Win A Custom PS3 In Our Darksiders Competition

Happy new year everyone, what better way to kick off 2010 than with the coming of the apocalypse! This week Darksiders has arrived on PlayStation 3 and to celebrate we’ve got a prize for you to win.

Remember that custom Darksiders PlayStation 3 I showed you before Christmas? The one that looked like this…

Darksiders Branded PS3

Well, you can win it! Just 10 of these limited edition consoles have been made, each one numbered and featuring art by Joe Mad. Head over to to enter the competition. Along with the custom console you’ll also win a copy of the game for PlayStation 3 with a ‘Book of War’ case… Which you won’t find in stores :)

Competition only open to UK & Ireland.

Darksiders is out now, check out the launch trailer…

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do want…. :O

Oh wow. I would so want to win one o.O

That’s so cool. o_o

Entered :)

Competition not available in the Netherlands, apparently. Too bad, it looks like sex made plastic-and-metal. Better than the FF13-one, even. Is that edition coming the EU, by the way?

Germans not taking part again… >_>

thats not cool

This PS3 is awesome but Dutch people aren’t alowed to join the competition?

blah. only UK and Ireland. poops on a stick.

Mike Richardson 08 January, 2010 @ 15:58

If you’re from France, you can enter the Gamekult competition:

only UK and Ireland >_>

oh c’mon….

Entered. :D

Looks so awesome.

The game has been getting some pretty solid reviews across the board. Will there be a demo at all?


continental europe gets another nothing. gr8 ending of the week.

Hurrr. Once AGAIN Australia is left out of this. Stunning.






I agree with the comment above me. Although in less hostile words.

Is Australia even part of this blog? I haven’t seen a competition with us included yet. Maybe I’m blind.

o wow!, i really want this game but cant afford it at the moment and that PS3 is amazing! im defo entering, my bro can have my launch 60BG as he really wants a PS3

oooooo hope i win, thanks for the comp sony


Right, like the previous comments.. Thank you whoever is responsible for making this UK only again.. At least perhaps next time state so in the post as one of the first things before giving the entirity of Europe another letdown at the end of the week. Could prevent more nasty comments next time if you could just let us know beforehand so we won’t go clicking the link in idle hope only to be shown that it isn’t available to us.. Always so nice and friendly of you all, as usual..

Mike Richardson 08 January, 2010 @ 13:49

Agreed, I should’ve mentioned in the post. Updated now.

Sorry you couldn’t enter. As mentioned below we try and make our competitions open to more countries where we can, but it wasn’t possible this time.

I want one, too bad I can`t enter :(


i’ve just entered (i would love to win this)
i wont win thou as i never win anything :(

Mike Richardson 08 January, 2010 @ 13:50

Someone has to win :)

Me parece lamentable que este concurso sea solo válido para UK y el resto de países qué? no pertenecemos a Europa?

Please, think in the other countries!

VictorAnalogy 08 January, 2010 @ 11:39

Right, I’ve entered, nobody else bother, it’s in the bag. Hey, you! Yeah you there, I said don’t bother entering. Don’t do it! Don’t! Oh well that’s great, you went ahead and did it didn’t you? Typical.

Just unbelievable. If you can send it to the UK, you can send it to wherever in Europe. ;)

It’s a fantastic custom design. I’m a big fan of Joe Mad’s work so to own this console would be brilliant!

I will head over and enter now! :)

[DELETED], this is seriously ridiculous… why only UK???
Europe is not only the UK!!!!!!

Latterlig konkurrence…

You might want to give people a heads up in future competitions about which countries are or aren’t allowed to enter.

Great news for the UK and Ireland residents, a major letdown for the rest of us reading the blog post only to log in and find out we can’t enter the competition.

I wish Australians where not part of SCEE. We always suffer because the Britsh colonized this country 200+years ago. We should be bundled under SCEA, i’d rather be playing 190-200ping games compared to 350-400pings.

We always get screwed under SCEE. Compatitions, game release dates, PS Store updates you name it. I hate SCEE.

Just entered myself. Looking forward to winning this. ;)

Just hope there aren’t any disappointed under 18 year olds who wanted to enter, as it’s only for 18 and overs as well.

Sorry to hear it’s not for all of Europe, then again, it would be like trying to win a pin in a very large haystack.

well… is a post written by the Community Manager of THQ UK, so It’s normal that the competition is only for UK. It would be great if THQ from other countries made the same competition (specially, THQ Spain, and see if I was lucky).

