PS3 System Software Update – 3.15

Hi Guys

The next system software update for PS3 will be available very soon. Update 3.15 is an optional update and has two key features which are explained below –

minis‘ come to PS3:

PS3 minis

We launched minis for PSP back in October but from the 17th December you will be able to enjoy these bite size games on your PS3 as well as your PSP. This firmware update allows the minis emulator to work on PS3 and we are working on getting the majority of the current minis ready for the PS3 from the 17th December.

Check out great titles like ‘Blast off’ (8.5/10 – IGN), ‘Fieldrunners’, “a wonderfully crafted casual nugget” (8/10 – Eurogamer) or ‘Kahoots’, “a must-buy” (8/10 – Videogamer).

If you buy a minis game from the 17th it will work on both platforms so if you have a PS3 and a PSP you will only need to buy it once and it will be available to download to your PS3 and your PSP.

If you have already bought a mini for PSP and want to get it on your PS3 as well, just go to your download list in the Store and download it again for free. The game will then work on your PS3 as well.

PS3 Data Transfer:

PS3 Data Transfer Utility

This feature enables you to transfer all of your saved data from one PS3 to another. So if you decide to get a new PS3 you can make sure you don’t loose any of your existing content. Content such as games, game save data, and videos downloaded from PlayStation Network can be transferred to the new PS3 system and deleted from the current PS3. Other content, including personal media files (photos, music, videos), can be copied onto the new PS3 and remain on the current PS3 system.

Look forward to your comments and will reply to as many questions as I can.



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Minis are designed for PSP with a small resolution. How will be this minis look on HD TV? Will be “pixelized”?



will the ps3 ever get twitter? like the 360… lol

Carnivius_Prime 08 December, 2009 @ 14:55

Excellent new features. Thanks. My personal favorite Mini’s have been the good ol’ Amiga games Pinball Dreams and Pinball Fantasies. Would love more Amiga games to appear on PS3/PSP as a mini (ideally Turrican II :P ) but that’s probably just wishful thinking.

Is it possible to copy only one savegame (such as a Killzone 2 Save) on another PS3?


Just checking mate, will get back to you ASAP


Hi Hirndoctor, you can copy all PS3 save data except for game saves that are protected by the game publishers through the transfer utility. Please check in the game manual for Killzone to find out if the game saves are protected

Excellent !


will the ps3 ever get twitter? like the 360… lol

Use the browser?… lol

sweet jesus. now i can play field runners on my ps3 :-D

Not that I have any minis yet, or a 2nd PS3, but I still love the sound of this.

What about the postulated Controller Sync fix?

Also will this transfer my Singstar DLC or will I have to relicense it?


You can NOT transfer Singstar DLC through the transfer utility but you should be able to re-download it on the new machine (however some tracks may no longer be available on the store)

I’m sad that this function is available, now… “PS3 Data Transfer”

I needed that 2 months agon, when I sold my fat one and bought the slim… :(

The minis-thing is cool…
Will we get twitter someday?!


The normal question. Will we get XMB voice chat?

I’ve read that this also fixes the controller sync issues – is that the case?

Do you need a normal ethernet cable or do you have to use a cross-over cable?


To do the transfer you just need a LAN cable

So thats a FULL transfer of all save game data (copy protected?) everything???


No, copy protected save data can not be transfered due to publisher’s requirements

Nice! The copy thingy will be awesome for those that don’t have an external hdd to backup the PS3 to.

So we need BOTH PS3’s? Not many people will have both at the same time, let us back up onto an external HDD and let us carry over our protected saves!


you can back up most things to an external HDD but due to publisher’s requirements some game saves will be protected and are unable to backed up

Nice feature with the playable Minis!! Now please make it possible to play normal PSP games on our PS3s. :)

When will “Cross-game chat” come?


Nice idea with the ps3 to ps3 copying…

Now then, how about Skype please?? I can just picture myself sitting infront of my TV, just like Blofeld, making video calls.

Please say it will happen, after all, you guys did it for the PSP, why not for its bigger, more powerful brother.. Imagine, it will actually make the PS3 camera useful!!!

That is awesome news! Great update! Thanks guys!

Minis ? nice ! so i don’t have to buy PSPGo to play it . but yet still no ……………………………………. voice chat T_T .

On the subject of backing up, will the ability to backup all save games to an external hard drive at once ever be added instead of having to copy them all one at a time

Also will we ever be able to have the XMB icon sizes back how they were before 3.0?


Any ideas when we are getting move avatars? Please?

And great update. I’ll be playing Fieldrunners!

will data transfer enable to copy encrypted saves like rock band’s?


Unfortunately not, due to publisher’s requirements

New picture list also for pics on media servier please!

i hope it works on locked saves as got now 2 ps3 systems and get confused at times with games like resident evil 5 and street fighter vi that i cannot transfer my saves over to my new slim :(


Unfortunately you can’t, due to publisher’s requirements, sorry

Yes! So my purchases of the two pinball games will be on the big screen soon!

