Thanks For Making VidZone The Biggest And Best

Thought you got rid of me… Not a chance… Admit it, you missed me already right? Don’t answer that.

Essentially, I’m back to say… YOU… ARE… AMAZING!!!! Not that I wanna give you a big head or anything… but you are. Reason? Do I need a reason? Yes? OK…

VidZone is officially the BIGGEST DEDICATED MUSIC VIDEO STREAMING APPLICATION IN THE WORLD!! With over 2,000,000 application downloads and 200,000,000 videos streamed so far!!

VidZone logo

I think the correct response is “WOW!” (Or other less broadcast-able superlatives)

Because of you, all of us at VidZone enjoy coming to work every day safe in the knowledge that what we are doing is actually being enjoyed by people all around the world (I know it’s not available everywhere, but you know we are working on it… Feel free to “WHEN POLAND!!” if you feel the need). Because of this, everyone here would like to say thanks in their own personal way. Please forgive the shocking attempts at humor ;)

Louisa Jackson – VidZone for PS3 Chief – “Thanks for all the great feedback in 2009. Lots of surprises in stall 2010!

Nemat Abdela – Account Manger – “Merry Xmas to all you fabulous VidZone users. We’ve got some amazing things in the pipeline in 2010, including more Metal!”

Alex Jakubczyk – Content Manager – “Thank you for all your support this year, join me for a game of mince pie jenga this Christmas in front of VidZone Towers. WHOOOP!”

Jon Pike – Head Of Music – “Keep it real, keep it gangsta, keep it VidZone!”

Matt Collins – Video Production Manager– “Thanks for your unbridled support, happy festive season and may the VidZone be with you.”

Phil Jelley – Audio Product Manager
– “Merry Xmas and thank you to all VidZone users! As it’s the festive season, drinks are on Creasey” (BC – That’s me… erm… tap water all round?)

Marcin Waitr – Technical Product Manager – “Thank you all guys for your continuous support, looking forward to entertaining you in 2010! PS. Ben, but seriously, when Poland?” (BC, He actually means it. He wants to use VidZone over Xmas when he’s back home in Poland!)

And the big boss (AKA, The Guv’nor) would like to say…

Adrian Workman – CEO – “Thank you all for making VidZone into a monster of service in just 6 months!! Maybe we’ll be bigger than YouTube by Dec 2010 and living in the Bahamas. I think I love you more than I love money. YES, all 2m of you.”

From all of us here at VidZone, have an awesome Christmas and an amazing New Year!

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Vidzone is great!
2010 will be even better ;-)


second for the first time ever but yeh i love vidzone so useful although please add ability to add video thats playing to playlist thnx

Oh yeh Happy New Year


keep up the good work guys :)

vidzone is great :D

VidZone was a great surprise for me, I love it.


It’s good but sometimes the music videos but load and I’ll have to re-start the vidzone app to get it to work.

Nice one, it’s a pretty cool service you have.

For a future update though, could it be possible to get rid of the mailinglist subscription question every time we start the application? I have to dismiss it every time. (I know, I know, im going to miss out on some great info ;) but I’ve made my choice)

Best service on the PSN!
Keep on the good work!!!

Here is a hint on how to make it even BIGGER.



VidZone Poland? When??? -_-‘

More Metal sounds good to me!

Congrats team!

Here is a better way to make it bigger.
More diversity in the genres.
I personaly dont use Vidzone becasue it is all crap from the 80’s and 90’s and pop and rap. << this is all a bunch of crap.
Bring in some Metal, Rock, and heavy stuff then we can talk.

TehPhilosopher 31 December, 2009 @ 12:37

MORE METAL – such welcome news, thank you! Hopefully the hard stuff, and not (only) the “metal” Jack Black et al so appropriately lampoons at the begininning of Brütal Legend.

While waiting for metal and more rock and blues, I have to admit I’ve even listened to Lady Gaga… Fortunately I can block the videos viewed from my friends list so they don’t know I’ve slipped to the dark side :P

Happy new year!

More rock and metal please.

Congrats!! on the 200zillion-million views!


Just this I will greet theses you
Whole Polish it hates you !!
We cross on 2010 without vidzone
Therefore JVidzone on 100%

“Feel free to “WHEN POLAND!!” if you feel the need” – this wasn’t funny at all x_x

I love VidZone. It should definitely be one of the selling points of getting a PS3 along with Uncharted 2 and free online.

