God of War III: Ultimate Trilogy Edition

Hi everyone

I’m Thach Quach, Senior European Product Manager for the brutal and highly-anticipated God of War III, exclusive to PlayStation 3.

God of War Ultimate Trilogy Edition

I’d like to give you some details about the “God of War III: Ultimate Trilogy Edition” we have planned for Europe, Australia and New Zealand and answer any questions you might have.

We’ve been working pretty hard on this for the past few months but I’m delighted to announce that the “Ultimate Trilogy Edition” will be available in limited quantities in most European countries, Australia and New Zealand at the same time as the standalone God of War III game. Pricing and exact release details to be confirmed in the next few weeks so stay tuned :-)

This very special edition will come in a high-end, sculpted replica of Pandora’s Box and we are planning to include the following items inside:

  • God of War III
  • God of War Collection (gentle reminder, this is God of War and God of War II, remastered in HD, running at 60 fps, with Trophy support, all on one Blu-ray Disc)
  • Extra game content downloadable via PlayStation Network:
  • God of War Combat Arena containing an exclusive environment and seven challenges to complete
  • Dominus character skin
  • Apollo character skin
  • Phantom of Chaos character skin
  • Forgotten Warrior character skin
  • Exclusive video content downloadable via PlayStation Network:
  • God of War: Unearthing the Legend Franchise Documentary. This is a full-length documentary detailing the history of the God of War franchise. A must have for fans!
  • Special audio bonus content:
  • God of War Trilogy Soundtrack – God of War, II, and III scores from the game
  • God of War: Blood and Metal EP – a heavy metal homage featuring original music inspired by God of War
  • Additional content:
  • Artbook
  • Postcards

Below is an image of the actual box and also work in progress visuals of its content. I hope you’ll agree that it looks pretty sweet ;)

GOW III Ultimate Trilogy Box

This “Ultimate Trilogy Edition” will be released in limited quantities at the same time as the main God of War III launch next year.

That’s about it for now… I leave you with some concept art pieces which have been released previously but that you may not yet have seen. Enjoy the rest of the end of year festivities. :)


God of War Ultimate Trilogy Edition 2

God of War Ultimate Trilogy Edition

God of War Ultimate Trilogy Edition 3

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Excellent idea, defo buying that

Add the psp game in there and i’ll be it.

OMFG!!!!! PREORDERED A.S.A.P!!! Thank you all the guys at Sony


Nice, but all depends on the pricing. I already have the GoW Collection. Which game is the DLC for?

‘God of War Combat Arena containing an exclusive environment and seven challenges to complete.’

Is this actually for GoW 3????


Hi V00D00CHARL1E. Pricing is still TBC, we’ll announce this closer to launch. All the DLC is for GOWIII, including the God of War arena.

Merci :)


YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME, I’m importing the GOW Collection from America and it got dispatched on Tuesday. I’m gonna buy this though.

This is awesome! I will be definitely buying the God Of War 3: Ultimate Trilogy Edition! Can’t wait! :D.

xEN7xASSASSINx 17 December, 2009 @ 19:27

where can i pre-order this? :O EPIC!


Hi xEN7xASSASSINx. Retailers across Europe will start their pre-order campaigns for this Edition towards the end of December or certainly January 2010. Look out for it :)

I love you guys!!! So it’s time to sell my GOW Collection imported from US :D Yuhuuu, Europe will have Pandora’s Box!!! :D That made may day :D


When is GOW collection being released here? Seperately, that is.


Hi imajinetion. Regarding the GOW Collection standalone launch, watch this space hehe :) For now we just wanted you all to know that this Ultimate Trilogy Edition is going to include the whole GOW trilogy and it will be available across Europe, Australia and New Zealand.

Solid_Snake1987 17 December, 2009 @ 19:32

You took my advice Thatch! Brilliant! I am so getting this special edition. Great to see that you guys listen to the fans. :D


I took it onboard indeed Solid_Snake1987 :) Glad you like it.

Is this the only way to get Collection in Europe?

Solid_Snake1987 17 December, 2009 @ 19:32

Ooops sorry Thach, put an extra T in! Damn lack of edit button. Just a little overexcited!


No worries, it is a complicated name to spell I must admit!

OMG I will be so getting this collection. I am so glad i never imported the GOW collection from the US already!



“I’d like to give you some details about the “God of War III: Ultimate Trilogy Edition” we have planned for Europe, Australia and New Zealand and answer any questions you might have.”

