A Shiny New Look!

No, no, I haven’t got a new pumpkin (but I have got a new Christmassy avatar, you like?).

Recently we decided that our forums looked, well, a bit dated. So, we decided to give them a make over! Throwing in lavish reds, colourful banners and lovely new skins – our forum now looks lovelier than a lovely… lovely… thing.

Official PlayStation Forums Redesign

Whilst my use of adjectives may be completely useless, our new forum look is designed to make everything easier to use. We’ve made sure you know where you are for a start (there’s no mistaking that THIS is the LittleBigPlanet forum now, is there!) by applying game-related skins to most of our boards. We’ve even made tweaks to the user-interface, bringing our forums more in line with the look of both and the lovely (Ok, I’m sorry, I’ll stop now…) And, to top it all off, we’ve made it even easier to make a post with Quick Reply – a feature that allows you to contribute to a discussion without having to load a new page. Brilliant.

We haven’t finished tweaking though – we’re still optimizing the site for use with the PlayStation 3 Internet Browser and adding some finishing touches to the search function. Once we’re done, we’ll let you know over in our Announcements & Events area.

All that’s left is for you to go and check it out. Visit us and chat with your fellow PlayStation’ers about everything from the latest news updates to the greatest movies, games and music available on the PlayStation Network. Just make sure you read our lovel important rules before posting, lest the gods of LittleBigPlanet swoop down and smite you (funnily enough, they’re also the gods of our forum!).

Here’s a few brilliant ongoing discussions from the English speaking forum to get you started…

  • Trophy Hoarders – A place for trophy addicts to meet, greet and hunt down those elusive platinums.
  • Modern Lolfare 2 – Ridiculously silly with a side of daft to boot, this thread is all about how popular Modern Warfare 2 is. Think lolcats mixed with first-person shooter…
  • The PSN Online ID Pool – Got a PSN ID you’ve always wanted to use, but never had the chance? Donate it to a gamer in need in our Online ID Pool!
  • The Epic Twit thread – Use twitter? Tell us your ID! Here you can find the twitter accounts of many community members, along with some ‘higher ups’ from the gaming industry too.
  • MB’s 12 Days of Christmas – You’re not too late to get involved with my Christmas mass-giveaway, all you need is a twitter account and super-fast fingers!

See you on the boards ;)

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I’ll have to check them out. ;)

whoo looks nice

About damn time!

Thank You!

Old forums look a lot better, jus sayin

Modern Lolfare 2 is pure genius!


Yeah, I know – I’ve spent literally hours reading thatb thread and desperately wishing I could be as funny!


Good to see your Jobtitle has been fixed! even though being a MusterBuster was pretty epic :D

Yeah, it doesn’t really work when you link to the US forums… :P

sorry MB, but the new forum skin aweful, whoever designed this must have also been responsible for how the friends list on the xmb looks…

The username area is huge and creates a massive waste of space… likewise the graphics on the top of every page are overly huge making it necessary to scroll down half a page to get to the content.

Graphically I’m sure we’ll get used to it even though I think it’s badly designed, the biggest problem is the speed… since the revamp the forums have become slow… very slooooow.

I’m all for change, but only if it makes things better… this however has not :(


Ah fear not zooloo, most of the changes we’ve implemented are with the future in mind. Upcomming features will fill the gaps.

We’re by no means finished tweaking the forum, however we have to prioritse the work we do to it. Things like the PS3 browser functionality and general browsing speed have to come before any change we make to the aesthetics. Stick with it, it’s getting better and better :)

No Mention of The Alize League? (Formerly known as the Killzone Forum League) :(

I am personally not a fan of the new look, but if it’s gonna be optimised for PS3, then fantastic, that will please most of the forums.


Totally agree with post 8.

Post 8 is right, but look at how nice the friends list looks now! :)

SCEE are doing a great job so keep it up :)

That is all.

Post 8 says it all, so I won’t say it again. Hopefully this is the start of a process of improvement.

Same as post#8. At the moment, it takes so long using the PS3 browser (or at least it does for me), that I’ve given up on the forums. Once it’s “optimized” then i’ll go back to them.


We’re working on it ;) We’ve slightly reduced the image quality today so hopefully things should be a bit quicker!

not a big fan of it myself, feels way too clunky to use these days so ive stopped going too clunky and to slow to load and im on a 50mb connection lol

It’s very, very, very slow to use now so I’m not posting the forums much since the change as it takes too long – way to go Sony!

Looks nice! Great job!


I like the new look. Much nicer imo. But it loads much slower now than it used to. Especially on the PS3 browser, where it comes to an almost standstill at times :(

And scrolling down the page comes in little chunks. As it cant load the rest quick enough. Sometimes it locks the browser up too.

Maybe a bit more optimisation (on the PS3 side at least) could be done?

Keep up the cool work! =)

*removes scrooge hat*

Thanks MB!
I am very happy to hear about the forum being optimized for the PS3 browser.
The visual appearance of the forum is less important to me than being able to access and navigate but it does look nice. :)

Have a very very nice xmas indeed MB!


