“Topatoi: The Pillar of Skies” – Upcoming Episode Of Topatoi Saga

Hi guys!

We’re finally glad to announce Topatoi: The Pillar of Skies, the second episode of Topatoi saga!

The world of “Topatoi: The Pillar of Skies” is absolutely different and a little bit darker in tone from what we’ve experienced in the first episode, The Great Tree Story. Check out the screenshots, with all that cliffs and machinery. So first of all Episode 2 delivers absolutely new environment, new enemies and extended gameplay experience.

As we promised you in our previous post, Topatoi: The Pillar of Skies is actually longer than Topatoi: The Great Tree Story. Our estimates are, like, 10+ hours of gameplay with Arcade Mode stuff that many of you loved in the first episode. Yes, this episode also has 10 bonus levels for the Arcade Mode, which can be played alone or with a friend in the cooperative mode!

We’re planning to release the Add-on early next year, possibly January or February. Follow our news and you’ll see more details about the new world. You’ll see how fascinating gameplay may be in the huge dynamic world in the midst of working machinery. You’ll see one of the main twists: in the dark caves of The Pillar of Skies, light is one of the main gameplay elements. Hope you will like how all this looks and works.

So stay tuned for the updates!

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Unfortunately the first game was a major let down in my book. Might be because I’m not the target group, though, who knows.

I kinda liked the demo but couldn’t find the game in the store… Now I hear about episode 2?! Guess I gotta take a closer look then.

Now I found it.. It came out in July? lol I had totally missed it. Oh well, better late than never. :P

Is this game standalone, or do you need to have the first one to get it?

Natalia Gorbanskaya 12 December, 2009 @ 13:28

Hi Hasquarl!

The second episode of Topatoi saga is DLC. So it requires owning the first one, “topatoi: The Great Tree Story”.


Natalia, I tried the demo of Topatoi again and still couldn’t make the first jump across the gap, just kept falling short. I think it’d be a good idea to add button prompts or something to demos for incompetent people like me!

Natalia Gorbanskaya 12 December, 2009 @ 13:37

Hey Kenshin71!

Mmm… It seems to me you don’t accelerate enough.
Press R2 several times to increase spin. The faster the vehicle spins, the faster it moves.


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have fun gaming!!!!!!

Episode 2 looks fantastic. Can’t wait. Keep up the great work. :D

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