No mention of America? They had the details on the 30th October… http://tinyurl.com/yajwbct

Since it is the same “Limited Edition” but they have a release date of March and a price of $100, will we get same time?


Hi Blasteroids. If you look at our respective Ultimate Editions, the content differs slightly.


OMG, definately buying this one, you gotta give us a price bracket at least, come on :D

Solid_Snake1987 17 December, 2009 @ 19:43

@ Blasteroids

From what I saw about the US Ultimate Edition is that they don’t have the GOW Collection in theirs. So ours probably will be more expensive. Hopefully not too much!

just curious …. will GoW3 have copy protected save games? Because then I will not buy it.


Good question, I will find out for you Cuthred.

Oh well, I guess I am buying the God of War Collection (imported the US version) again.

great box. love the gow collection. you guys did a great job turning it into HD. even today (among all the other blockbuster games) these 2 games are very very good because of the great gameplay,soundtrack,story,visuals. Can’t wait for GoW3 :D

Wow, I don’t normally go for these ‘big’ Special Editions but this one looks absolutely epic! Providing it’s around the £70 mark rather than the £100 mark I will definitely be getting this! Any news on when/where we can preorder?

Epic release. Thank you Thach for the news and for caring about European GoW fans. I guess it won’t be available in Russia, so I’ll preorder this in UK.

woaaah I need this!

day one :D

wish ALL games now had copy protected games saves. Might stop all the modern Warfare 2 hacks.
got to hand it to the locked game save of KZ2. At first I hated that but now I understand !!!

will my saves of the us version of the collection work with the pal version? probably not, right?

There a little bit in there for everyone

Oooh looks good, I only hope I can afford that bad boy

Man, as If I wasn’t plan on getting the collectors edition already, this has doubley made my mind up.

Well done SCEE!


Sweet! Must have this one!

Woot! I’m surely gonna buy this if the price isn’t much over 100 euros.


Thanks for releasing this in the UK. So annoying to see this was announced a while back for the US when Europe there was nothing. I’m a big GoW fan so this is a must buy… But one thing please don’t go down the stupid route of making this a certain retailer exclusive as I won’t be buying it and will just import it from a retailer of my own choosing.

I am SO glad I didn’t import the GoW collection now, I had a feeling something like this may be planned! I’ll be preordering this as soon as possible!

awwww man, i need to pre order this asap. good job guys !!!

Do the bonus costumes give you any bonuses in-game? i.e. like the costumes in GOW1 and GOW2 which give you a certain skill boost.


Hi zabbyh. The character skins don’t give any special powers. You can uses these skins as soon as you complete the game.

reggiedavidclark 17 December, 2009 @ 20:24

Thach, can you tell us what the Pandoras Box is made out of please? Thanks :)


PRICE? Day 1 purchase baby!

Going to get it ASAP.

mushroomhead_bg 17 December, 2009 @ 20:29

When will be the euro release date of GOW3?I think this is the question which every gow fan would ask.I hope at the same week as the USA date?Please don’t delay it…


wow, I’m getting THAT, will the DLC be avalible to buy for the stand alone game?

Hi Thach,

It’ll be lame to stick with the black and white instruction manual for this special edition. I don’t understand how little publishers manage to put a beautiful coloured manual in each of their release, collector’s or not, while Sony pulls off a limited collector’s steel case that contains a lame and ugly 6 pages B&W manual.

I’ll get it anyway but, among all the evils of mankind, I hope B&W booklet aren’t.

WOW!!!! WOW!!!!! WOW!!!!! A first da ybuy from me (I was already planning to buy God of War 3 but now i’ll consider camping outstide the game shop to buy this!!!). Thanks Sony Santa-monica and THANK YOU SONY!!!!! Can’t wait till March 2010…….who on earth said SOny forgot about us Europeans!!!

No Home Support? :(

Big PlayStation 3 exclusives should get special editions. I loved Uncharted 2 but the ‘special’ part was a couple of postcards and a couple of skins for £18 more than what I could have got the standard edition for (online).

So this is really great news. A big, bold, truly special edition for God of War III. I hope other AAA titles get the same treatment. Well done!

@27: The problem with MW2 is that Infinity Ward didn’t protect the save games.

Oh my god of war (sorry)

exelent so it was worth the wait, but im gunna be so confused when i get the collection. Should i play god3 first then the previous 2 or should i play 1 2 and then 3 =-=


Oh, i already have purchased the God of war collection from the US. Så i won’t be buying this.