By any chance, is the EU playstation site going to get the same Trophy update that the US one did? They can compare with multiple friends etc.


Heya, have you checked this page out?


Great! PS3 browser seriously needs some TLC though!


I’m glad you have a new avatar….

Now if only we could get some new ones -.-

Thanks, viva sony

When I read the headline I thought we’d get new avatars… :(

I seriously hope Sony have already read this:


Interesting that! It’s my job to read everything over at the Official PlayStation Community forums and pass it on to SCEE, so if you’ve got a point to make – make it there!


A few quirks to work out in the new design but I already noticed some improvements when posting a couple reviews today so cheers! ;3 And it’s always a good thing to remind folks of the great community and awesome events and contests we have on the forums. =3

All the bright colours have the effect of being very hard on the eyes and not nice to look at. I’m really not a fan of the new design, but it feels like (maybe they’re not) they’re ignoring negative feedback and only want to hear how pretty it looks, so there’s going to be pretty much nothing done about how poorly designed it is.

The large empty space where the username is and the fact that the avatar juts out to the top left looks terrible and I don’t think I’ll ever feel different. But I suppose the main thing is getting the forums optimised to work on the PS3 browser, and get them running well on a PC too (they’re far too slow, clunky and awkward at the moment, I’ve found myself not visiting as much as I used to).


Au Contraire!

We’ve been really interested in your feedback – good and bad – and we’re using it to make changes and improvements. There’s a massive thread (link below) where you can post your thoughts on the updates for our attention.

I agree about the large grey boxes though (remind you of anything!?), and it’s one of my priorities for aesthetical changes :)

Here’s the link to that thread!


minus 10 / 10 for the new site

The new forums are slow and laggy. I no longer use them. SCEE should of stuck with the old layout.


As post 28, the new forums are way to slow to use now. Also the feature where you click on new posts now doesn’t work, 9 times out of 10 it takes you to the top of the page, rather than the last new post.

I’d much have the old, quicker layout any time. sorry.


I’ll get that looked into ;)

It looks good ! ^^

good news about the forum being updated it looks way better but it is to slow

so sorry try again


We’ve reduced the image quuality today, try again :)

that guy jar100 is so right who agrees

Tis terrible, should jsut go back to the old one. THe new one is painfully slow and all the red writing lookssquashed together and hard to read :(

Looks all right.

But if I have to choose a skin for myself, I would pick the US PS Forum one. As far as I see it, both forums are using the same type of board(lithium) and I don’t think it’s that hard to copy/borrow it over here.


I disagree with you there Skipper! The US forums went for ‘the darkside’ look and it works for them! Though I like our brighter forum :)

i like the new look and once its running at speed on the ps3 it will be spot on.

They are awful and performance has taken a massive hit, so slow now.

“]we’re still optimizing the site for use with thePlayStation 3 Internet Browser”

Thanks,I only use the Ps3 browser for gaming related stuff.Do you think it will offer Full functions,quote,edit,and all that stuff that worked a couple of years ago.

Great job, it does look really nice…. and shiny :D


love the new look shame its got constant “Authentication Failed.” errors :(


However the new forums are so graphics heavy even on a fast broadband connection, they are barely usable.

Fortunately my browser allows me to specify an alternative stylesheet, so I can make them look plain (but fast) again.

Really Lithium is abysmal, if you use anything other than Internet Explorer, the forums are a real chore, especially the RichText editor, which is more trouble than it’s worth.



IE and Firefox are the supported browsers! And we’ve reduced the image quality now, so try again when you get a chance ;)

I’m sorry but you have ASBOLUTLY KILLED IT! The forums are no longer PS3 user friendly, and the only source of internet I have is my PS3. Thanks alot Sony, thanks a friggin lot


Will I still be banned of the forum for beggin for kudos? = (
The VERY same day the kudos system released, i started beggin for it unaware of the updated rules list, no one informed me, that was my FIRST ever report!! I DIDN’T EVEN get ONE warning unlike I did on the US Forums X0



..little bit too much transparency filters going on, you know.. forum is slow. Slowest forum on the net, it seems. And.. the text-editor doesn’t really work unless you have Internet Explorer.

They’re way to slow for a forum. Why would you make a high resolution ‘banner’ run right down the page? Sure, it may look nice, but it doesn’t make it easier to use. The upgrade killed a few features that a fiar few people used, for no apparent reason either.

Fix please.



Timesplitter_01 22 December, 2009 @ 07:44



According to firefox the new forums has about 250 HTML errors

@LAClennell (#41):
What are you on about? The forums has NEVER been PS3 user friendly…

SurrealNightmare 22 December, 2009 @ 12:29

If all the complaints get too much for you, just shift the blame onto Mojoswift.

Don’t tell him I said that though. D:


Blaming Mojo is too easy. He just takes it. Where’s the fun in that?


Inglorious MusterBusterds

Thanks for your reply.

I was referring more to the update that they got which brings their trophy comparisons abilty past that of the EU site. Theirs feels much more fluid and gives the option to search for any PSNid and look up the trophies etc.

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