Winter Wonderland Coming To Home!

December and the winter season of festivities is just around the corner. What else is just around the corner? The opening of our Winter Wonderland festival space! From the 10th of December you’ll be invited to a snowy location filled with elves, presents, Santa’s grotto and more! Wait, presents? Yes – that means free stuff!

Home Winter Wonderland

Final preparations are underway, however some of Santa’s helpers seem a bit … well, less than useful. Santa and his elves will need your help to complete the preparations and make sure this festival is one to remember. Never fear, though, these preparations involve fun and frivolity, as well as some great rewards for your hard work. With your help the Wonderland will evolve over time into a magical space to visit this festive season.

Home Winter Wonderland

There will be plenty to do, so make sure you keep coming back frequently to find out what Santa and his elves need next. You wouldn’t want to miss out on opening a present, or taking part in one of the task mini-games, now would you? While you’re there make sure to browse the winter market, and don’t forget to get your picture taken by the photo elf. He’ll even throw in a special festive border!

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Yeah snow!!mini-games!! free stuff!! This is so much better than last year.

Great ;-)
Snowing heavily where i live right now, just like in the pic above!

Hope i get something from Home Santa!


great space kepp up the good work :)



SNOW! Now this is exactly what we needed!

looks like a lot of fun, didnt see this space coming stuff and minigames too, well done scee (hope theres no problems with it)



EPIC can’t wait thanks SCEE looking forward to it xmas at Home FTW

Wow, wasn’t expecting anything like this for xmas. Looking forward to it, ’tis gonna be awesome. Thanks SCEE! :)

fantastic i deleted home about 2 months ago, may have to reinstall it now ready to see this. thanks

Will there be beautifully laid snow over the grassy bits (if there are any), THEN ZOME BL**DY KIDZ WIILL WALKK ALL OVER IT!!(spelling mistakes are deliberate)

Wow, that elf is creepy.

That’s sweet… :)

Haha, awesome. Looking forward to this!

elephant_stone 30 November, 2009 @ 14:09

Can you slay the Elf?

elephant_stone 30 November, 2009 @ 14:10

or should I say……………………… sleigh


Who is betting the games wont work when the space comes out? Like EVERY new Home space -_-


Oh, Is that you thylaudax ?!
Nice to hear that from u not from elliot.

I wish i can join you and my friends this cool event
Now I can say thank SCEE and we are happy.

PS : alex we are trust by u , you will make the change in EU PS Home


I am indeed Thylaudax, and I shall be bringing you frequent Home blogs from now on.

Is your PS3 broken? The games always worked for me. What does not work are the banned spaces for germans.

Nice update, but it would be even greater if Sony took some time to explain the current plans for Home in terms of general system integration. For instance use of the Home avatar in non-home games, the use of the game avatar as your PSN avatar, better game launching/clan organizing functionality in home, in-home tv screens allowing watching of friends live game sessions etc, Home trophy support.

When Home where originally launched it seems these sort of things where meant to be a core part of the Home experience, but these days it seems Sony is content to keep Home a separate thing. Nothing wrong with that as plans always change, but it would be nice if Sony came out and said it.

Free stuff about time to


Alex Weekes, so you’re the new ‘Ted_the_Dog’ are you? Nice to see you posting on the blog – hopefully as part of your duties you will find time to post regular Home news and updates on the Blog, rather than being hidden away in the SCEE forum…

For example maybe you could have introduced yourself on the blog and answered a few Home questions in the comments section. I personally find the Blog a much more effective means of community interaction/feedback than the forums, which I rarely visit…

@ Archonik, my thoughts exactly!


I’ll be here on the blog as often as I can be posting about Home and what’s going on.


Is the elf picture just one person only, or can you have a group of people in the pics?

Only 1 person at a time Gunny, as a crowd would be against Elf and Safety rules, lol


Great to hear, might pop in for a look around.

On a completely seperate note, are you the same Alex Weekes former Guild Wars Community Team Leader for Europe? Spent the better part of 2yrs playing that game. ^_^

O man, I just don’t like home.
Walk in location, again, stuff is loading….
Go to other location.
Go to cinema, loading….
Enter theater, loading….
Wait for movie, loading….
Play mini game, again, loading……
Go to store to check stuff out.
Loading….. loading….. and more loading…..
What is the use of the HD, I maxed it out and still I have to wait and wait until forever.
Realy, I try to love this but it takes years off my life and I just don’t like that.

xKillerMonkeyx 30 November, 2009 @ 16:22

YAY i am sooo looking forward to this, something HOME missed out with last year and now finally a HOME xmas, wouldnt mind a snowy space/apartment though aswell with a nice view to a frozen lake with snowfall or something similar :-)


i have to say, that looks very impressive, i will be looking forward to this space and well done for making this for us, this is what Home’s about, and also and ongoing experience? great, i’ll make sure i keep coming back


WOW, so much on point m8. i totally agree

Alex, this all looks like a lot of fun, but can you tell us about when the UK/EU will be getting PHOTO FRAMES? USA PS3 users got them way back in July, can you tell us if there is any chance we will get them before 2010?

At the moment I enjoy Home, but is very much a separate entity from the PS3 and PS3 gaming. How about allowing us to use how Home avatars on the PS3 XMB dashboard?

Can someone explain to us the value of Home I gone to it once or twice and just never found what keeps people there and coming back

Yet another seriously awesome event… I have to miss because of the Z(7,-104) error. This really bites :(

This is indeed great

Living in a winter wonderland

WOW!! this is a brilliant update for home. Bringing the Christmas spirit to home makes me want to play it even more :)


any news on assasin’s creed 2? Minigames!?

WICKED!!! me and my girlfriend frills was only saying a few weeks ago, wudnt it be great if home done something like this wiv snow an everything 4 christmas!! :) whos up 4 a snowball fight then? lol HAPPY CHRISTMAS! :P* :) XXX


firstly congratulations on getting the job, and i wish you the best of luck, you’ll probably need it :)
now a couple of questions.
any chance of snow in the home square? :)
and is there gonna be any mistletoe?
and crackers and cake.
in fact forget the mistletoe and crackers. :)

I think I speak on behalf of everyone, but this is exactly what we wanted. A perfect way to show Christmas in Home, quenching the desires of the Home Community, a new Home Community Manager, showing how he has and will continue to give us great informative updates as frequent as possible. Brilliant work from the Thylaudax, the Home Team and SCEE. Promising stuff to end the year, making 2010 full of anticipation.

Thank you and Merry Christmas! :)

Hi Alex, if you see santa tell him all the boys and girls would like RC vehicles please ;) (and don’t forget the batteries :D)

SeraphimArietta 30 November, 2009 @ 20:31

So is the jolly red wardrobe, inspired by Coca Cola and an American illustrator, Santa Claus coming to the US home?

Home really needs some season-related content. New zones (Mountain lodge/winter, Beach/summer), or versions of existing ones (snowy plaza…). And of course, a lot of stuff (winter clothes, furniture, houses…).

It could be sooo great =)

almighty-slayer 30 November, 2009 @ 23:17

Good, something to make Home christmassy :)

I think the Home Square should be done up with christmas decorations and snow, who agrees?

Nice work ;)

Well at least HOME finally celebrated something properly, here’s hoping for Valentine’s Day or Easter and bunny finding eggs!

PS Does that Elf sound welsh, hmmm?!

Will this be in US home or just EU?

That’s one frightening looking elf!


Awesome! FREE STUFF! Unlike that crappy halloween where we had to pay to celebrate the season. Why? Becasue elliot was a scrooge, yeah i know it was proberly the higher up’s choice to charge but i like to shoot the messenger

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