@ Silent_Gig : If you want to know the story, then you should play GOW I first, then GOW II. And GOW III last.


I LOVE YOU !!!!!!!

Amazing! I already own the GOW:Collection, but I will defennitely buy this special edition (no excuse for being a huge fan of gow ^^)

I don’t need a useless (though pretty) box, artcards, soundtracks, etc. and I already have the GoW collection.

I would however be interested in the DLC. Will there be a middle option between the basic GoW III game and this version?

Hi Thach,

Thanks for the great news! You say “most European countries”. Unfortunately this often means “except Poland”, so I have to ask. Will this also be available in Poland?


Hi Pitreck. Good news for you, this will be available in Poland as well:)


Good thing I put off importing GOW Collection from the US. This is exactly what they needed for the “Ultimate” edition. Good thing SCEE did for a change what SCEA could not! Thank you!!

This is old news :P. Pre-ordered this weeks ago.



Really needs to be a good price on this. I know it’s a hell of a lot of great content… but it’s March, I can’t afford Final Fantasy XIII, Yakuza 3 and this!

I have a few questions:
1) The Trilogy soundtrack is a “best of” compilation or the complete score of the three games?
2) How many pages will have the arbook? Are we talking about a little artbook or a full collection of artworks?
3) The music albums are MP3 audio format or two bonus audio CDs?
4) Can we expect God of War Collection to be multilanguage?

Thank you very much :D


Hi Lacri. Good set of questions :) My answers below:

1) That’s correct, all three games.
2) We haven’t decided yet. It will feature some great artwork pieces though. Watch this space.
3) Audio CDs
4) Same languages as the original God of War and God of War II on PS2.

I will buy this asap!

good to finally get some confirmation that we are actually getting the god of war collection, and this trilogy box set looks nice, but really, really expensive :)


wow thats awesome!! i want this beauty P:

Awesome, will buy. :)

im only 15 so please dont tell me this is going to cost a bomb
if it is around 60-80 i will preorder it

if it becomes a ripoff like the MW2 prestige edition
then i will just buy the gow collection and gow 3 seperately
hopefully u will release the online stuff as DLC aswell

would be a good idea on your part to maximise sales for those who have already imported the Gow collection

reading over this saying im 15 seems like a pretty crap excuse, but still doesnt take away that fact that i will be broke when this comes out assuming it will come out on the day of gow 3

will we be able to get the ultimate edition, sans collection? i’ve imported it :-D

Hmm, it’s gonna be the rgular one for me then. I already imported my God of War collection, since this special edition for Europe just wasn’t to be revelead.

Why the **** does it always take so long to get things to Europe >_>?

And… uhm.. Will this be the only edition with the full Trilogy? ‘Cuase my friends might pick up the regular editions for GoW 1, 2 and 3 Bundeled without the extra’s. Becuase this editition is most likely going to cost way too much.

Want, but not if it costs more than 1000 nok

never played a god of war game before,i played the demo of god of war 3 and i enjoyed, so will get this day 1 when released as long as it’s not to expensive.

This game is a must buy demo was amazing

Nice! Preorder asap.

This is fantastic news! :)

I held fire importing the US version, very glad I did now.
Will this edition be available to numerous retailers or will it just be given to one retailer?

I cannot wait for 2010 to come around!

Sniper_at_w0rk 17 December, 2009 @ 22:08

I’ve played GOW I, II and Chains of Olympus
But I only have Chains of olympus
Let the collection come!!!

And DON’T add Chains of Olympus

QUESTION FOR THACH (or other mods/newsposters)!

Are the soundtracks digital or Compact Disc? Because I prefer the latter.


Hi chimnino. The music tracks will be delivered on two separate audio CDs.

and chance of this comming to canada? :D


Consider this bundle bought. Too bad I already have GoW Collection. Oh well. Gonna buy this one. :D

Prem-aka-Prince 17 December, 2009 @ 22:15

looks good but I don’t think I’ll have enough money for that kind of thing, I’d rather be able to get just the collection and then 3… preferably getting the collection beforehand, too, because if they’re both in your hands why play that before you’ve played 3? ><


Here’s the deal – you bring this to the UK, i buy. :P


Oh Unholy Greece Gods…

i avoided the series so far, but this piece of pure awesmoeness cant be avoided any longer…

must.. buy.. this. well done SCEE!

Best day ever? Yep, I’d say so, Quick question thach, will this be the only way of getting the GoW Collection? Or will it be released separately, thanks dude!

