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Hi guys!

Here is what’s new at the video store list for this week, should be enough for everyone to enjoy this weekend.

  • Fast & Furious
  • Road Trip – Beer Pong Unrated Edition
  • G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra
  • Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
  • Inglorious Basterds
  • The Hangover
  • Shorts
  • Fighting
  • Moon
  • Band Slam

video store

For those who are waiting on 5.1 audio update, here are this week’s new additions:

  • Cheri
  • Tormented
  • Drag Me To Hell
  • The Hangover
  • Road Trip – Beer Pong Unrated Edition
  • Public Enemies
  • Bruno

Can’t wait to finally watch Inglorious Basterds tonight! Has anyone seen it yet?

Speak soon!

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When does the video store update? Because Harry Potter and G.I Joe have been on there for a week or more now


Both are in UK store since Monday
Friday update as availability dates for Europe may vary

FIRST!!!! haha! I downloaded The Hangover because it said it had 5.1 and i liked the film, but 5.1 does not work. So when you say an update what do you mean? Is it an update to fix the problem?


Hi Shadow-King. when did you download the Hangover? 5.1 should definitely work for HD

Moon! Yay! Will wait for a HD rental though.


Will be avail as rental next week Wednesday

DARN IT im 2nd. :( I will get first one day tho!

Are these rent or purchase only? SD or HD? Might be an idea to put a little key in brackets after each one like (HD: R,P | SD: R,P)

Inglorious Basterds is a fantastic film, really enjoyed it!

See it!! :D


Cool thanks!

Belgium (and some other contries) finally got the VidZone application this week. I like it very much.

What about ETA on this Video Store for EU countries that don’t have it yet?

I was at a première for Inglorious Basterds in Stockholm and we got to see Quentin Tarantino jump on the scene, kill a microphone and jump out to catch a jet. XD We still have no video store in Sweden but, for those who do have one and haven’t seen Inglorious Basterds, I do recommend it. ;3 I wasn’t expecting too much of “yet another WWII movie” but Tarantino and his cast of actors did a good job at surprising me. =P

Bacon_Crispies 11 December, 2009 @ 12:11

Any info on the PSN Exclusive Anime Xam’d?

commuterzombie 11 December, 2009 @ 12:14

Olga, last week the update was more informative, split into rentals, ‘to buy’ etc.

Could we go back to that? I got all excited by Moon until I realised it wasn’t up for rental!


Ok no problem will do for next week!

I agree with Chimpanzee, a bit more information would be nice. If you could also get prices for each of the options on there too please. Just so it’s a bit more inline with the weekly PSN Thursday postings.

I’m a little confused by the 5.1 update. So you’re saying that Road Trip is already available in 5.1 as it appears on both lists, but Inglorious Basterds is currently only in stereo?

when will the movie obsesesed be available to rent in hd thanks.


any christmas films coming next week? like gremlins, the grinch and home alone films?

Whilst I very much want to like the new Video Store, unfortunately the slow download speeds I’m experiencing mean that the new service is unusable as a rental service, and so I’ve returned to using iTunes.

The problems appear to be just with the video store, as everything else is fine, including iTunes, and the Bayonetta demo downloaded from the PSN without issue. I’m not the only one experiencing problems as other people have reported issues on various forums, although some people aren’t having any problems at all.

Are Sony aware of the performance problems and are they being looked into?

@Bacon_Crispies totaly aggree with you Xam´d a great anime & i want it to see on europe psn too…

@ Olga can you give us any information if & when the language selection will be available for the movies?


@Samarotu Same here… german dubbed movies simply aren’t worth a penny.


when his four christmases and up going 2 be on video store


Is there any update on when we’ll be getting Subtitles?

I’d love to buy some of these films or start renting, but if they lack the bare essentials most DVDs come with, what’s the point?


I dont have exact date on when subtitles will become available but we are looking into this and as soon as I have more specific information I will update you all

Not buying a thing until the pricess are slashed dramatically Olga.

almighty-slayer 11 December, 2009 @ 12:59

I bought Harry Potter on monday :) It’s awesome! And good to see it up for rental at release!

Any word on what i asked you last week Olga, about old films (like Superbad + Pineapple express) becoming rentable?

silly question has “anyone” seen it :D taking into concideration that its Tarantino´s most successful film to date :D

Also, how about releasing the moviestore to Scandinavia too :D we dont need dubbing or subtitles!


Hi Olga,

Do you know if we get videostore in the Netherlands too?

Hope to hear from you!

You spelt Inglourious in Inglourious Basterds wrong.

