PlayStation Home Update: Savage Moon Furniture And The London Pub

Coming to PlayStation Home this week is a range of Savage Moon themed furniture for your personal space. Featuring in the range is a table formed from the legs of an Insectocyte, which will be perfectly matched by the rug stitched from Insectocyte sinew. Light them both with the lamp, then sit back and relax in your choice of Bean Bag or Gun Turret Lazy Boy. Or maybe both! Each item is priced at €0.99.

The London Pub returns tomorrow. Visit Home Estates to get your own personal London Pub, and become a virtual pub landlord. Priced at €4.99, the London Pub offers a warm fire and comedy beer pumps – and more! – all in a setting on the Thames that overlooks the Houses of Parliament.

Home London Pub

Gather your friends and challenge them to a few darts matches with the included multiplayer Darts game. You’ll need the practice, as you could win one of 30 genuine Eclipse Pro Dartboards courtesy of VeeMee and Unicorn! Do you have what it takes to make it to the top of the leaderboard?

Please note: if you purchased The London Pub while it was available for a short time last week, you will automatically gain access to your new personal space upon logging into Home after maintenance is complete.

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Great to have the pub back. Happy hour at mine

Is that it?!


Unfortunately the weather recently has caused havoc with many staff unable to get to the office. This causes inevitable delays on the schedule, which is why this update is limited for new content.

When is the Home client next getting an update/patch? Progress thus far has been very slow. With the beta title on Home I expected smaller, regular updates but even holding back for a couple of bigger updates, the improvements haven’t been that impressive. Still so many small, annoying issues. It feels like there’s only five people working on the Home client or you’re secretly working from the ground up on a far more stable, quality replacement.

Mb says that there was problems with the weather and staff, so dont worry folks, we will get more home stuff


I love your work. Please keep HOME up. I’ve had some great times in there :-) . Plenty of good people there.

Another not so good update. I thought it would of improved from last week but guess not. Alex when can we expect new public places?

Just don’t ‘spill my Pint’ :D

I like HOME but hate waiting for HOME to load up. Wish HOME was ready once you started your PS3? That would make me vist more. Maybe i’m just to lazy waiting for it to load up tho :D

Palming the London pub off as if it were a new thing released tomorrow when in fact it was released last week riddled with bugs, thats home as a whole i believe. Just an app that makes the PS3 as a whole look bad because of the total lack of workmanship from keeping it break all the time. Not to mention it takes longer to load up and get running then it does say… MW2.

COD MW2 takes me next to no time to get up and running from the XMB with literally millions stressing the server on a daily basis, If i want a quick 5min deathmatch on MW2 no prob. If i want a quick 5min walk around Home, i have to load up home 5mins prior to me actually wanting to because its so slow. by that time i feel its no point.

Bottomline is, Home isnt streamlined enough to be called upon a amazing console as a PS3. YET. Not unless its as steamlined as everything else that is.

And even then its iffy.

Now it’s a joke to be honest, just read that America are getting Irem and a shed load more content. Why cant you keep it to English text? It worked excellent for the EA space why not more? For Home’s sake sort out the huge content gap.

After all that i just wrote aswell LOL
US content just makes EU Home just that little bit unbearable to enter.
We get a week old Pub. (that costs, mind)
Yet US gets a huge festival. (Public space)


SCEE doing a wonderful job as usual, trying to be deaf of all those who tell it how it is with what home really needs to be to become worth visiting.


A space who was already released last week then deleted due to bugs or whatever and replaced tomorrow and 1 or 2 furniture pieces?

Wow! impressive home update. This is getting better and better every week (NOT)

that’s a point, can somebody at scee explain why europe still doesn’t have the stage set space or the ghostbusters firehouse?
and why aren’t allowed to have the picture frames.
you should know many of us consider the refusal to even address these issues as an insult to us, us being your customers.
alex, maybe you don’t know why the europe is getting neglected by scee as you’ve only been in the job for a matter of a few weeks, but i suggest you find the answers because frankly it’s looking like scee are choosing to deliberately aggravate it’s customers, unless you, and as home community lead surely it’s your job, explain why we keep being denied content.


Well a light update but i hope that we will soon have something new to chew! For example… the IREM festival…
Please, i beg you to give us an answer; yes or no just to be fixed…

like “epic battle axe” says in there podcast

Playstation home is a realy stupid idea.. avatars ok for xmb intergreation..
but a program where you run around to play games…. bad idea.
who want to take the time to run 2 minutes to a mini game..

BurbeRy_TouCh420 13 January, 2010 @ 21:24

WOW! That isn’t an update! It’s a bug fix and added items you have o pay for? NOT COOL! We in NA want some of the Spaces you have gotten (London Pub, Audi Space, Winter Wonderland!!!) but we didn’t get any of those….we say the samethings you do about spaces in other Regions…HOPEFULLY NEXT UPDATE IS BETTER!


the most stupid thing about all of this is that Home is developed by Sony studio london and thats where the source code is created to allow for revelant developers in different regions to be able to programme their content. just fing lame that SCEE come up with week lame idea’s when it come to home. yeah there is some cool stuff but thats far out wieghed by the available content in other regions. i’m sure if regionalising Home was taken off and everyone had access to everything as well as different cultures and comunitys of people Home would true be an amazing place.

i’d love to hear from the Home comunity team as since Ted the dog left there has been hardly any dialogue between the comunity and SCEE home team.

we await your reply alex with baited breath.