I’m glad you guys listened to my request to bring out a Special edition including the GOW Collections.
I hope we soon will be able to pre-order it, because I want this bad so I will pre-order it the moment it becomes available.

The pricetag for this is ridiculous = 1500 swedish kronors.

… And oh (!), it doesn’t even contain a Kratos mini-statue! That’s sucky.

GuttermouthSIN 17 December, 2009 @ 23:08

Holy ****, that thing is amazing! I was going to import the GoW collection after Christmas but I think I’ll just get this instead. Day one for sure!

Damn it if only this had been announced a few weeks earlier. I now have the GoW collection in my room having had it imported but if I had known about this I would have held on.

Is there any chance of a not so special but still special edition that includes all the same things but not the GoW Collection?

Much appreciated! Right direction!

I take it this will appear in some form in South Africa?

Also is there no bundle which just includes GoW3/ GoWC?

May be worth it for me, havent played any GOW game!

OHHHHH MY GOD!!! xD In the end, it was worth waiting for the GoW:Collection and not importing from the USA.



Does the Trilogy soundtrack and Blood and Metal EP mean that GOW 3 will support custom soundtrax?


Not that it needs to, the series is famed for its awesome music… but it would be a great feature all the same.

Yay! Thank you very much for the reply. Im glad to see we are getting audio CDs while the american people are getting MP3 downloads. I can see the European Ultimate edition shaping better than the american one. I just hope the price is not too expensive.

Thanks for that Thach! I love that! I have to agree with Lacri that the European version is the REAL Ultimate Edition! Hope the price is indeed not too high. I’d expect about 120-130 Euro’s? But since the American version is like $100,- and the Collection about $40,-: applying the stupid 1=1 equation would mean we’ll have to pay €140-150 …

YEAH…! i can’t wait any longer..?

VonBraunschweigg 18 December, 2009 @ 00:15

Yo, Sashquatch, Senior European Product Manager for the brutal and highly-anticipated God of War III, exclusive to PlayStation 3…


VonBraunschweigg 18 December, 2009 @ 00:16

…damn moderators

ok glad to hear that God of War collection will be bundled with God Of War 3. Now I don’t have to buy both separately.

But I don’t like paying more than £40 for a next gen games, since they never contain unlockable contents nor multiplayer or even co-op. £40 just for a Single Player Campaign. Not to mention paying £40 for an incomplete game, yet they charge us extra for Downloadable Contents!

Now I’ll be willing to pay £60-£70 max for this collection!
And if it’s more than that, then I’ll forget about the GoW series and just stick to Ninja Gaiden or other sick Hack n Slash games.

Freaking hll, £70 just for a game, a third of £100! When I can be using that kind of money to buy food shopping or pay a small bill.

Better late than never!

however by the time iot gets released i would have brought my gow 1 & 2 off of ebay… Secondhand :-)

Awesome! Definite buy.. will be pre-ordering as soon as possible in Australia.

Very glad I didn’t get impatient and try to place my order for any of this from the US now.


oh no, i ordered gow collection 2 weeks ago online, now what am i gonna do :(, wish they announced this a tad bit earlier, now i need to try and sell the one i already have, but then again, this edition may be pretty dam expensive…

*Puts 2000kr. on the table* THIS ENOUGH?! I GOT MOAR!
Okay okay, really… Is this coming to Denmark? Or am I gonna find myself disappointed?

Well, at least now we know why BC was removed from the PS3 consoles.

In the hands of the gamers, it meant they could dig out their old PS2 discs and continue playing with their old collection.

In the hands of Sony and cohorts, it means they can release their back catalogue all over again and charge people for it once again…one game at a time.

Having GoW I and II as part of this ‘collection’, as well as some of the games being available for download from PSN and other publishers doing something similar proves this strategy clearly.

Brilliant. Well done, Sony.

This is a must buy for me it’s made it even more hard to bare the wait! Now all they need to do is throw in a kratos statue and you have yourself one sick ultimate edition!

Thanks guys!

How much is it? i hope around £70 or £80.

Dave-la-kingenbo 18 December, 2009 @ 05:14

This looks like a worthwhile limited edition but it’d have been nice to throw in something on the GOW collection that not just anyone who got hold of it singularly could do. Like an arena mode or something.


Aww damn it! And I just imported the GoW Collection from the US because I did not want to wait until next year for it. Now I am going to have two copies of it after I buy this Ultimate Trilogy.


I’m buying this DAY-ONE !!! EPIC.