It’s true that it would be better if this kind of competitions were for all EU, but you have to look who make each competition…


Just think yourself lucky that you aren’t part of the Asia market. You wouldn’t even be able to understand most of what is said there. At least a lot of europe speaks English.

The only issue with Europe, is that there is a lack of consistency with rules and regulations across all countries. They all want to be part of Europe, but they don’t want to have one set of rules that goes across all countries, so the whole of Europe has there own rules and everyone suffers in one way or other.


@ Capeview

The only issue is the total disrespect showed by the SCEE to all european countries and others mixed within, like australia new zeland etc.

Don’t even know why sony europe don’t change their designation to SCEUK instead of SCEE, because the last ‘E’ stands for EUROPE and they only care about uk at all.

Everything sony does in europe has uk as standard, so maybe they should make uk as a region alone (irony).

Just entered! I hope I win, I’ve never really won anything before, lol.
Good Luck to all those who entered, can’t wait to see the results! :)

I entered but it just brings me to a page saying:

“We are unable to provide the page requested. To continue browsing, you can try returning to the Home Page or using search”

Tried a few times and just keep getting this. Does my entry still go through?


Seems like good old SCE-UK (plus all those troublesome EU countries and whatever else used PAL in the old days – aka SCEE) once again could not be bothered to support the territory they don’t meet in their local game store. So once again the rest of us get shafted.

Don’t show the european flag if only people of Great Britain can win that !

You should create a UK blog…

Mike Richardson 08 January, 2010 @ 16:00

Sorry you can’t enter this one, but Gamekult is running a competition in France for one of the other consoles that you can enter:


Such a shame we’re locked out from this competition.
I wonder if THQ really have such a huge market in the UK to prefer them over the whole europe.
Good luck to everyone who enters…I guess we’re just gonna have to check on ebay when those guys will be selling them.



i want one of these it looks very nice, is there a demo coming for this game.

Mike Richardson 08 January, 2010 @ 14:02

There’s no demo planned. As Joe has mentioned in a few interviews, it was near impossible to create a downloadable demo that represented the game.

I am in greece, and I get redirected to and I also get a file not found error page.

I agree with all these users too, don’t use the european blog for uk only promotion!

Why not in the rest of europe????? :(

Great PS3, wow O_O

And thanks THQ…the competition is available only in UK…and the rest of Europe?

I was going to ask why the blog post waqs rated so low. You win a PS3, a custom one at that!

Then I went looking for the Australian entry page and worked it out.

Not cool. Not cool at all.

V00D00CHARL1E 08 January, 2010 @ 12:51

Sweet, fingers crossed I win. Sorry to all those that cant enter :(

I’ve been debating getting this game today … shame about the competition being uk only.

“Based on your PlayStation Network details, you are not eligible to enter this competition. ”

Yeah Great, thank you again SCEE and THQ …

Is there no limit on screwing us up.. We pay higher prices on games and acessories, we get later releases than other regions (sometimes never get stuff, like PlayTV).

@ 43/Bonyman

The competition is available in Ireland too. ;)

Win for all of us who can not partecipate :(


@34 kaori714

Maybe they should, but then again this blog (the rest of the europe blog) would die from lack of posts like children in africa with lack of food (WITH TOTAL RESPECT FOR AFRICAN PEOPLE). Because the majority of the posts are uk based.

So, go ahead sony and keep your very good (NOT) work with discrimination. Yes, its a strong word but in the end thats how REAL EUROPEANS feel on how you treat us.


Aw well, hope I win – My sis really needs a PS3, she plays way too much 360 it’s sickening.

WilliamBirkin 08 January, 2010 @ 13:25

I agree with some of people in here, make an UK blog.

OK, this is the second time I have tried to enter a competition, and both times I’ve had this message, o a similar one: We are unable to provide the page requested. To continue browsing, you can try returning to the Home Page or using search. So I lost my chance to win the previous competition and now I lose my chance to enter this one?!? Sucks much. HELP.

Mike Richardson 08 January, 2010 @ 13:26

Apologies to those unable to enter. We always try and make our competitions at THQ UK open to other countries where we can, but sometimes our hands are tied.

I think a couple of these 10 Darksiders consoles are already in other competitions elsewhere in Europe. I’ll try and find out where and post up links so those outside the UK can enter. Again, these will be restricted by the country they’re in.

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