‘Tis the PixelJunk Season…

We know you’ve been patiently waiting for your chance to finally go hands-on with the fourth game in the PixelJunk series. So let me lead off by formally announcing: PixelJunk Shooter will become available on the PlayStation Store next Thursday, December 10th.

We’ve been holding on to this video interview with Jem and me until we were ready to announce PixelJunk Shooter‘s release date. With that out of the way, hit “play” below:

I was a bit tired during that interview, which is my excuse for the over-use of the adjective “cool” (the game *is* cool though! *Very* cool cool indeed)! Here’s the story behind that:

The time was 12am midnight and it was a warm early Autumn night and my heavily loaded car was waiting for me to drive it from Kyoto to Tokyo (estimated 8 hour drive). This was the start of our journey to the Tokyo Game Show to set up our very own booth for the first time ever. To cut costs wherever we could, I decided I would drive overnight, lugging the heavier stuff (big TVs, free give-aways, PS3s etc) and saving on train tickets too (by including a couple of Q-Gamers in the drive too). The car was ram-packed full and weighed heavily down! Luckily it is a Murano so fairly large and sturdy in the first place, but it’s a wonder the police didn’t pull us over during our trip.


In Japan the freeways aren’t “free” but recently there is this “ETC” deal which lets you drive on most of them for a single charge of ten bucks or so. Oh and some stretches of road are only 2 lanes (because of the mountainous nature of the country), so as you can imagine there were a few bottlenecks on the way, and one accident that had occurred only a few minutes before we passed it near Mt. Fuji just as it was getting light, that wasn’t the greatest thing to see in the wee hours! We arrived in Tokyo safe and sound though!

Driving through Tokyo on the express way is an interesting experience. You are in Shibuya and below is the ubiquitous maze of tiny streets but you are oblivious to all that as the express way is up above it all in a world of its own, lined by tall buildings. One minute you are in Shibuya, and the next Roppongi, then you are passing Tokyo Tower and driving over the rainbow bridge, the speed at which it all flies by makes Tokyo seem so small! (It isn’t of course, not by a long shot).


We arrived 10 minutes later in Makuhari Messe where TGS is always held, grabbed a quick Denny’s breakfast as it was the only place open at 7am and then drove to the conference center. They allowed us to drive right into the hall and park the car next to our half-finished booth (we employed a company to set up the walls and large prints). It took us the rest of the day to set everything up, including DIY anti-theft locks for the PS3 controllers! (The problem with Bluetooth controllers is that people can easily walk away with them, and we didn’t want that to happen!) Once everything was finished it really looked great for such a small booth! We then went and got some much needed sleep because by that point we were totally knackered!!



I might as well use this blog entry as an excuse to talk a little bit about the response last month’s release of PixelJunk Monsters Deluxe has been getting – it has been awesome! Metacritic currently has us at 88 and we’re in the top 10 of all-time best PSP games, which is absolutely incredible for us! It seems most people are playing the game in offline 1p mode (which of course is engrossing to the extreme), but everyone should definitely try out the online play. It’s a lot of fun and there are lots of like-minded Monsters fans out there to “parlay” and boogie on down with. It’s also surprisingly fun to simply hang out in a one of the lobbies and watch the blow-by-blow tickertape commentaries of other people’s games. Remember you don’t need a PSPgo to play Monsters Deluxe, it works fine on any PSP! That’s something we’ve had a lot of mails about.

Anyway, I’ll sign off here and write up another blog once Shooter is out! Remember to post comments!



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Thanks for not having a delayed Euro release!

Dylan Cuthbert 02 December, 2009 @ 17:57

we always try to please! And you are getting it before Japan too!

i would love to watch your video but unfortunately im using the ps3’s browser ……… thanks anyway

Will there be a demo?

Dylan Cuthbert 02 December, 2009 @ 17:58

no demo for a little while (we are busy making one though) – we thought it better to get the game out early rather than delay it until the demo is ready :-)


Im still bitter you didn’t choose my suggestion for the game *angry face*

Haha, i joke, day 1 buy for me :)

Dylan Cuthbert 02 December, 2009 @ 17:59

PixelJunk Bauer had a few copyright issues ;-)

Finally! I’ve been waiting for this for ages. Definite first day buy.

Will there be a demo of shooter?


Minute 1 buy!

Pixel Junk series is amazing.
Can’t wait to play the new Shooter :D
Any news about the price?

£6.29 I reckon, could be wrong but I was right about the date. :)


YES, it’s £6.29 right??

i’m looking forward to this game very much

Amazing news. Can’t wait to download it. Looks fantastic!

me to me to ME TO it be my early xmas present. ;)


..oh my..!! ;) ..pixeljunk series rules.. and this is the best one! also thanks a lot for simultaneous release….!!!