What sony no kitchen sink! Looks great I want GOW3 and I want the 1 & 2 collection, haven’t got around to importing yet so now it’s all down to price, hopefully it’s realistic


There are better ways to prevent data manipulation and which do not harass people that want to play their save games on a different console once in a while. Copy protection is the wrong way to go. As long as a game supports this, I will not buy it anymore. Copy protecting saves is the lazy way.


hmm just seen the Danish price for this 1499 Kr http://cdon.no/spill/god_of_war_iii_trilogy_edition-7583827 which translates to £178 so not happening for me if this is correct, I’ll get importing


Very nice special edition …. except for that ugly Pandora’s Box … come on !
It would be much much better a more stylish metal box or something like that .. something less childish .

Moreover such big box will make more problematic to buy online . All for an ugly plastic box!

Anyway, box aside, it’s a very nice edition! What will be the pricing of this edition ?

Oh heck….I ordered the God OF War Collection from Canada, due thru my letterbox any day now, now this turns up, I will buy it, my USA GoW Collection will be ebayed I guessed…this is great…I thought we would just get GoW3 thats it…Priority USA…..Thanks


i dont know what to do now, i was gonna buy the gow collection at the weekend via my local importer but i want pandoras box.

i want to get some gow action before gow 3.

great edition i just dont know what to do now


@ MesserLupo: Yeah, that would be a great idea, put the special edition in a shiny metal box, like all other se do….

And why would buying such a big box online be a problem? You’ll probably won’t have to pay shipping since it’ll cost more then 50 euros.


i will be getting this!
i’m a sucker for Special Editions, especially when there this good!

great work guys

i have a question, when will the god of war 3 demo be generally available?

Shame we cant have an idea of the price. I’m guessing it’ll be round the 120€ mark though. The Collection is normally a stand-alone game after all. Doubt SCEE will be giving it as a free gift.


I’ve never considered getting a collector’s edition, but reckon this will change with this. I hope the limited numbers will not be that limited :)



Well… now I wasn’t going to get all three games (I’ve already completed the first), but if they’re all in a collection, I may have to!

Will there be a less special collection? Including the 3 games, and nothing else?

with the god of war collection that comes with this, will that come with a GOW3 demo?
and if so, will it be the same demo as the one shown as E3?
also i saw this on EB and games website available for preorder and they had a MA rating on this.
has this been classified yet?
i only ask because the whole debacle with alien vs predator im worried this will get the dreaded RC.
i dont want to have to import this from the US.

You’re asking if the Collection that comes with this GoW3 CE will have a demo for GoW3…?


Some people are complaining about the manual? Wow that’s a new level of sad. I don’t care as long as the ultimate trilogy edition is coming here and it’s being sold in GAME. I missed out on playing the first two GOW as i would underage at the time so the fact that this also contains the collection edition of the first two GOW it’s awesome.

Good news as i assumed we weren’t getting this when i heard about it on Playstation Lifestyle.


Wow… just… wow. I’ll be picking that up :D

I also want a Kratos mini-statue! :(

I need this! 110% Awesomeness


Is it possible to get the collector’s edition but without the GoW Collection?

I already have GoW Collection from Singapore (coz can’t be bothered to wait for a EU release).

Carnivius_Prime 18 December, 2009 @ 12:02

VenomUK my Uncharted 2 – Special Edition only cost me £32.49. GAME had for a while it at £39.99 same as regular and I used some of my GAME points to knock it down further. Was a total bargain especially considering I still play it a lot.

I’ll likely be getting this as I do enjoy playing the God of War games even if I find the stories a bit dull.

I want this for definite i can’t wait, even if i have two god of war collections, this is just to epic to miss!

This is nice collection an has definatly made me halt on the import of god of war collection. If they can have this an attractive price I’l def hold my money for this megapack :)

Will GOW Collection be available with GOW3 without all the material guff I am not interested in? Is Europe getting GOW Collection? Ta


Totally, utterly sold on this. The second anyone even hints at offering a preorder I am there with flippin’ bells on.

Great stuff, GOW collection is a great thing to go with GOW 3 Ultimate Edition!
But… erm… I want both GOW 3 AND GOW Collection, but if this edition is too expensive, I will not buy it :(

So my question is: Will GOW Collection be Sold in Europe, just the game?


‘Hi imajinetion. Regarding the GOW Collection standalone launch, watch this space hehe :) For now we just wanted you all to know that this Ultimate Trilogy Edition is going to include the whole GOW trilogy and it will be available across Europe, Australia and New Zealand.’