When I go to the Home furniture store, there is an option to browse photo frames but there are none available to purchase? Is it something I’m doing wrong or haven’t they launched yet?

I’m surprised people still use Home as there is nothing to do in it. If i want to talk to strangers i will go to the pub

I was thinking an idea for home. If there was some optional download when an update happens that you could download any updates from spaces so instead of having to wait for areas to download when moving from space to space that an option to download at the start up could happen. Just popped into my head there a while ago when I was on home :P


I was very interested in Home when it launched but the slow pace it has developed at makes it hard to maintain any interest.

1)Fundamentally Home is far to slow to change locations, ok it has to load other people but to change from one space to another is unnecessarily slow even when you allocate the largest amount of hard drive space it is appallingly slow.

2) Lack of consistent content updates, I like the idea of watching film trailers in Home but they seem to update less than once a fortnight. More content in stores anything other than a more clothing.

One big improvement though is that Home updates are communicated on the blog rather than the usual silence that tends to happen on the forum. It is a shame that SCEE doesnt have a better bug reporting system for Home as whenever I have posted things there is never an official response if only to acknowledge it is a know issue.

Any reason why you haven’t bothered putting the £ prices up this week? Anyway, nothing worth loading up Home for this week – I can’t help thinking the Pub space would have been better off as a Public Space though?

In fact I think it’s about time Sony scrapped the Personal Space concept (let’s face it without media sharing they’re next to useless) and just focus on public spaces, public games, and micro-transactions – you know maybe launch a community game show and a large public arcade full of retro titles… Oh wait, Microsoft have already beat you too that – you know it’s kind of amazing how long you’ve had to develop Home and you still let Microsoft beat you to the punch!

Still no picture frames, still not interested.

And where are the remote control hovercrafts????

There should be no regions! After the PS3 was launched and it made you choose where you were currently living ( i live in England now, the rest of my family are in the US ) i knew there was gonna be trouble. The content on the PSN Stores has always shown that even tho we were told games are region free, DLC is not.
Then when Home went into open beta, they made us choose sides again.
In an age of digital communication, and a platform that allows people to play against gamers from any region around the World. Why is Sony telling us what game we’re allowed to play and who we’re allowed to hang with?
It should be all for one and Home for all! instead of, this is exclusive for me, even tho i dont want it and you do. but you cant have it!
And thank for more furniture, but without a core client update. No more will fit into my Cribs!

i cant wait :D


Alot of very good points raised. It’s a shame they will more than likely fall on deaf ears.

Ive just given up on Home after this whole SodiumOne business. Its just a joke now. If they cant keep content equal (Or even nearly equal) then why bother?

Home has been in open Beta for over a year now. Things should be moving on alot faster than they are. There also needs to be alot more intergration with other apps like: Vidzone or even Singstar viewer. Even some way of uploading pics to the net, that you have taken in Home, would be a start.

I wonder where Sony sees Home in a years time? Hopefully not just as a big collection of empty, desolate and sometimes poorly designed areas with little or no interaction. Its certainly not the revolutionary app they made it out to be…

Alcest-Wizard 14 January, 2010 @ 09:00

any news about today store update


I just wanted to add that we have LittleBigPlanet game launching today as well.


To be honest I don’t think much people cares about home game launching, not after they tried it because:

– take too long to load;
– is a pain in the ass later when we leave the game and come back to home, take ages to go back;
– don’t quite work that well in every game, and I’m reffering those who have support.

I think you should focus on bringing EU some usefull and good things like Neptune Suite, Waterfall Terrace, a better Plaza, etc.

this is a direct question, you can choose not to answer but all that will show is that scee and/or you consider the customer to be the least important part of this business.
so i ask, why do we not have the picture frames, the stage set and the ghostbusters firehouse?

why are we still missing game spaces, don’t spout that tired old, it’s up to the publishers excuse, not when sony are the publishers.
i’m sick of the lies and excuses, so either answer or show us scee’s real priority by ignoring us.

I just want my resistance hoodie back. D:


HazelAM you do nothing but complain, are you surprised that Sony will not answer you? Grow up you pathetic little worm.

Stop moaning and be grateful for small mercys

PhantomOfOpera 14 January, 2010 @ 20:53

I want my own pool table as well as a juke box that plays my music on the HD and my TV that plays my video.
We do not even get picture frame which is available in USA never mind the above for the pub.
On a good note, as I was wondering in the pub I heard Big Ben chiming 3 times but it was 9 PM. Who shall I report the problem too :)

PhantomOfOpera 14 January, 2010 @ 20:54

Also, the flipping toilets does not work!!! LOL


When does the leaderboard in the darts game end?


Home needs what all playstation fans want, The tv, music player and picture frame ! when will it be availibe ? ive been waiting for this since it was first announced. And when will the trophy room be availible ? that looked pretty sweet. Speaking of trophies … I think trophies should eventually be the same as xbox Lives acheivements since Live gives you points to spend on content on the marketplace. Please Sony .


I have a good idea about the cinema in Home square. Instead of trailers, why not put actual films in there and pay the rent price as you would on the video store (BTW I dont have the video store yet because im from Ireland and we were ment to get it same time as everyone else). But this is a good idea and im sure many of us Playstation fans would agree.

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