VidZone Now Live In 18 Countries – In Less Than 6 Months Since June 11 Launch

Our next stage of world domination is complete! Europe is almost ours, ANZ certainly is! VidZone is now live in the following countries:

  • JUNE 11 Australia, France, Ireland, Italy, Spain, Germany, UK
  • NOVEMBER 26 Austria, Netherlands, Portugal
  • DECEBER 3 Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden
  • DECEMBER 10 Belgium, Luxembourg, New Zealand, Switzerland
  • 2010 You will have to wait and see!

I know some of you were getting worried we couldn’t get it done by the end of the year but (phew) promises kept as usual!

A massive thank you to everyone who helped VidZone launch 18 sites, in 7 languages across 18 countries including SCEE, all our labels, advertisers, translators, the VidZone crew, tea makers, bus drivers… the list goes on! More than anything THANK YOU TO ALL OF THE VIDZONERS OUT THERE for embracing VidZone and being so enthusiastic about the service — we couldn’t have done it without you!

Vidzone Territory Expansion

Groove Armada in PlayStation Home

To find out the latest on VidZone, please visit or

More great announcements coming soon!


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I love Vidzone :D

Can you pleas add muse and gunnar mikkelsen?

“DECEMEBER”… you should really spell-check before posting…

Please bring VidZone to Japan soon! I moved here a few months ago from the UK and my VidZone no longer works. :-(

Got vidzone in the background right now watching the new xmas playlists. Thank you guys for such an awesome service and for getting it out here to us. :)

Merry Xmas!

Hello I live in The Faroe Islands. Which is part of Denmark. But I unfortunatly cannot use vidzone.. Will I ever be able to use Vidzone..? I would like to use it..

To America, please.

commuterzombie 10 December, 2009 @ 16:15

I’ve been really impressed with Vidzone so far. Do you have any news on when the last major labels will be represented (EMI for example)? There’s still some massive bands that don’t appear on the service…

Hey great guys!!!
Since it’s in Holland I use it every day! :) Like it!
Best PSN service at the moment.

But I have some questions
– Music Request: Coldplay, Justice, Tiesto, Don Diablo, Chemical Brothers

And can we expect some new features in the future? What are your future plans for VidZone? Maby a comment system? That everyone can add a comment by a music video (good for a growing community). Or a rating system. So you can see the most populair songs.

Overal great service, and I hope it will only getting better in 2010! Great support!!!



Hey samich2007

Glad you like it!

We have some really exciting things planned but we are always open to suggestions.

Email with any ideas.


Any news on when or if ever it will come to Canada? please please please…. *crosses fingers*


I hope in 2010 Vidzone will be available in Greece too. Am tired of using proxies from other countries :)

The more I use Vidzone, the more I love it. I use it almost everyday. :D

When the worldwide roll-out is complete I will miss the “Ben, when is Vidzone…” posts*

*Ben probably won’t :D


Hey X201

I love them. Means people really want the service. But I will love it more when VidZone announces it’s world wide roll out is complete!

Please do the impossible — take VidZone to Russia!

Awsome!!! I salute you ben for all your hard work, and the rest of the vidzone team aswell.

Well happy for those who got it!!

I can see this being rolled out in loads of countries around the world by this time next year!

Untill then MAG anyone? lol

Great stuff, been playing with it since it became active in .nl
Lets start of with some requests for basically anything EBM/IDM/Industrial. There is a very little bit, but some front 242, skinny puppy, haujobb, project pitchfork or Laibach would be very nice.

And, knowing their history with Sony, it’s unlikely we’ll ever see Atari Teenage Riot (or Alec Empire), but you can always ask..

On the GUI part, maybe I’m missing something, but when i want to see the latest additions, I just see 20 songs. Is this the whole list, or is there more hidden (it seems like the last) ?
And a last request, browsing by record label would be really handy as well.

VidZone is really a great service for PS3 users. When VZ launched in Finland I noticed there are many artists than appear in the search, but don’t have any videos available, for example my all-time favorite Kate Bush. Also, apparently in the UK there are more videos available for some artists than in other countries. What is the reason for this?

I requested songs by email but didnt get an answer yet.

Gonna try again here :P

Avril Lavigne My Happy Ending
Avril Lavigne Knockin on heavens door

Linkin Park


Fort Minor.

Thanks.. Hope you read these :D


I can’t seem to find it in the PS Store…

I have an idea

Why not make a random button.It will find random tracks for you and play them. if you dont like it, then just skip it and play the next random songs. It is a great way to find new songs you will like

Ok I will ask again:

“Will vidzone ever be available in the Faroe islands, which is part of Denmark ?”

Will this ever come to the U.S.?


Is the PlayStation Store, let alone VidZone going to be available in Cyprus?

Do you need to download it from the store? ^^

thorgrimm, yep.


I can’t find it too ;(

I’ll repeat my J-Rock requests, in case they haven’t been added yet:

– Shiina Ringo
– Tokyo Jihen
– Do As Infinity


hanmik, did you remember to download vidzone from the playstion store?

I hope Vidzone will be available in Greece soon..


I guess it will be live along the PSN store update, which hasn’t happened yet here.


How late do they usually update the store?

@Ben Creasey

Can you not tease us a little bit?:P


Still no clue as to why my VidZone’s menus contain badly translated French texts although both my PS3 and VidZone’s menus are configured to English? Even the install was in French, if it helps any…

Why did you roll out Vidzone in Belgium? It is not really a country, just a very thick border between France and Netherlands :)

VidZone is not available in Switzerland :(


@ noruraeus
eeuh, your wrong and btw if you didn’t know yet the president of europe is a belgian ! :D



I know that release in Poland is planned, but could please You tell what do You plan for Polish customers? Will it be available in the first quoter of 2010?


what time is vidzone available in belgium playstation store ????????

for the moment still nothing i’m looking forward to it when can we use that ???????


I can’t wait to see it in Polish!!! :)


*in Poland :P



what time do they update the playstation store ????????????


It’s live now in the Swiss PSN store!!


i want the belgium store


i want it live in belgium

its a really good feature but the way you edit playlist and the menu layout in general is awful :/


it’s live in belgium now milanista!

Awesomesauce Mr. Ben Creasey!

Don’t forget that The Veronicas – Untouched situation :)


thx gamesfreak15 for telling

Thank you for this wonderful feature :)


“DECEBER” … you should really spell-check before posting…

thanks from Luxembourg!


I tried it out a bit and it works pretty well. But why are there a lack of big famous bands like Coldplay and Roxette for example? And it´s a really shame that there no The streets…

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