Giant PS Home Update – Audi, Gravity Crash, LittleBigPlanet & More!

Hi guys,

We have an enormous PlayStation Home update for you tomorrow – including three new spaces and a bevy of brand new items. Here’s everything you need to know:

Gravity Crash

First up, we have a brand new SCEE event coming to you tomorrow themed around the awesome retro PSN shooter Gravity Crash, aptly titled: Gravity Crash: Maze to the Mothership!

Home Gravity Crash 3 Home Gravity Crash 4

Home Gravity Crash 5 Home Gravity Crash 7

Head for the Presentation Podium (located under the PS Home stack of chips) where you will find an enormous PSN logo that will teleport you to the brand new neon maze. There are two prizes on offer here, one if you complete the maze (which isn’t easy) and another for collecting all of the crystals along the way (which is even harder!). Successful maze-completers will be rewarded with a fully animated Gravity Crash suit for their avatar (one of the best costumes yet if I do say so myself…)

Home Gravity Crash Costume

As always, this space will only be open for a limited time so make sure you head on over to the Presentation Podium ASAP for some retro mazing action.


It’s arrived, the first wave of LittleBigPlanet content for PS Home is here!

First up, we have a selection of fresh and funky LittleBigPlanet clothing items for your avatar, take your pick from a selection of hoodies, t-shirts, jeans and caps – see below for an assortment of these scrumptious designs:

Home LittleBigPlanet Costume Home LittleBigPlanet Costume

Home LittleBigPlanet Costume Home LittleBigPlanet Costume

However that’s not all, we also have an array of cardboard-created LittleBigPlanet furniture for your personal space – including a selection of sofas, footstools, chairs and a particularly smashing rug. Check out the screenshots below:

Home LittleBigPlanet Furniture

Home LittleBigPlanet Furniture

A couple of the sofas fit together so let’s see what you can create out of these new bits and pieces… ;)

Plus, as an added festive bonus, as of tomorrow, you will be able to game launch into the LittleBigPlanet Blu-ray from within PS Home. Lovely.

Both the clothing and new furniture items can be found in the Shopping Centre (in the Home Threads and Furniture stores respectively) – oh, and keep your eyes on the EU blog for more info on upcoming LittleBigPlanet Home content – it’s going to be worth the wait… ;)

The SingStar Rooms: VIP

Now, for a somewhat funkier festive experience, why not head on over to The SingStar Rooms where the VIP space has re-opened its doors!

Home SingStar VIP Lounge

Completely re-decked and re-themed, (after the Dizzee Rascal gig) why not (if the elves in the Winter Wonderland are proving too troublesome ;) ) hit the dancefloor for a trendier festive experience?

There’s a new mini-game (keep an eye on the newly installed spotlights ;) ) which, if completed successfully, will reward you with a magnificent new present, plus, there’s loads of new musical content on the rooftop jumbo screen.

As always, The SingStar Rooms: VIP will be open for a limited time only so make sure you get in there before it closes its doors in preparation for the next event!

Audi Space

Now last, but by no means least, as Alex mentioned last week, tomorrow will see the launch of the fantastic new Audi space. Make sure you hit the Virtual Run mini-game in the brand-new e-tron for your chance to win a spanking new personal space. This really isn’t one you want to miss out on. ;)

I’ll be around for a while if you have any comments, otherwise I’ll see you soon in PS Home.

iELL / Elliott

8 Author replies

Awesome stuff, it all looks amazing.

Any news on AC2 costume?

I don’t use home but that gravity crash space looks soooo prettyfull

Elliott Linger 16 December, 2009 @ 17:23

Hi Roxas598 – you should give the maze a try if you’re a fan of Gravity Crash! ;)
Home’s free – you just need to be online :)

Wow, thats a big update. Christmas update I guess.

Elliott Linger 16 December, 2009 @ 17:24

That’s correct – though there may be one more festive suprise coming your way…

great update !!!

WHoooo BEST update ever!


have to say what a EPIC update to end the year gr8 work SCEE HOME team really and a have a MERRY XMAS from us all


It’s brilliant to have such an amazing update just before Xmas :D Enjoy your Christmas break after this, You all deserve it :D

The biggest update of the Home.
Just awesome! Woooowwww !!!!

Carnivius_Prime 16 December, 2009 @ 17:11

Love the LBP and Gravity Crash stuff. Still enjoying Gravity Crash itself. Great lil game and I prefer it to Pixeljunk Shooter personally.

What out of all that is FREE ???

Elliott Linger 16 December, 2009 @ 17:26

Hi gillyallan,
All of the above, apart from the LittleBigPlanet clothing & furniture, is free.

Biiig update! Nice one SCEE! Cant wait for the Gravity Crash event.

Wow cool update, would be even better with picture frames to share all those moments!

Thats a grate update elliot. I have a bit of a silly question. Is the Audi apartment limited or is it winable anytime? Hope the question makes sence too you.


Hello Elliot.

First of all, awesome update!

Now, I hope you are reading this cos I’m gonna tell you a major problem with Home that needs to be fixed ASAP. It’s community breaking stuff so pay attention please.

In the personal wardrobe menu, clothes section, the italian text in the Hats tile reads “Capelli” rather than “Cappelli” (with two “p”).

Capelli means “hair” (which is correctly reported in the character “body” customization section btw)
Cappelli means “hats”

Got it?

