Joe Mad Launching Darksiders At Forbidden Planet!

Darksiders is just weeks away from launch on PlayStation 3, and we’ve got some exciting news for all you Joe Madureira fans. Joe will be at Forbidden Planet in London on 7 January to launch the game.

Come along between 6-7pm and you’ll be able to meet the creative mind behind Darksiders, well known for his work on X-Men and Battle Chasers. You’ll also be able to buy the game a day early and get it signed by Joe Mad!

Find out more about the event over at Forbidden Planet.

If you’re a fan of Joe’s art, check back at the start of January when we’ll have a very cool competition prize up for grabs. A custom PlayStation 3 featuring WAR from Darksiders…

Darksiders Branded PS3

Keep an eye on the PlayStation Blog to find out how you can win :D

I’ll leave you with a brand new Darksiders trailer. Hit play to check out some of the different environments and creatures designed by Joe Mad and the team at Vigil Games.

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that ps3 looks sweet, have to enter the comp for that baby.

DANG that PS3 is sexy. I want one! :(

Only for UK?

The PS3 is very nice.

i would be going to meet Joe but we cant take the copies we pre-order to get signed. I want the scythe you see (which you can only get if you preorder at game) but don’t really want 2 copies lol

Mike Richardson 23 December, 2009 @ 13:20

Hi AcidCrash – We’ll have a few blank cases there if you do want your game signed. Bring along your proof of purchase and you can swap the disc to its new Joe Mad branded home the next day :)

almighty-slayer 18 December, 2009 @ 14:53

That PS3 is VERY sexy

That console looks amazing.

Who did the artwork for it?

I’ve been paying a close eye on Darksiders. It looks very impressive and will look forward when it gets released here.

Whoops. sorry just realised who did the artwork. XD

omg, i love that ps3 <3 <3 <3

I want that ps3! It looks so awesome, just love it:D

woah thats beautiful. The game looks like it will actually exceed my expectations! Day one.


Haven’t really heard about this game before, but it looks cool :)
The PS3 console looks rad, but the 5/10 can be misleading :P

PS3 looks wonderful! How about a competition with the gold coated PS3? :P haha.
Would obviously need to buy white controllers, will the competition be open to Australian residents?

Mike Richardson 21 December, 2009 @ 12:06

The consoles actually come with a custom white controller to match! But sadly this competition won’t be open to Australia.

If only I could enter this comp…that is one sexy looking PS3 ;)

bah! i want the final fantasy 13 one instead but that will never happen :(

How do we enter the competition?

Mike Richardson 23 December, 2009 @ 13:21

We’ll have all of the info on the PlayStation Blog early January.

This is beautiful!
While I do appreciate the coolness of such an exclusive piece I was wondering why SONY does not make available consoles of this kind.

Mostly they are only available in Japan (Metal Gear Solid, Final Fantasy) and they are extremely cool and sought after especially during the holidays they’d make a great gift!

Personally I’ve been thinking about buying a SLIM for my boyfriend for quite some time (he has a regular one at the moment but would love a slim) and if something like this was released it would be an instant buy!!

THINK About it SONY!!!

p.s.: and if you’d release a pink SLIM with accessories (like the PS2 I bought for my niece) it would be mine the second it’s released!!!

Where is the contest will be valid?

In Belgium I hope !

I want this PS3 !

It is great beautiful in white I have it want!!!

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