Heavy Rain Approaching!

Hi everyone – Alex Pavey here, with some great news about Heavy Rain to start off the new year! The eagle-eyed amongst you will have noticed that the US release date has been confirmed today as the 23rd February – and although there are still some final tests and checks to be completed, I wanted to let you all know that you can expect to see Heavy Rain on-shelves across PAL regions during the same week – Wednesday 24th February for mainland Europe, and Friday 26th February in the UK and Ireland.

Heavy Rain

There are a range of pre-order programs going on – these vary across each country, but will offer you a chance to get hold of either the Heavy Rain Special Edition, or specific bonus items DLC including “Heavy Rain: Chronicle One – The Taxidermist”. Look out for more details on country-specific pre-order plans soon.

Heavy Rain

Heavy Rain is the highly anticipated PS3 exclusive developed by Quantic Dream – an emotional thriller where your choices can have dramatic consequences. There’ll be plenty more interesting news to come on Heavy Rain as we approach launch, so keep your eyes open…!

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I see what you did there >>

xKillerMonkeyx 08 January, 2010 @ 16:05

cool i will pencil it in my diary, just incase it gets changed


hoping for Playstation Home content this game looks and sounds EPIC can’t wait


Home content? Wait and see… ;)

liquidotacon88 08 January, 2010 @ 16:11

Ordered the special edition copy from HMV today, soooooooo hyped for this game. Keep up the good work Quantic Dream :D

addyjones1234 08 January, 2010 @ 16:14

ordered the special ed the other day, this game looks great :D

free copy per chance? i spent all my money over christmas on alchohol and cheap hookers.

Pre-ordered the special edition from HMV :)

Can’t wait!


Is there any chance of a demo for Heavy Rain?

The game and concept sounds really good but never played a game like this before.

designheadache 08 January, 2010 @ 16:25

I was lucky enough to play a demo at a game expo, and it was great fun. The demo was packed actually, plenty of people interested in having a go, and trying something different to the previous player and watching the outcome.

A welcome change from all the FPS and button masher games out at the moment!!

From some videos that I have seen on the Internet I noticed that the game suffered from screen tearing problems. Is it going to be solved on the final build of the game ?

I’ve just preordered it from HMV ireland… they have an exclusive on the special edition… Eu59.99 quoted but they say it might be priced at less on the day of release… really looking forward to it!


Bring it on. Finally!

for the collector’s edition the inside slipcase is the steelbox?


The Heavy Rain Special Edition is a specially-laminated slipcase containing a fold-out card slipcase. No steelbox for this one – but it looks very nice indeed :)

Nice, looking forward to it Pavey. Any chance you could send a Special Edition my brothers way lol What’s everyone gonna do on release after all these years working on tyhe project. There will be an empty hole inside you.

Can’t wait to get into the story, well done!!

Adam G


Glad you’re looking forward to it mate – but you and Shauno can head to HMV like everyone else ;)

why does uk get it 2 days later:(


Pesico and Raider197 beat me to this (good work guys!) – it’s only down to the fact that games are always released on Fridays in the UK, I’m afraid. Just a little longer to wait… :)

UK usually gets games on fridays whereas mainland EU gets them on wednesdays/thursdays.

I’ll just stick with the ordinary edition, I don’t like special edition boxes, they stick out like a sore thumb on my shelf.

@ 16: The UK and Ireland get it two days later because games (and maybe movies) are always released on a Friday over here as opposed to a Moday / Wednesday in other places.

Awesome – can you clarify which languages will be on which country’s disc or will there be one BD across Europe.

You mean –

Heavy SNOW approaching :D

Demo plz?


First ever game this gen I will buy the Collector’s Edition of.
Day 1 nonetheless! :)

Best of luck with the release and hopefully it does great.

I ordered the special edition the other day,hope HMV delivery before or on the day.

Fahrenheit made me cautious. *Very* cautious. I’m still keeping an eye on this thing, but I’m still worried.

