addition to PSPgo Rewards”

If only I could use the 3 games having downloaded them through my PS3 and still no sign of a fix from Sony.

Will the code you get be portable? i.e can I give it to a friend for christmas?

I already have GT from when I bought my go, bought motorstorm myself when it came out, and I don’t want Assassins creed. But if I could give the code to my friend, he could get motorstorm too :)

Very great, thanks, merci !

Unfortunately, due to the fact that you’ve advertised this within WipEout HD, I’m morally unable to purchase there products.


great stuff just downloaded the theme, hopefully will be here soon, my 5th free game:) I love my psp go:)

almighty-slayer 01 December, 2009 @ 15:41

With HMV knocking 100 quid off, PSPGo rewards and now this, it is becoming harder and harder to say no to a new PSP

HMV’s price as gone back up to 199.99

Which is still far too expensive

Yay, too bad I never received my free Gran Turismo.

Awesome, thank you! Just bought my Go yesterday :)

Great photoshop of EA’s Need For Speed background with a PSP Go instead of a BMW!?

I wasn’t expecting to read ‘available to all existing PSPgo owners’, that’s pretty sweet. This makes my fifth free game I got because of buying a PSPgo, so thanks to whoever is involved with this promotion. Good thing Assassin’s Creed: Bloodlines was there as I’ve already bought LBP PSP and Motorstorm: Artic Edge, and I got GT PSP with my PSPgo! Looking forward to checking out the stuff AC:B unlocks in Assassin’s Creed II.


Any idea if this will make it outside of the EU? We (NA PSPgo owners) would love to see support like this!

i already bought all these games why cant you give us little big planet psp as well instead of just letting the germany have it

So if I buy a PSPgo too, I will NOT be able to benefit from this offer because the Playstation Network is not officially available for Morocco (eventhough it’s a SCEE/PAL teritory), so I won’t be able to signup for a PSN account with my Moroccoan address nor I will be able to visit the PS Store. How cool is that in your opinion ?


@SnoopDop – Just create an account from a different EU country where the offer is available. You will always have to use that account, though, but it shouldn’t be a big deal unless you have already downloaded a bunch of games. It’s very easy to create an account for a different territory, too. My friend has a Japanese account and UK account along with his US account.

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