adhocparty Now Available

Hi everyone! adhocParty is available to download for free from the PlayStation Store on PS3 today!

adhocParty is an online service that allows PSP owners with a PS3 system to connect to one another via the PlayStation Network. So, how does adhocParty work? PSP titles with adhoc mode traditionally require you to play within close proximity to each other. adhocParty changes that.  adhocParty enables you to play games featuring Ad Hoc mode, such as Gran Turismo and Monster Hunter Freedom Unite, over the Internet through the PS3. This means that you can make the most of the Ad Hoc Mode functions in some of your favourite games even when none of your friends or fellow players are close by!


Your PSP connects to the PS3 via Wi-Fi, allowing you to chat online with fellow gamers in the SCEE region before jumping into competition from the comforts of each of your respective living rooms. In addition to all of its competitive and social gaming features, adhocParty for PSP supports voice chat through the Wireless Headset or PlayStation Eye, offering you a complete and immersive gaming experience only available on the PlayStation platform. To use adhocParty you need to simply connect your PSP to a PlayStation3 system via a wireless network connection, then access adhocParty to find other players who want to play the same game as you. Just to note that to use adhocParty, your PlayStation3 system must be connected to the internet via a wired broadband connection.

Check out the video below for more details:

Compatible games are currently include Gran Turismo, Monster Hunter Freedom Unite and Dissidia Final Fantasy.

In Gran Turismo Ad Hoc Mode allows you to race in head-to-head events for up to four players, and with adhocParty you can challenge anyone across the region!

Join the adhoc Party!


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Can’t wait to download and playing some DIssidia with my friends :D

can any ad-hoc game be played on this service?
or does that require a update like the japanese one had?

What nice surprise before Christmas =D

WOW Thanks Adam, Cant wait to try this out on GT.

One quick question. Will I still be able to share and trade cars with friends using adhoc party, just like if they are in the same room as me?


incredibly good looking interface, props to the designers

Can I make a connection with my PSP in Hungary through Remote Play with my PS3 in the Netherlands, startup adhocParty and start a game with it on my PSP?

Such a shame that adhocParty needs your PlayStation3 to be connected to the internet via a wired broadband connection. I was soo exicted about this, but i cannot use a wired connect as my room is in a converted garage. :( shame. Any idea if this will be changed in the future???

radicaledward321 22 December, 2009 @ 14:50

hey when will this be available today?


It’s unfortunate that this only works with ethernet. I love wi-fi and it works flawlessly but I guess it doesn’t pay off in this case. I guess I won’t even bother downloading this.

Very disappointing.

radicaledward321 22 December, 2009 @ 15:05

im hoping in the future that they can implement something in the psp or ps3 to allow it to be all wireless kinda like what they did with the singstar bluetooth mic’s- at first they couldnt connect both up because the ps3 controller used the bluetooth but they fixed that, so fingers crossed they think of a way around the etthernet problem a lot of people will have.

GREAT!!! :)

I’m pretty sure it needs to be ethernet, as the PS3’s wireless signal is being used in connecting the PSP to the PS3.


This is great! Thank you! :D

Can we get some tidbits of information on the next games to boast this feature? :)

Amherst_Wind_4 22 December, 2009 @ 15:34

Wait, so its only works with other people who have Adhoc Party from the EU store? We can’t play with people using Adhoc Party from the US store?


Ethernet connection? Damn, why can’t we just use wireless instead?

Carnivius_Prime 22 December, 2009 @ 15:41

been looking forward to this so I can maybe finally challenge someone to a decent match of Street Fighter Alpha 3 MAX.

Glad I switched my PS3 connection to wired some months ago, it’s been working far better than when I had it wireless.

