Alien Zombie Death Coming Soon To PSN

Hello all. I’m Michael Michael of PomPom Games. I thought I should get the absurd name out of the way before commencing with the meat and bones of what I’ve got to say. Yes, it is my real name. No, I don’t know what my mum was thinking. I would change it but I’m worried I’ll lose my super powers.

Alien Zombie Death


We are PomPom games. Independent developer of some of the finest retro-yet-modern-kind-of videogames since a very long time ago. We are just 2 guys ( silly name and Miles Visman ) with some help from a rather excellent sound dude, James Drabble. PomPom games are but a whisker away for their latest slice of RSI inducing, finger twisting, brow soaking shoot-em-up action called…. ALIEN ZOMBIE DEATH on PSP minis.

We were kind of digging this new-ish breed of game : the survival shooter, and wanted to have a go. We have also had a bit of a longing for doing something platform-y ( when I say we, I mean me throwing a strop at Miles, when I don’t get my way ) so “we” concocted this scenario:-
“Somewhere far far away in a random solar system, a lone space man dies… horribly. Take control of said fateful space man as he battles to his end against the dreaded Alien Zombies! Using a standard laser gun and a few pickups along the way, make sure you take at as many of those Alien Zombie suckers before they take you down. It’s that simple. It’s Alien Zombie Death.”

Alien Zombie Death

The game involves jumping around a bunch of platforms floating in space battling endless waves of Alien Zombie until you meet your demise. The platform layouts are very simple, with the focus on creating the space for the ensuing battle rather than complex level layouts.

Alien Zombie Death

As per usual we went completely over the top. We originally wanted a single level you could play that got hard very quickly and that was that. Sell it cheap as nuts and hope people dig it.

But… 2 or 3 enemies became 9 or 10 and one level became 14 and before we knew it we had weapon power-ups, score multipliers, coin pickups, bonus UFOs, a menagerie of different beasties and lots of medals to collect.

Oh well. It turned out rather fabulous and we can’t wait to introduce the world to Spaceman Death… via Alien… Alien Zombie.

Oh my.

All goes well, Alien Zombie Death will be hitting the PSP minis channel January 2010. It’ll cost something cheap. £2.50 GBP, or something similar if you fiddle with a different currency.

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Michael Michael From Pom Pom???


I am confused. Title says it’s coming this week, but closing sentence says “january 2010” which could mean this or the next 3 weeks aswell.

… you think Miles Visman isn’t a silly name? ;)

These sound like fun, wish you the best with them. Pricing seems very reasonable too!

your name may give you super powers but my voice gives me super strength!

That sounded better in my head


Consider my sold! Heard about Alien Zombie Death a week or two ago and after seeing the video and hearing it was from you guys I was sold. Had a great time with Astro Tripper on my PS3.

Minis & PSN Comics really have been making it hard to put my PSP down lately!

You sold me at “Alien Zombie Death.”
…Too bad my psp’s broken. D:

Michael, Michael, Michael. Geesh, I feel your pain dude, you must get really tired or people taking the, erm, Micheal!

Anyways, look forward to checking out your game so thanks for the heads-up!


Looks like another good addition to the Minis collection. I’ll get this if it comes out under £3.

xKillerMonkeyx 06 January, 2010 @ 17:05

Now that is one cool butt kicking looking mini :-)

hey goldskarr! you can play minis on ps3 now too! you don’t have to miss out on alien zombie death now! woo!

looks reeeaaally fun I love arcade zombie/alien games. Definitely gonna get this as soon as it comes out. £2.50 sounds sweet too!

instant buy for me….and i will take a couple squeals on order as well with different characters with slightly different attributes

I can’t believe everyone is taking the michael out of your name…… :-|

I just watched the vid on, game looks simple yet frantic, mini means it’ll work on PS3 aswell. Nice price too :)


Michael Michael? Amazing.

Do you know my friend, Joan Jones?


Alcest-Wizard 06 January, 2010 @ 21:52

wow i’m sure i’ll buy it! it looks really really nice :)

Great looking game guys. Seems a definitive purchase for me.


Will have to give this a go. Especially since Space Tripper has been sitting atop my favourite PC game list for absolute yonks!

Michael Michael 07 January, 2010 @ 16:28

There’s actually a “Paul” between the two Micheals, but it made me sound like the pope so I soon got rid of that. If I was a sad idiot with no taste I could go for “Mikey Mike”…

Looks like a laugh, I’ll be picking it up :)

@6, play it on your PS3 :p

Definitely have to get this, another absolute bargain. These guys must either not have mortgages or sell loads – and at that price, they should. Loved Astro tripper on PS3 (had on PC ages ago) – is it still due out on PSP at some point?

Michael Michael 21 January, 2010 @ 13:55

In submission as we speak. Initial round of bug fixes sorted. Hopefully any day now.

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