I just hope you can put more oldies up :D

VidZone stopped working for me while ago. I just get to play one video and then nothing. I’ve deleted and redownloaded, iu’ve tried with different ps3s and nothing. Anybody know what this could be??I am part of n unhappy 2m users.


Wheres the HD content??

It looks crap on my tv atm..(like going back to the 80s) :D

Please become available in Malta :D

Biggest dedicated music streaming application in the world despite only being available in parts of Europe and being less than 6 months old? Christ lads that is immense. Congrats on all the hard work and let us all make Vidzone an even bigger success in 2010

Thanks for a free and great service :D

I hope you guys will continue to improve the application – I really miss a shuffle function and the ability to save the entire “now playing” list to a playlist.
Would also be great if users were able to share playlists with other users ;)

almighty-slayer 31 December, 2009 @ 13:44

Aww that was my favourite post ever :) Ben, you and the VidZone team have done an AMAZING job over the last 6 months (and more, obviously) with VidZone. And i think YOU deserve the drinks rather than us :) Not that i’m offering to buy them, christmas has made me broke!

Thank YOU VidZone team for such an amazing service. I shall be sure to click some adverts when i next use VidZone :)

Being the “Biggest music video streaming application in the world” i assume that means there will be a lot more exclusive videos coming our way? And more music over all? :)

Have a fantabulous 2010 all of you. WE LOVE YOU :)

(When Poland?)


The Biggest,The Best…now only left is worldwide or atleast in Poland. :P

Thanks for good work!

Nappy Yew Hear, thanks for a great service.

Now please bring more Industrial and EBM music for the jolly new 2010.



And, yep I agree to Rospondek (nr 18)
It wasn’t funny :(

Looking forward to test the service in Poland. Hopefully it won’t be long. Great stats, guys.

Almost forgot, “When Poland?” ;)


Ale tu biało czerwono się zrobiło hehehe :)

WHEN POLAND ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?


Yay, for more metal! :D It’s all been great so far, and here’s to a great 2010 for Vidzone, as it continues to expand, and roll out into new countries.

Huh.. those numbers are HUGE.. and only for limited release in EU area (not even in all EU).. I hope this motivates Sonyt to spread this to full SCEE Region quickly and keep content flowing.

Vidzone, great app!!


HD Music Vids Please !!

Yaay! I’m special!

Would be good for Vidzone to get a bit more push behind a New Years Eve event or something as everyone has music on at this time of year?

I think there may be a NYE playlist but something a bit more formal would have been great! Something to consider for next year?

VidZone is great! Keep the videos coming!

Happy New-Year!


Vidzone is great! you deserve the kudos! I see you’ve managed a title without an atroucious pun in it too!

when Poland?!?!?!
LOL. look at the flag, I dont care! :-P im in oz and have had VZ since day 1.
VZ is an awesome application. i convinced a mate to buy a ps3 the other day by showing him VZ. he went out and bought 1 the next day.
congrats on being THE best!

“Keep it real, keep it gangsta, keep it VidZone!”

Well said! :D

xKillerMonkeyx 31 December, 2009 @ 15:42

Nice one guys this kept me boogying for the second half of 2009 and will keep be boogying into 2010

you had to make sure you had the last post of the year too didn’t you? :)
but congrats, great service, more of the same next year if you please.


Well deserved best service on the PS3!!!


They should make AdHoc Party, VidZone, Photo Gallery, Life With PlayStation, PlayStation Home essential for ALL PS3 owners, as these are the things what PS3 is all about, who cares if you have a 20GB PS3, upgrade it! I got 80GB and downloading like MAD! XD

I love vidzone ! :D

Can you guys make it possible to listen to your music and play awesome ps3 games at the same time?

one correction i feel should be made though, we may have made it the biggest, but it’s you guys that made it the best.

This is what we need in the United States on PS3….MUSIC & MUSIC VIDEOS! Wish we had VidZone. :(

You can be proud of your service, it really is nice for a new service. ALthough I’d like more alt rock and electro music, I like VidZone and the playlist updates evry week.

Happy new year !

just playing it now – great apps no doubt. But really demanding features: Playlist sharing, and little better usability please please.Thanks!

Happy New year!

I feel like VidZone has always been a part of my PS3 I have no idea how I have lived without it. lol

Anyways thanks for a great app and can’t wait to see more exclusives and stuff on it. VidZone totally made me forget about the rubbish commercial infested music tv channels! Great job.

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