Been looking forward to this! Will play some GT PSP with friends tonight!

i can never get a wired connection without having to drill a hole in our brand new floor :/

huzzah! Monster Hunter Freedom Unite session ahoy :)

Sounds fantastic… although I don’t use my PSP anymore + a lot of titles are either expensive or not compatible with adhoc party, looks like the UMD’s will be demolished soon, Sony ain’t cool anymore :O


all good but its too bad that it always has to go via the ps3…on those rare occasions where i don’t play my ps3, i like to let it rest for a while.. if it’s already on for watching blu ray and playing psp on top of all the time its on for just playing ps3 games, it’s gonna explode once..cant the psp’s wifi be used for this? i don’t like having to use my ps3 as a hub or whatever.. i turn it off whenever possible..


its not fair! any ideas why i can’t find the adhoc party on the playstation store on my ps3 so i can download it?

Please make it Wi-Fi compatable, i am on wi-fi i HAVE NO WAY CONNECTING A CABLE TO IT, PLEASE

I would love to do this

Wow! Yu-Gi-Oh! Tag Force duels with anyone in the world yet. Gracias!!


I was looking forward to this until I found out it was Ethernet will there be an update of some kind?

Would be great if this could be wi-fi only, seems to be a common request, would it be possible to confirm whether this is technically possible or not in the future so we can start working out whether to get a drill or not?

Why can’t it be done via WiFi and will there ever be an update?

@19 actually you don’t need to drill holes, let me explain

Google a “Homeplug” its basically a way of using your house’s electrical cables as a network, its completely safe, all you need to use it is 2 homeplug adapters and a few network cables to join up on each end, no holes no fuss and its no harder to setup than a cable going from A to B, not the cheapest method i’ll add but better than nothing if you really want to use this

On a side note any chance of getting an officially supported games list the one on wikipedia hasn’t been updated in a long time and surely it wouldn’t kill you to have 1 guy in place A and one guy in place B just use some ISO’s or something to speed test a selection of games :P

Is there are list where we can view all titles that are currently compatible with adhoc party?

whoa….Monster Hunter here we come, GTPSP here we come, FF:Dissidia here come…oh la la…I will try this out later as it wasnt up earlier:)

@Domino2097 why cant it be wi fi? it is? the PSP is wi fi, but if u have PS3 wi fi too then wi fi signal confusion starts, alsom a wired coneected PS3 works 10x better then the awful wi fi connection on PS3, its not that good anyways, I mean downloading has speeded up immensely since I wired my PS3 as Wi fi downloading was slow and cumbersome… for the PSN charges…:)

Helvedeshunden 22 December, 2009 @ 20:25

The list of supported games on the EU PlayStation site is much bigger, and I hope that’s the real deal instead of the handful of games listed here. I’m only interested in Phantasy Star Portable, and that’s on the big list, so fingers crossed.

Finally! I’ve been waiting for this for ages! I’ve had a go with this, with MHFU of course, it’s still a tad confusing, like, with what gethering world to join ect. Hopefully I’ll get the hang of it! :D

I just love the adhoc menu and the icons, it looks so nice. thx a lot


One problem…today was the day i came home for christmas…taking my psp, but leaving my ps3 behind.

Don’t get to try it for two weeks now..:P..darn…2 more weeks of lonely Monster Hunting it is then…

I have a broadband connection over wireless… this is absolutely useless. One step forward and two steps back.

“Just to note that to use adhocParty, your PlayStation3 system must be connected to the internet via a wired broadband connection.”… what? why?

This is useless to me, I’m using a wireless connection and i’m not able to set my PS3 up with a wired connection. Please make it possible for me to use a wireless connection to use this application.

It will never be possible to offer adhocparty over wifi. This is because the PS3 has one wifi adapter meaning only one wifi connection at a time. The only way to connect the PSP to the PS3 with a signal fast enough for gaming is via wifi so the PS3’s wifi adapter is being used for that.

This will really have limited appeal as the vast majority of users will have their PS3 hooked up wirelessly. This is a) why it’s free and b) why it’s an optional download and not in the firmware.

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