YAYAYAYAYAYAYYAYAYAYYA. Im 15 and currently looking for a job lol so all the money ive been saving this year for the games next year ($320) will go towards this edition :D :D. do you guys have a release date for the Collection standalone in Australia yet?


Do want!!! o_O

I would sell my body for all kinds of stuff if I could get one copy of that.

I can’t stress how much the massive fangirl in me is burning to get this :o

“This “Ultimate Trilogy Edition” will be released in limited quantities at the same time as the main God of War III launch next year.”

Hi, face. Hello, palm. *shakes head*

So you had a perfect opportunity to hype the God of War 3 release for gamers new to the series, or somewhat interested people waiting for the new game. And you choose to make it into another obscure promotion for specially interested die hard fans instead, who rather want to play GoW2 than GoW3.

Seriously, you people are completely clueless.

QUESTION: Here in India we get the EU versions [brit ones, to be exact] but can’t recall any such editions making to India. Any chances of this one coming to India too? Preferably within week of EU launch?


seriously one of the best news ive heard in ages. and the fact that we get abit more content than US is just wowowowow! seriously excited about this now.

BTW people you should all visit the offical GOW3 forums, theres a discussion going on there about this trilogy ED.

damn im excited!


Hi Thach, this limiteed is very a lot of beautiful, but personally I believes it would be perfect with the addition of an action figures of kratos, that say of it?


Haha I knew yous would do something like this. I went and imported the God of War collection already so I’m going to leave this package alone. Will yous be releasing any other special editions of GOW for the people who already have the GOW collection. Don’t punish the people who imported the collection already. We couldn’t wait any longer for the remastered editions.

i will so be getting this, hope I can import it because I have a suspicion that GOW3 will be edited/RC in Australia… :(

Same as Heavy Rain, I want the collectors edition but refuse to pay/play an edited/sub-standard version.

I can hope however :)

Mr_Donk3y_punch 18 December, 2009 @ 23:26

Thach, that’s a god damned beautiful thing.
Too often special eds are not special. The only thing I would consider missing would be an actual blade of chaos but I’m sure that was discussed at some point!
I was fortunate enough to get a demo code recently and was knocked out by the quality of production, its managed to re-capture the feeling of the first game I felt was slightly missing in the second.
I work for *a certain specialist retailer* and have always found their pre order schemes for this kind of thing sorely lacking (the Arkham ltd. ed. for example)
I hope this gets a huge marketing push with the trilogy edition as an exclamation point. Its a system selling must have.

will this be in the US TO we have the Ultimate Edition but not this edition so can you please let me know ? on here or the the godofwar site thanks

Looks great Thach – Will the Gow collectors edition be the PAL version of the game ( with videos instead of telephone no’s for the GOW1 secret messages )?
Also will the GOW2 Boss 3 trophy glich be fixed ? – I’ve replayed a savegame 4 times and replayed the whole game in bonus play twice with no trophy.
Looking forward to the January burst of GOW 3 videos etc.

Going to be looking out for this!


Please just want to know will South Africa recieve this GOW. to play GOW I and GOW II in HD will be sweet!!

I have one question. Is this exclusive set will be available in Polish (I mean God of War 3).

Pepe_Da_Farmer 19 December, 2009 @ 17:32

Man, this looks so much better than the Ultimate Edition, so I have a question: If I buy this edition, will it be region locked, or will I be able to enjoy the awesomeness without a problem? Please answer!


this is gonna be a pre-order :) got the GoW collection but what the hell :)


Bought GoW Collection. Replayed Gow 1 and enjoyed it. Saw that GoW 3 would av this. Pre-ordered and now I’m waiting. And waiting. And waiting. Man this’ll take time. x) Can’t wait for this. “Only” 1500 NOK for this pack but what the hell. It’s well worth the money. :D

Just great, I’ve just ordered GoW Collection from the UK recently and now you guys announce GoW III Ultimate Collection :-)

Every store is selling God of War Collection here in Norway now, I don’t think GoW Collection will sell many units when it’s released in Europe in 2010, most people will already have bought the import one.

But that’s what you get for not releasing it at the same time in Europe, blame you selves.