Ok, now that you realized I was kidding about the seriousness of this error, you might want to have it fixed ;)


Elliott Linger 16 December, 2009 @ 17:27

Thanks for the comment Bloody_Marcel.
I’ve passed it on for you…. :)

Needs more assassins creed D:

It’s great to see Home come alive.

Now please make it quicker.
It loads and loads and loads and loads and loads and all the time I have to wait.
If a game like Uncharted 2 has no loading time at all how comes it takes Home ages to go from 1 space to the next?

Carnivius_Prime 16 December, 2009 @ 17:26

Uncharted 2 does take a lil while to load when you start the game itself though. But from then on you don’t see any loading because it’s likely streaming the next batch of content from the disc because it knows where it’s headed being linear and all and the restart points are common enough it never really has to go back to load some stuff it already got rid off.

Though would be nice if Home did load a lot faster. Especially annoying when you get the connection error a lot like I often do.


whats the other prize from the maze???

is there a personal space comming with the audi space?

Elliott Linger 16 December, 2009 @ 17:38

Hi Grim-log,
There is indeed – though you need to be really good at Vertical Run to get it… :)


Hi Elliot
Merry christmas :)
I got 2 questions about the maze- are there a monsters or ghosts like (old XI Maze) ? and what is about that custome, Is it a unisex or just 4 males ?
Many thanx

Best home update I have ever seen

Littlebigplanet has to be my highlight, I have been waiting for ages for game launching and home items. Cant wait for the surprise

Elliott Linger 16 December, 2009 @ 17:43

Hi Agamer2006,
I have a tiny bit of bad news, we’ve just found out that LBP Game Launching functionality may be delayed slightly, so won’t in fact be added in tomorrow.
As soon as we have a definite date, we’ll be sure to let you know. :(
The costumes and furniture will still be available tomorrow though.

that sounds amazing, im guessing that you will need to hit the leader boards to get it. still great update, wanna say thanks to all those involved.

sorry to bother you again, is there any ETA for the picture frames for the EU?


Is there any news on the Assassin’s Creed 2 Ezio Costume coming?.

Many thanks :)

we are all desperate for them elliot, and would really appriciate a rought time scaleon this

Hey Elliot, is all this NEW HOME stuff coming to the US this week too?

Agreed Grim_Log. We want to run around in Home as Ezio Aditore Da Firenze! We’re desperate. Please give us some more information about it. Thanks

Matt :)

Nice 1 ;P

This is great, HOME for Europe is getting better. Right know I almost always visit USA HOME because it has more spaces and more activity, but this will make me go to EU home alot more!

Looks like it really starting to crank up.

Two questions
Pixel junk shooter items,will they work tomorrow
E3 I know it’s early but are we getting more than the vid next year,a boot would be nice with a couple of demo’s and live feed of the conference.

Will everyone be able to get their hands on the Audi personal space?

Elliott Linger 16 December, 2009 @ 18:00

Hi morris118
yes, if they’re good enough…. ;)

I’ve actually been using Home daily now. The winter wonderland space is a lot of fun! Also this is a pretty amazing update. :-P Thanks!


Elliot. do you know if NA/US will be getting the new LBP content aswell, or will it be EU exclusive?

almighty-slayer 16 December, 2009 @ 18:09

Amazing update! This is more like it! I love the LBP stuff – i’ll have to be buying some of that next week with my christmas money (before hopping down to the Boxing Day sales to pick up some bargain games of course!)

Also, thank you to your whole team for the Winter Wonderland space – best space i have seen in home, it succeeds in bringing me back every day!

brilliant update thanks

woah that sounds really good.
i can’t wait.

Once again Elliot, since you just skipped by question, so I will ask again! I think I am asking for a lot of Americans…Will the U.S.A see this LBP stuff too this week also?

Looks GREAT!
When comes there free LBP stuff in home? or a LBP space?

Looking forward to it! :D

hi elliot^^

nice update, can’t wait :D

however, there is some plane to bring to the eu at least the hatsune miku’s carachter outfit???

i think the proposital of home is to make talk to my psn friends, but why i can’t find my us/jp friends on it??? (even because i live in italy, i have an european account, but i’m japanese ^^)

I have PSN $50.00 networkcard on stand by.
Sam_protagonist knows i’ve been waiting for these over on LittleBigWorkshop
I have a HOME clubhouse call MediaMolecule
Do you know if North America will be getting these. Please i’ve been waiting for over a year. please tell me we are getting these LBP items over here please please please.
Loucust_Star CydoniaX and GlassWalls and everyone over on NA home knows how much I love LBP please l tell us NA is getting these please ?

Very nice update, makes me feel like spending more time on Home.
Now, a quick question; will the Audi Space be available on the 16 to 17th? (00:00 GMT).
Or ti will show up at a random time during the day?


As Tony the Tiger would say this Home update is grrrrrreat! Hopefully we will get the Dead Space Miners outfit soon too ;)

Elliot do you guys know if NA HOME will be getting the LBP stuff?



any news on lbp stuff coming to NA home yet?

I want a Gran Turismo space soon. How awesome would it be to see a “virtual garage” filled with Ferraris, Lamborghinis and all sorts of classic and/or legendary cars?

Good thing the demo/GT academy is coming tomorrow…

? LBP stuff for NA HOME?

Great update elliott, looks like to be one of the best and will keep us busy for the next two weeks over christmas, i like the lbp stuff and the gravity crash event, should be a tough challenge to do that maze, looking forward to everything which is on offer

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