Please more Amiga ports:
Turrican, North & South etc.

nineinchnailed 08 December, 2009 @ 15:11

“If you have already brought a mini for PSP”

I think you mean BOUGHT. As in, ‘to buy’.

BaSeBaLlKiD721 08 December, 2009 @ 15:13

Will the locked saved data be transferred as well? Please let me know as I am dying to upgrade my PS3 hard drive but the locks are holding me back…


Sorry but you won’t be able to transfer some game saves as they are protected by the publishers

candystripesdcfc 08 December, 2009 @ 15:13

@ YobRenoops: A crossover ethernet cable seems more likely than a normal one.

Looks like someone else asked. But does that mean we can actually move over device locked save games? That would be nice. Although it don’t solve anything for people whose PS3 broke and get a new one. Even if they have a backup their device locked save games is lost…

I wonder who came up with that protection scheme to begin with. He should be forced to come around and recreate the save games for everyone who lost theirs this way. Manually. By playing though the games ;)


can the cross over be uesd for singstar songs? i got my slim 2 weeks ago and lost afew of my saves, but most importantly was the £100+ worth of songs on singstar, my missus was not impressed.


you can’t directly transfer SingStar DLC but you can re-download the tracks on the new PS3 provided they are still available on the store. That should get most of them back and get you some brownie points!

Data transfer is good, but then so is the HD back-up. Looking at it though, neither will let you transfer singstar purchases. After my PS3 died a few months back I was only allowed to re-download song purchases because Sony supplied the replacement. It was explained if I went out and bought another machine, then I wouldn’t have been allowed. So I’ve stopped downloading songs now, in case it happens again.

Mini’s are good though, but it’d be better if all the PSP (and PS2) games worked on PS3.


“So if you decide to get a new PS3 you can make sure you don’t loose any of your existing content”

Do you mean lose ?

2 quick questions. Where will the minis save data be saved, in a new folder or in PS3 save utility? And will the PS3 mini be separate to the PSP one, or will you play the PSP one, and press triangle to copy it?

Thanks if you answer, and also thanks for the update!


minis will have their own save utility folder on the PS3 xmb. The minis game playable on the PS3 is the same as playable on the PSP. It is exactly the same file.

Nice little update. I imagine the Minis devs are pretty happy about this as well.

Just to echo what someone else has posted above, Skype on PS3 would be fantastic, especially if you could stay signed in while playing a game.

awesome idea PS3 –> PS3 copying data, but i need get my old backup PS3’s data from an external HD :( . I can’t get my KZ2 savegame from the backup :(


Does this work with Protected Saves as well? Such as Demon Souls & Killzone 2? PLEASE SAY YES!!!

Will the transfer util. copy the protected saves?
If not i have no use for it! We can already transfer the others.

Great update! Both great ideas…Pity the transfer tech wasn’t available a month ago when I moved to a Slim PS3 and lost protected saved data such as Killzone 2.

Will this update come to the USA as well? I sure hope so!!!
I really wish that all PSP downloads would work on my PS3 as well!!!
But even being able to play the minis will be nice.


Seeing as Video Store content, and Singstar songs are licensed/activated only on the one PS3 they were purchased on, will doing this ethernet transfer also transfer the license to the destination PS3? It’s annoying having to phone Sony to request that your license be reset so that you can “activate” the license on a new PS3.

I believe many will appreciate an answer to this question.

lol. I wonder how many times people have asked for a utility to copy save-games to an external drive. You know – so you could backup your data easily, rather than going on a clicking spree (until you hit that copy-protected save). Not completely unlike the entire “take your memory card with you when you come over” thing that worked well on the ps2.

But no worries, you get this instead. :/

Specifically – you should be able to save your user’s save-files and replays quickly to a thumb-drive. Then drop those on a different ps3 under your local user-name. No account details, nothing like that, just the save-games, even the protected ones, under one particular account. Then, sync the saves, go home again, etc.


Will the minis support trophies?


Afraid they don’t at the minute

Well one simple question and really James i would appreciate an answer .Next week i am going to buy a new ps3 slim 250 gb for my living room.I was going to back up my fat ps3 and recover everything on the slim.With out need it to erase everything on my fat one.So in other words why do i need to delete my stuff on my old ps3 with the new feature ?I mean i don’t buy one and sell the old i just need my stuff on all my ps3.If you get my point.

Thanks James.


If you back up to an HDD you will only be able to restore the content to the same PS3. I’m afriad in the data transfer you will only be able to have games, game saves and videos from the PSN on one console but you will be able to keep all your own photos, videos, etc on both consoles


holy moly, this sounds like a great (and useful) update! :)

minis on PS3 is mega. some of the minis that get advertsied on the blog look like so much fun. cant wait to try some cheap, small, innovative ones through the PS3.

the data transfer thingy seems like a useful addition too. might make things easier anyway, which cant be bad :D


Glad you like it, thanks for your positive comments!

Great idea for the data transfer. Will it also work with tracks bought in the SingStore for SingStar? Those are normally directly linked to the physical machine.

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