Hustle Kings Available Today!

Hi, my name is Robert Karp and I am here to give you latest news on Hustle Kings.

Over the last year VooFoo studios and Sony have been combining their skills with some good old fashioned elbow grease to help make Hustle Kings the best. We have been packing in as many features as possible, whilst at the same time adding so much polish that you can almost see your own face! Check out these balls if don’t believe me.


There has been a lot of discussion internally about how we can do something a little different with the trophy system and we finally decided to make one of the silver trophies a little bit different from the rest… This trophy can only be unlocked by playing online and beating someone else who already has it – Sounds simply enough? Now the best part is that the developers are the only ones who will start with it and that means the only way to get it is by beating them at their own game!


Now to bit that I hope you’ve all been waiting for… (Drum roll please)

Release date: 22nd of December 2009 (That’s today!)
Price: £6.29 (€7.99)

If you’re a fan of turning your skills into (virtual) cash, then Hustle Kings is for you. With graphics, a physics engine, a whole host of offline game modes including (but not limited to) career, trick shots, local tournaments, as well as an online hustle mode and topped off with an intuitive control method. Sometimes when I’m at the pub playing pool, I think to myself… “I wish I could be playing Hustle Kings right now!”


We have tried to take advantage of everything the PS3 has to offer, so we’ve included XMB music (although I’d questions anyone’s taste who doesn’t like the eclectic mix we have on offer), uploading videos to you tube (to show off your greatest jump and swerve shots) and much more. Are your ready for the total pool experience?

Hustle Kings will be available exclusively on the PlayStation Store, so if you haven’t already signed up to for a PSN ID, you’d better do so now!

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Been waiting months for this, can’t wait to play it!!!

I wish more games would use the features on offer as well as this has. I’m not really a fan of pool games, but that’s tempted me to give this a go.

Wow that looks amazing!! Will there be a demo avaliable in the near future? Thanks elliot

Xbox360Don1973 22 December, 2009 @ 12:39

Ive been waiting for this game ever since it was announced im so skint but i really want it it looks amamzing !

Sweet … been waiting for this :)

cant wait for this, looks much better than inferno pool, cant believe i paid 6.99 for that utter tripe i want a refund lol

Hi Robert,

I’m really looking forward to playing Hustle Kings. One question…I remember reading somewhere that you guys were perhaps also thinking about including snooker in the game. Any comments? Or perhaps this is something for future DLC later?


Glad to hear that, maybe I’ll see you online…

Snooker will be available in 2010 as DLC.

anyone here wants a game or two? add me to your friend list!! can’t wait to try this out.

i’m stuck at work, 6 more hours to go before i can leave, come on time!!!

Essential purchase as soon as it appears on the store. Been waiting so long for this, it’s made my Christmas. True to your word it is also out this side of Christmas, can’t fault that. Well done all involved, I can’t wait.

Carnivius_Prime 22 December, 2009 @ 12:47


Brilliant, perfect pricing for a perfect game. I’ve been looking forward to this sexy beauty for ages and I was really won over when I interviewed one of you guys at GamesCom earlier this year. Definite buy from me, later today.


looking forward to playing this looks very kools.

just 1 question will there be Home Unlocks or Game Launching?

Thanks n Merry Xmas


Possibly in the future…


i loved inferno pool but this is amazing, cant wait to play it later!

The screenshots above are made private on Flickr. If that’s the way it’s supposed to be, you might want to remove the href link. :-)

xKillerMonkeyx 22 December, 2009 @ 12:54

YouTube Support, ingame custom music thingy WOOO this game is even awesomer now, looks great and the price is very good.

Will there be online tournaments, if not maybe something you could implement with a patch? Say it starts with 10 people until there is one left, knockout style.


Sounds like a good idea, we don’t have it right now, but if there is enough demand we can look into an update..

: )

I’ll definitley get this game. Thanks for adding those features. I’ll definitley listen to the games original soundtrack at first though;) I promise!

How is the performance in this game. Native 1080p? 60fps rock solid? V-sync?


Nice 1 ;) I will buy it when it hits PSN today + I like playing Techno music when i play Pool ;D

anyone have any ideas how this credit thing works? like if you win a game online do you get credits? and what you use it for?

Nice.Is there XMB screen grab compatibility?


Hold on wasn’t this game meant to be released when the Sony motion controls arrives, i hope the controls are not difficult because playing pool with the D-pad is totally different from using a cue stick.