I preordered the Special Edition from HMV yesterday, I’m so glad HMV got the rights as they are discounting it online to £39.99 like the normal version – you can bet that if Game had got hold of it they would sell it at the full £49.99 RRP like they did with Ratchet & Clank (which incidently lost you a sale as that meant I didn’t buy it…)

I can’t remember the last time I was so hyped about a game (I try not to let myself get hyped to avoid disappointment) but I can’t help it for this title, and it’s out the day before my birthday too! Don’t let me down Quantic Dream… ;)

Can’t wait for this, pre-ordered :)

Demo? Go on you know you want to. I promise to buy the game it’s the demo even hints at being good.


Hi guys – great to hear that so many are you are excited about Heavy Rain – and rightly so! ;)

Mutt, RSStation – There will indeed be a demo available pre-release. More details to follow soon, so keep an eye out.

A great weekend to all! :)

Just got paid. I’m sooo gonna pre-order the special edition! £40 is a steal. Too bad GAME don’t stock it. Some reward points would’ve been the icing on the cake. :)

Pleasantly surprised by the announcement. Was expecting it towards the summer and maybe Autumn time. Hope it doesn’t get lost in the shuffle, as innovative games such as these need to succeed in the sales to push gaming forwards.

will the uk version contains the italian language too? because i want to preorder the special edition on hmv.
Thanks in advance for the answer and for bringing this amazing game to us… loved fahrrnheit and i am sure will love HR too.


Heavy Rain is deffinetely my most anticipated game. I am buying it day one without a question.
My only hope is that more developers will do what you guys are, that is creating new interesting games, none of that shooter/racing games that we are bombarded all the time. The genre of Heavy Rain is certainly unique and i hope there will be more games like it.

Is there any approximate figure of how long this game is? I dont expect it to be 20 hours long, quality beats quantity/length any time in my book, but im hoping that my first out of many playthroughs of Heavy Rain will be a long one :)

Thank you Quantic Dreams for all your efforts in making an amazingly unique game. And im saying all this without actually having played the game that should say how amazing it is :D.

When exactly can we expect details on where and when the collectors edition will be available across Europe? The games out in just over a month and no sites seem to have it for pre-order yet (apart from th HMV in the UK).

SIR-DARK-HAZE 08 January, 2010 @ 17:54

Hi Pavey i was just wondering if we could pre order for the hmv exclusive edition in store, collect and pay instore? thanks also if you can buy the SE in store will it still be £40? sorry for all the qestions. cheers. cant wait for the game to e released.


best rental game of the year

I ordered the special edition! It’s the same price as the regular edition at HMV.

i cant wait for this game, going to pre order it from hmv soon, cant wait to play the demo.



Must buy!! lol I love supporting developers that make unique games that are not an everyday shooter

Just like all of you here, I can’t wait to get my hands on this game!!!

Just pre-ordered the collectors from hmv. Can’t wait for this game. Does anyone know what hmv are like for delivering pre-orders on time for release date.


Good call on the lack of steel case, those things are ugly.

That’s just too friggin awesome! This totally makes my day, and my week… perhaps my month! :D

It’s even earlier than what the stores said. They all had February 26 as a release date, but this is even better, 24 February it is :D

Absolutely no online retailer in the UK has the Heavy Rain Special Edition listed on websites for pre-order.

Someone at SCEE needs give them a little kick up the backside for motivation to list it.

Its only avaliable from hmv
and its £40 same as the normal version

The prequel HEAVY SNOW is already out in UK

@ StuDevo

Thanks I always forget to check HMV since they often ship on release day instead of shipping earlier for delivery on release day. I probably end up recieving it from them in March. Poor choice for an exclusive special edition.

Message to SCEE: game.co.uk or play.com for special editions!


No problem, just hope my copy arrives on release date

We alredy know for the us.blog what languages does the US version include. Can you tell us what languages will include the PAL version for each of the countries?


Arriving on the 26th of Feb in the UK? That’s my birthday! I think that’ll certainly be one of my presents :) I managed to play this at the Eurogamer Expo and can’t wait to play the full thing….


Heavy Rain
God of War 3

it’s going to be an epic start to the year.


Will NZ get the uncut version? or will we be stuck with what Aussie gets?
I dont wanna be stung like GTA4 again.

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