Hiya Is there any more news on which sites you can preorder it from please, im really looking forward to this, i got most of the collectors edition ones u see :)


This is excellent news… had originally ordered the Ultimate Edition for Gamestop in USA but have cancelled after reading this and will get the UK Ultimate Trilogy Edition, even though I bought the GOW Collection already mainly just for the GOW3 Demo which is amazing… didn’t want the demo to end!
Looks like GOW is going out with a bang… I’m looking forward to the release of GOW3 but sad that its going to be the end :o(
Now all we need is God Of War the movie with Vin Diesel as Kratos!!!!


Where can you preorder the UK ultimate edition?

Pepe_Da_Farmer 21 December, 2009 @ 03:11

I seriously think this should also be available on the US… I mean, this edition has everything from the Ultimate Edition AND moar. T_T. PLEASE!!!! US AND EU!!!

@Thach Quach

Do you know much the RRP will be in £’s? And when it will be available for pre-order in the UK retails? Can you please ask them to put it up for pre-order? I saw it on a Norwegian and I converted the money and I saw that it will cost about £157! Please! I won’t spend any more than £100!

Please can you just tell me how much the RRP will be in £’s then I will sleep a happy man!


what an ugly ass box…ill skip on this one..got the normal game pre ordered for months now..

little question, will the extra costumes become available for purchase on the PS store later? im guessing yes, but you never know..

Looks like the usual from sony – make an anouncement and then ignore all comments/questions about it.


do you know which retailers are going to be selling this edition and when? Also has sony set an RRP for this yet? I know it’s gonna cost a lot but i just want to know how much i should set aside for this.

That will be awesome! I am deffentaly gettin this without a doudt.


YES! Take that America! It’s about time that Europe got something that little bit more special. Other than the GoW Collection, there seems to be more in this Special Edition than America got in their version, so I have to say I couldn’t be happier.

:) I don’t care how much it costs, it’ll be worth every penny!


Great! I’ve saved up already! It will be a good present for my Birthday (it’ll be at March, 31st). But still, I have some questions… if you don’t mind.
1) What material is Pandora’s Box made of? Plastic or maybe metal?
2) When will it be available for pre-order at internet shops (such as shopto or game.co)?
3) It doesn’t matter, but could you tell us very approx. price of this bundle?
Happy New Year, Playstation! I hope that 2010 will be as good as 2009 was and even better :) I wish you that every exclusive game you’ll launch in future will have as much success as God of War has.
From Russia with love.
Sorry for my English :)

Thach, you’ve got a lot of anxious people here and many of their concerns mirror my own.

I understand that, in essence, you’re throwing 3 games and complete soundtracks of all games and loads of extremely cool merchandise and in-game extras in one package.

We need to know how much this is a going to cost, will it be less than £100 in the UK?

By the way, you and your people are SO wicked cool for bringing this out in Europe!

Still no sites have this for pre-order as far as i can see. Same goes for the Heavy Rain Collector…


Would be awesome if a list of stores in the UK was given and when the pre order dates are likely to be :)


Just rember, PS is on holidays right now. So we will hear answers a bit later.


this is awesome but seriosuly anything over £100 here in UK then they can kiss my a$$ im sorry but its true.

i just converted the “1500 NOK” and that turns out to be £160 and seriously that is a HUUUGE rip of, i mean i know theres alot of cool stuff in here but £160? sry i’ll think i’ll pass. In the U.S it costs $100 and thats equivalant to only £60!!!! thats it!

We europeans are getting BUUUMPED for this definalty.

Like i said said im not not paying anything over £100.


no North America plans to release?

Damn…. I want one also, and can only import from USA.

Is there a possibility of launch of the TRILOGY edition in NA.
I want that crest so I can put the ashes of my fallen enemies.

You can get it in the US to, though without the Collection and by the looks of it some other stuff.


can you give us valid information, which European On-line retailer is going to sell “God of War III: Ultimate Trilogy Edition”, and when will they start taking pre-orders?


Awesome edition. Im gonna buy it for sure but I wanted to know if amazon.uk.co will have it for pre order because I havent seen it yet and I want to get my hands on this baby ASAP. Also will the GOW3 website have a link of all the european retailers that suply this edition? Please reply to this post if you do know something.
Also id like to add that Sony and Santa Monica studios out done themselves. I ve been a GOW fan since the begining and I love the games. Ive been waiting for GOW3 for so long and when I knew about this edtion i thought It has to be mine.


I can’t wait to preorder this one!!!!

Best. Special Edition. EVER!!!! Must own. Must own. I will sacrifice a small goat to the Gods to get my hands on this. The folks at Sony Santa Monica really are very good to us. What are the chances it will be exclusive to one retailer in each country???