Will films which are “buy only” eventually become available to rent too?

I’d like to see Inglorious but don’t wanna buy it.

Good update BTW :)


yes almost all new releases will become available for rent several weeks later. Some titles are available to buy and rent on the same date already like Harry Potter and The Hangover


Posted on 11 December, 2009 at 1:07 pm by Philip99
“You spelt Inglourious in Inglourious Basterds wrong.”

Yes, I was going to mention that. She spelt it correct, which is wrong. ;-)

great to be able to rent new films on day 1 now keep that up . rented star trek in hd but seriously im on virgin bb 20 meg speeds wired and took 9 hrs to download film which is shocking tbh , olga are u guys aware of how slow downloads from video store are and will it be sorted . thanks

still not good to see us Isle of Man residents are left out in the cold…we are UK residents and yet we cannot access the videos as we keep getting “Cannot access from this account”

We had the same problem when Vidzone came out and they did a great job of getting it fixed wso e can gain access to their service, but still no sign of SCEE even attempting a fix!

I agree with everyone previous who mentioned about the HD/SD, rental/purchase and price data that needs to be with each video.

I would also ask that you put the file size there too to help estimate when to start downloading….

Also, do you know when/if we will get TV episodes in europe? I noticed the US seem to get around 40 this week!

Also will there be any anime ever?

olga this is 3 times i ask the qustion in the light of the 3.15 update with its data tranfer will we be able to download our film back now with the 3.15.

i wont buy any more films it thelf by stealth if i delete a 12 pound film & cant get it back & force to buy again it thelf. :|

Hannay27 – same problem here in Jersey.

I had full access to this Video Store when it was launched, and now it has been completely removed from my account.

PSN should at least tell us what is going on and why.

When are the Transformers voucher codes coming?


Whens the Irish Vidstore arriving?

i watched inglorius [DELETED] the other night,, its a great film you must watch it …

@31 danrok

Agree mate…SCEE need to get this fixed ASAP…I wonder if Xbox’ers had an issue when they got Netflix? Probably not :o/

SCEE please look into this.


Hi, Olga. not sure if your gonna see this comment, but in reply to your reply. I rented it in HD on Wednesday 9th December.

Not sure how to get it working. Tried the audio settings whilst watching the movie, but no sound comes out when 5.1ch is on. :(


Hi Shadow-King,
can you please try and do the following:

1. Start video playback

2. Enable the information display menu during playback (the ‘i’icon on the menu)

3. Toggle the audio track from the stereo track to the 5.1 audio track

4. Verify that the audio bitrate changes from 256kbps on the stereo stream to ~384kbps on the 5.1 stream (changes between 2 chanels, and 5.1)

5. Verify that the audio for the 5.1 sounds similar to the audio on the stereo stream (dialogue/music/effects should sound the same as the stereo stream, just a tad more crisp)

6. If the 5.1 audio sounds correct (dialogue isn’t missing, no static/loud crackling/weird noises), then likely the 5.1 is done properly, as the TV is downmixing the 5.1 stream into a stereo stream.

I hope this helps. We checked the movie and its working for me in 5.1. Let me know if it worked! cheers

“Harry Potter and The Hangover”. Is that some sort of spin off :-D


I do appreciate the video store, it’s a very convinient service compared to going to Blockbuster and finding that the film you wanted is unavailable anyway. But please convert the big summer releases(Star Trek, Tranformers etc.) over to HD rent already !
This SD buy thing on release is ridiculous, don’t you know we can just get the DVD for that price(or cheaper) and the blu-ray for a couple quid more ?!
I hate to bash you guys, you’re a doing good job, but sometimes you leave yourselves wide open for crits like this !!!

how does the localisation of the other countries go?

still no answer fine No money from me it‘s a total rip-off spend over £40 & cant even download back. :(

nice update, gonna rent the hangover tomorrow :)

Any word on the video store for ireland?

Could you please tell me why rentals from Warner Bros. cost more (at least in germany) than others?

I found something like this which costs less and allows instant playback

It’s called a “DVD”


Hi Olga,Do you know if we get videostore in the Netherlands too?Hope to hear from you!

“When are the Transformers voucher codes coming?”

Yes I too would like to know this.


the problem with the video store all the newest films you can only buy not rent. all the rentals are really old films like weird science.

What happened with this free download Transformer movie thingy with new PSN account. I bought a brand new PS3 SLIM..YES I have two consoles in my home thinking of getting a third for the study..hehehe giggle.

When can we claim this?

Still no christmas movies. :(


When POLAND?????

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