You just saved my xmas :) Looking forward to the snooker DLC also!


Looks like a brilliant game and the price is fantastic, I was expecting a higher price tag to be honest. As soon as the store updates I will be purchasing the game, it has been on my must-buy list for a while now.

There is just one thing I am slightly concerned about, and that is whether or not I can have a nice simple game of pool (and snooker when it arrives) with someone sitting in the same room as me, without any split-screen nonsense. Please put my mind at ease!



In that case you will be pleased to know there is no spilt screen but there is offline multiplayer (as well as online).

Yes, Yes!!! I soooo happy right now. Thank you, and thank you for including the additional PS3 features.

One question, Offline Tourneys? Does that equate to offline 2 player mode?


Ok, now that was unexpected. Will buy the second it goes live.

Didn’t know about this game, it actually looks really good and now I’m tempted lol. My poor wallet :P

A quick question though (same as #22 really), does this have offline multiplayer where I can just play against 1 other person for a quick game?


The graphics certainly are a step above any other game of this scale. When games like this have a certain level of polish or style, I get interested. I’m certainly not a car aficionado and when it comes to realism in driving games, I get weary, but I adore the Gran Turismo series because its created with such care and style. Same goes for pool and similar table games. But Hustle Kings does look like a project with a lot of love poured in, so I will definitely be purchasing it!

Please post a demo video.
Or a downloadable demo.


There are 2 trailers already on the PS Store and a new one will go live today.

been salivating over this since first videos…. great!!

a demo would be nice, the feel of the game would be important to try out before buying.

im so happy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

whens it up, im sat here ready to purchase


It’s there right now. I hope you like it :)

RadioactiveMouse 22 December, 2009 @ 15:13

Been looking at this for a long time. Good to see that the vision has survived through from E3 and is going to be a definite purchase for me. One question though, how will we know if we are playing a dev?

The price point is also a great thing. Thanks for keeping the pre christmas release date :)

Yes, it will be mine in two hours !!!!
I can’t wait to be home =)

This special trophy is a great idea. See you soon online !

@Robert Karp

what is the main jop of the XDev Studio?????


To make great exculsive games!


Will buy!

you guys have just made my christmas, i’ve been looking forward to this for some time now!

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

Ps – Great job in getting it out before christmas guys!


As soon as the store update you can have my money :D (in exchange for the game of course ;) )

Is it true that this game will support the playstation motion controller in the future? I remember seeing a demo of resi 5 with it from Japan conference video and on the list of upcoming games hustle kings was included.

If so that would be a great idea but regardless I’ll be buying this merry Christmas!

nice might buy it


Downloading! Painfully slow transfer rate though. :(



Just bought the game to find out you have to BUY chalk…..(from the playstation store)..with real cash.

So 7.99 for the game AND more cash for chalk.

seriously [DELETED]!!!!

Different kind of chalk will give advantage over the player that doesnt buy chalk.

Will download tonight. About time somebody released a dedicated decent pool title! Nice one Robert Karp and crew!

kudos on the special trophy, a great idea!

can’t see it being too long before that concept is taken up by a load of games but we will know where they got the idea from!

Been playing for about 30 mins and I have to say it`s superb,go get it :)

Looks great I’m certainly looking forward to trying this. Been waiting for a good pool game.


Hi Robert.

Just bought the game.

One query, even when holding the Circle button for fine-tuning, it’s still difficult to line some shots up. Is this intentional? As it is quite frustrating trying to line the shot up only for the cursor to keep flicking from one side of the ball to the other. Would be a lot more helpful if the increments were a lot smaller.

Maybe this gets better with improved cues etc? I don’t know, I’ve only had a couple of games!



The more pressure you apply to the circle button when lining up the shot the more fluid yet slower the movement of the cursor will become.



Any impressions so far?

Been waiting for this. My most anticipated downloadable game.

I am in the US so I don’t know how long it will be before SCEA deems us worthy to play.


To read that you have downloaded the game and playing it as we speak is torture, I’m stuck at my desk helping morons with their computers wishing I was at home balls deep in hustle kings!

Is it defo on EU store, cant wait to get home and delve into an early xmas present to myself and get hustling..

If you want a game later say 11pm add me : RichShortee81 (psn)

in a bizzle braaaaaap braaaaaap safe tea!


AB101, why not buy a EU card on ebay and when u have the code setup an EU account and by the game that way so you dont have to wait.. I did it with SF2HD and also procured the BFBC2beta both through my US account I created!

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