Will have to top up the ol’ wallet for next Thursday then!

almighty-slayer 02 December, 2009 @ 18:26

I’ll wait for the demo

Will get day 1. Thanks for taking the time to write Dylan!


Have been playing it for some time (review code! :D). I don’t want to give my opinion before I write the (Dutch) review, but lets just say I’m not disappointed.. at all :D


Nice! I´ve been waiting for this game to show up and because you guys did an awesome job with the last game I will definitely buy this game without waiting for the demo first.

Keep up the great work and bring us more of these goodies in the future.


Looking forward to the game, still a shame about the name though.

Awesome stuff Dylan can’t wait.

I have 2 questions about the music.First what was the name of the song on the E3 trailer.Secondly will the soundtrack be put up on Psn like Eden.

Good luck with dungeons and I hope we get a glimpse at next years E3.

Dylan Cuthbert 03 December, 2009 @ 02:45

High Frequency Bandwidth did the soundtrack (Alex Paterson and Dom Beken)
Alex is well known because he created The Orb, one of the best ambient dub techno groups ever. (Little Fluffy Clouds etc)
They worked with us on the entire soundtrack for Shooter.
have a listen: (one of the tracks we used in full)

A lot of the tracks we mixed for Shooter are already available on ITunes and elsewhere!

Here’s some early Orb stuff which is beyond excellent and practically classic: (to get you into the mood)

Dylan Cuthbert 03 December, 2009 @ 03:34

sorry, some spaces got into those URLs I posted – copy paste the entire line and delete the space for them to work

Great news and nice article too. I’ll be getting this day one also.

Btw folks, with regards to viewing the blog videos, GraphiteGB has kindly provided me with a temporary workaround.
It seems the script that the blog uses has been updated but the videos can still be viewed at their original hosting place.
Here’s the link :

That is fantastic news! Xmas is coming early then!!! :)
I’ve really been looking forward to this for some time now.

Dylan, thanks so much for not making us wait too much longer and thanks for the blog; it’s always great to get a behind-the-scenes look at things. You guys are fantastic!

Hope you get a well deserved rest so you can recover from all the madness and then enjoy basking in the glory of the adoring fan mail that you’re sure to get once we all get to play Shooter!

Great news for a great game! I’d like to check if Shooter can beat Monsters.

Oh, another thing: It was really so difficult to put the game in the store as a Trial & Unlock? Many ppl won’t buy it unless they try it before.


The visuals in the game are amazingly striking. They hit me in the same way Eden did. It’s amazing to think these 2 games came from the same company in such a relatively short time frame.

Long live Pixel Junk

Honestly, Racers passed me by, and I tried the demo for Monsters and had fun, but I’ve never been too fussed about tower defense games. However, I really enjoyed Eden, even though it gets so frustrating later on, but I have been craving Shooter ever since the first footage! I get ever more excited the more I see it, and I think this might be your best game yet. I cannot wait!

Dylan Cuthbert 03 December, 2009 @ 02:48

You should go back and try Monsters and Racers again (especially if you a have a full 1080p TV), the colours in Monsters are incredibly rich and Racers just has so many cars whizzing around I always enjoy it. Maybe if Shooter excites you enough you should go back and check them all out.

polite_society 03 December, 2009 @ 03:19


Can’t wait for next thurs! Been wanting to play this since you first revealed it! So excited!

Nice one guys! Thank you very much. Today was a bad day until I heard this great news! “Cool”!


This will be a Day-1 purchase for me. After Monsters and Eden, I’ll buy pretty much anything that has the words “PixelJunk” or “Q-Games” attached to it.

@ Dylan

Pixel Junk Racers is heaps fun although really hard. I am stuck and cannot move on! Even my friends agree it is too hard. Especially when you have to do 3 parts… you stuff up one part and you screw up all parts.



have you played gravity crash for the PSN, released last week? its the only thing stopping me get really excited about your game as it looks very similar and im really enjoying GC at the mo, I’ll probably buy PJ:S sometime but can you comment on how they compare/differ?



I was expecting a December 30th release so this is good news indeed! I think I’ll have to give Christmas a miss this year, no doubt I’ll be too busy playing Shooter. :)

Now we have the official release, is there any chance of letting us know how much the game will be? I can see a couple of people throwing “£6.29” around but I don’t see that mentioned in the article and haven’t seen it mentioned anywhere else.

Cheers for that reply Dylan,some cracking tracks you linked :)


I enjoyed Monsters and loved Eden, so this was always going to be a purchase, but Alex Paterson on the sountrack elevates it even further (I’m listening to The Orb as I type!)

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