3D Dot Game Heroes Coming To Europe!

Yes, it may be the start of a new decade, (where are those flying cars and robot butlers, by the way) but I’m here to celebrate the past… or more specifically, the past of videogames. Why am I revelling in the world of yesterday? Well, it’s because I’m here to announce a brand new PlayStation 3 exclusive: 3D Dot Game Heroes – a nostalgic wonder-fuelled time-travelling trip back to the glory days of 8-bit gaming. And it’s coming to Europe this May. Rejoice!

3D Dot Games Heroes takes its inspiration from classic role-playing games released on ancient consoles that are now appearing on the Antiques Roadshow. In fact, people who played videogames throughout the 1980s will fall to their knees and weep when they see Dot’s many homages to the games that defined their childhood (I’ve seen it happen). It’s a virtual trip down memory lane complete with swords, wizards and monsters.

3D Dot Game Heroes

However, this is modern retro, so it has splendid PlayStation 3-powered graphics that give traditional sprites a new 3D lease of life, simple pick-up-and-play controls, which hark back to a time when you didn’t need a load of buttons just to open your inventory, and a fun tongue-in-cheek storyline with plenty of links to the past… ahem.

3D Dot Game Heroes

But, one of the greatest features of 3D Dot Game Heroes (and there are plenty to choose from) is the sweet character creation system so you can make your own blocky hero. Whether you fancy becoming an adventuring cat, a hard-as-nails robot, or a ‘tribute’ to a well known videogame character, you just have to build them using the straight forward and intuitive system. Or you can pick from one of the ready-made characters, who each have their own unique traits.

3D Dot Game Heroes3D Dot Game Heroes

Well, that’s it for now, so here’s that important release info again: 3D Dot Game Heroes will be released by SouthPeak Games on PlayStation 3 in Europe this May. To keep up to date with more details, head to www.southpeakgames.eu or www.3ddotgameheroes.com/ and hopefully I’ll be back with some more Dot Heroes info soon…

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I’ve been keeping an eye on this game since it was first announced and now I can get a UK version.

Thanks Rob

By Europe do you also mean territories under the Queens rule? Eg. Australia/New Zealand

Yeah, it’ll be coming to all PAL territories.


I’d only heard talk of it and not been interested until i read GameCentrals preview on it yesterday saying that it was one of the best looking games ever and that the art style was drop dead gorgeous :o

I’m all ears now and it looks fantastic :)

Carnivius_Prime 14 January, 2010 @ 10:17

Well, that’s fine and all but I wish there were more actual 2D low res pixel art style games on the store, even old emulated ones like Gunstar Heroes was. It’s the only reason I ever play on my friends Wii at all (and why I have Linux installed on my PS3 even if it is a bit troublesome)


Is this a PlayStation Network game? Or is it being released on a Blu-ray Disk?

SurrealNightmare 14 January, 2010 @ 10:18

*rubs eyes*

Surely this is a dream.

I never thought we’d get this game considering Atlus of America’s track record. Any chance you could publish Demon’s Souls while you’re at it? Heh.

It’s a retail game not a PlayStation Network title.


Now hopefully Demon’s Souls will also follow suit and find a release over here in the PAL territories as well in the near future. Come on, you know you want to… ;) :D



Now please do the same for Demon’s Souls!


White Knight Chronicles, Yakuza 3, 3D Dot Game Heroes. Now you gotta do the same thing with Demon’s Souls..

Please Sony!

Looks great, will definitely be sorting out a pre-order for this, any pre-order options available for it?

Whats the price point for the game in Australia Rob? I saw it being about 39.99usd rrp for the Americans. Can we expect a 59.99-69.99 AUD price range?

Also how long is the game? Does it offer a New Game Plus option like the original Zelda? If so what’s the benefit of New Game Plus? Does everything get harder and the world and dungeons change?

Does 3DDGH feature a turn based combat system or real time more hack-n-slash-zelda-style type of combats?

Also any words regarding pricing?
Are we looking at a 29.99€ game?


For everyone asking about the price, it’s still TBC for all territories. Game length depends on how good you are at it ;-) and there are gameplay options once you complete the game (although I can’t say too much). And the combat is very similar to Zelda… blimey, so many questions! :)

Great stuff saves me importing it

Glad to hear Europe gets 3D Dot Game Heroes as well as the US. I’m a US resident myself but I have to say: nice work, Southpeak.

Rob i already got Demon’s Souls but bring it over for these poor suckers in the PAL territories who don’t have a chance to import it.