GOWUTE is absolutely guaranteed to be in my collection for 2010 unless I come to an untimely end before then! So to all of you other GOW fans out there, remember the best things come to those who wait (Zeus) and to all the people at Sony Santa Monica who worked on bringing us this great title. Thank You.
Oh one last thing, Thach I can see you are giving Uncharted 2 some love with your avatar, respect.

Are we going to get any more news on this edition any time soon Thach.


Great! I’ve saved up already! It will be a good present for my Birthday (it’ll be at March, 31st). But still, I have some questions… if you don’t mind.
1) What material is Pandora’s Box made of? Plastic or maybe metal?
2) When will it be available for pre-order at internet shops (such as shopto or game.co)?
3) It doesn’t matter, but could you tell us very approx. price of this bundle?
Happy New Year, Playstation! I hope that 2010 will be as good as 2009 was and even better :) I wish you that every exclusive game you’ll launch in future will have as much success as God of War has.
From Russia with love.
Sorry for my English :)

Thach, I agree with edward8860968, as these are all vital questions that I want to know the answer to.

And to all you americans who complaining…..suck it! :P Besides, you guys can just buy the ultimate edition and collection, it’s prety much the same.


It’s really time we get some news on this and that we are allowed to pre-order it.

Also, how INSULTING that the officila God of War site is only aimed at the North American audience, and completely ignores the rest of the world!

If Thach is based in the UK, he’s probably snowed in, which is the likely cause to the lack in response.. so have a heart!

Or he’s having his fun and toying with us! In which case, I would too!! lol (He’s far too professional for that though)

It’s predictable that pre-orders with online retailers in the UK are gonna be Amazon, Game, HMV or Play. Maybe it’s going to be exclusive to one retailer, we’ll see.

However, Thach, please advise when it will be available and how much will it be.

Cheers, pal!


So to any Australians out there,


They price it APPROXIAMTELY at $258. So I’m guessing 100-150 pounds for the UK. Hope this helps!

It is up on game.co.uk for £109.99. It’s more than I thought it would be, but it is a mean collectors edition.

VictorAnalogy 11 January, 2010 @ 15:33

Thanks jd190. I was expecting £100+ so no surprises here. Buying GoW I+II and GoW III would run to about £90 (assuming £45 each) so this is a pretty good deal by all accounts. Pre-Ordered!

Price is a bit steep, was only expecting £90 or so. Really not sure if I can splash out the price of a console [360 Arcade] for two games from last gen, and 1 new one.

Hopefully the price will be reworked a little, as the collection does look very nice indeed.

It’s also available for pre-order on gamestation.co.uk, same price as Game £109.99. But you must search “God Of War 3 Trilogy”. Hope this helps all of you God Of War Fans.

Well worth it, preordered! Just gonnna check if you find it elsewhere for less. Besides, I’ll make some money back, I have God of War collection already, so I’ll end up selling the sealed version for a nice price.


Will the Trilogy Collection have the same freeze behavior like the normal God of War Collection?

Watch this:


and this


and finally this


If yes, please at least release a patch.

It seems that there will be 2 physical CD’s instead of downloadable lossy mp3s
that’s good but I saw only one cd for the three GoW soundtracks I, II AND III ? (and ok +1 for a heavy metal remix one ???)

does this mean that we won’t get the complete GoW I soundtrack (31 tracks) as in the promo cd or the full 27 tracks of the GoW II cd soundtrack that was sold ?

could you publish clear and complete information about the tracklist of the cd’s ?

Thanks Thach !


I just want to know what the god of war box is made of is it plastic??

edward8860968 13 January, 2010 @ 20:39

Ok, that collection costs 120 ponds. And you know what? I’ll buy it. For those who say it’s too expencive: It’s End of Trilogy! And I’m ready to pay 120 pounds for 3 games (whole trilogy) and a lot of other stuff.

full lot for £75
cdwow.c om/games/GOD-OF-WAR-3-ULTIMATE-COLLECTION-Playstation-3/dp/6443735#bc=4a02

or if you want the games without all the crap check out cdwow and it’s even cheaper.

just ordered the collection for £30 and will play whilst I wait for gow3.

Why are people grateful for such a lengthy delay on old content even being available in the uk?


Does Gam.co.uk have it as exclusive in europe or only the uk? Cause it would suck if i cant get the trilogy at a retailer near me.

majesticbeastt 14 January, 2010 @ 08:06

Hehe wrong account:D but does anyone know this?

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