Also language options for 3DFGH, are there any and what they? Also a collectors edition, can we expect one?


GREAT NEWS! i’ve been keeping an eye on this title for a few months now and am glad its making its way to European Shores :)

now if SouthPeak want to import Demons Souls I wouldnt complain about that either ;)

this so reminds me on Zelda…& i loved zelda from the NES beginning *fallsonhisknees&thanksthedeveloperincludingpublisher* :p

the sound of the trailer is great mixture of orchestra & 8bit sound. i hope the sound ingame will be the same with a little more 8bit bleeps. i love that

i´m really thrilled about it & can´t wait till the release.

P.S.: Demons Souls release in EU wouldn´t bother me either ;)

WOO HOO! cannot wait for this :) roll on May.

I hear rumors Demon Souls is being released in the EU soon… but I got impatient and imported it from the USA.

Amazing stuff! Can’t wait. Day one pruchase.

(Pssst. Also, the new decade doesn’t start until next year. Because there was no year “0”. So the first decade went on from 1-10, then 11-20 etc, and the current one goes from 2001-2010. Ergo, the next decade will start in 2011. *nerd glasses off*)


Well… the decade bit may be wrong but I’m still upset about the lack of robot butlers.

Alcest-Wizard 14 January, 2010 @ 10:59

I’m dreaming, I’m dreaming! I can’t believe this game will come to Europe, I can’t wait until it arrives :P
It’s a MUST HAVE, I’m sure of it

great news, this looked like such an interesting game i was hoping somebody would pick it up for europe.
such a distinctive game it would have been a shame if we didn’t get it.
can i add my voice to those asking for demon’s souls too.
if there’s a chance, please make it happen.

Does the game include 3d glasses?

Congratulations on landing this publishing deal!
Will the text in the PAL version be localized into more languages or will English be the only language the game is in?


Awesome. Now about that Demon’s Souls….


thanks you. im a happy bunney. now if only demon souls would be coming and it’ll be a combo. demon souls, 3D dot heroes and yakuza 3 = ultra c-c-c-c-c-c-co-o-o-o-o-m-m-m-m-mb-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-!!!!!


@222. it is a new decade. it’s ten years if you count from 2000.

Yessss – excellent news!! This and the Yakuza 3 announcement is an awesome start to 2010 ;D


“and a fun tongue-in-cheek storyline with plenty of links to the past… ahem.”

Haha, good one ;)

Game looks interesting. I love the style and music lol

Alcest-Wizard 14 January, 2010 @ 11:19

@30 well…i agree with Archonik, the old decade would have started on 2001, so the new decade would start on 2011 ^^U
i hope this games is multi-language

Yay! Finally an Atlus game that comes to Europe! ;-) j/k

Looking forward to this one!


I’ve played the Japanese version of this game and it kicks ass! Looks so so beautiful. Peace.

Fantastic news!

It’s refreshing to see a publisher bring over these types of games to the PAL regions. If you could bring over all the US Atlus published games then that would be awesome!

You have my thanks for bringing this to the PAL folk! :)

Looks awesome. Can’t wait for this game!


Thank God! Thanks for the fantastic news. I was really hoping that 3D Dot Game Heroes would be announced for Europe. I’ll be buying it on day one. Looks like a fantastically unique and nostalgic game.

Now all I’ve got to do is keep my fingers crossed for Demon’s Souls to be announced for Europe.


This has written Zelda-copy all over it!!!….

… Awesome, I love Zelda, so I’m totally gonna buy this!

I forgot to ask will there be a Special edition announced for this game or are you only looking to release one edition?







From all the comments already I think you have a hit on your hands!

The game looks quality.

Around £19.99 ?


Woho, really benn looking forward to a Eu release of 3D Dot Game Heroes =)


Here’s hoping for a CE of the game.

And luckily for once, it’s not coming out between now and March. :D


Zelda anyone?


Well, I’m not gonna pay €70 for an awfull game like this. Yes, you heard me, €70, ’cause its what we have to pay for a game in Portugal, welcome to my nightmare :(

Alcest-Wizard 14 January, 2010 @ 11:48

hey, it’s 70€ in spain too for most of new games
i’d prefer to may less than 70€ for this game (for example, katamari forever, 45€) but i’m gonna have this game even if it has a higher price…

Best news of the year \o/

How are you not getting sued out the *butt* by Nintendo? Don’t get me wrong, I love me some classic adventuring with a HD finish, but Jeezy Creezy!

PLD_Danny1989 14 January, 2010 @ 11:53

Thank you sooooo much!!!! =D

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