LittleBigPlanet Contraption Challenge #9 – Vote Now!

PlayStation Community! It is time for you to pass judgement on our 9th LittleBigPlanet Contraption Challenge!

The zesty eyed amongst you will remember the blog article from way back in December in which I told you all about the LittleBigPlanet Contraption Challenges. For the latest challenge we asked you to trot on over to your ‘My Moon’ and create a Gap-Crossing Vehicle!

More Sackfolk than ever responded to the call with everything from bouncing balls to leaping frogs. We’ve managed to whittle the entries down to just 5 and now, it’s time for you to pick a winner!

The video below shows off each of the finalists contraptions. All you need to do is decide which one you like the most, then head over to the Official PlayStation Community forums and vote for the winner in our poll. The poll can be found at the bottom of any page on the forum (you’ll need to sign in with your PSN ID to take part).

So! Without further a-do, here are the finalists for LittleBigPlanet Contraption Challenge #9!

For more information on the LittleBigPlanet Contraption Challenges, check out our information thread here. Otherwise, keep your eyes peeled for the next (and very special) challenge!



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Oh man, I forgott about this challange :( Oh well, I’l join the next one :)

I can’t believe how many entries there were for this one! More than 60, I believe. And sooo many of them were amazing. This is by far the hardest Contraption Challenge to choose a favourite on. Good work, everyone! Can’t wait for the next one.


I know! Loads of you made contraptions, LittleBigPlanet was practically swamped with them!

As an aside, we’ve had to remove the video… it’ll be back soon! You can still see it on our forum using the links in the artice :)

thenoobkiller 19 January, 2010 @ 12:40

Some brilliant contraptions there! Great vid! :)

something up with the links? The one for seeing the finalists just returns me to this blog entry?


Just checked them – they all seem fine! One links to a previous blog article, the others link to the forums ;)

ROBB is awesome! This challenge just goes to show how many things I would never have though of making in LBP.


I like that one myself. If you love it – jump over to the forums and vote for it! You can find the poll at the bottom of any page :)

nevermind, workin now… musta been the gremlins…

Wow, awesome!

@MB, I did that before I posted :P.


Aha, in that case – I blame the gremlins!!

Wow, the first two are amazing, which one to pick..
The frog is more useful because it can leap more than one gap, but the mechanics on the first one are simply too surprising to give a second place.. going to be tough..


I feel your pain Gultz – shortlisting the 60 odd entries down to these 5 was insanely difficult. The quality just keeps getting better and better with each challenge and we’re always seeing new entrants come along with crazy ideas!!

Sorry for multiple posts but i have a crowd gathered around the pc at work watchin these contraptions!!… Awesome work and best of luck to everyone taking part!


Not to imply anyone here would have a shortage of internet-browsing know-how, but in case anyone is having trouble finding the polls this link will jump you straight to it: (Tweet it!)


*Hangs head in shame* why didn’t I think of that eh?!

EXCELLENT work on the video by the way :)

I completely forgot about this! Oh well it doesn’t sound like I would have stood a chance anyway (I say ‘sound like’ because I can’t view the video or the forum from work, but will check them out later).

It’s interesting to see the level of interest generated in this competition compared to the others – no doubt this Blog played a big part in that, so hopefully it will encourage more ‘Community Roundup’ style blog posts (or even more Blog tweets) for those of us that don’t visit the official forums regularly…

What is the theme for Challenge 10? How about something to do with water, given the recent DLC update…


AHA! Apnomis, you will have to wait and see….

Some brilliant contraptions there. Totally forgot about this challenge. Then again, not had much time to play LBP anyway.
Still, some real inginuity going on, but there has to be only one in that whole batch that gets my vote for actually making a Bridge that can be used over and over again.
There are some other great ideas, but while they make a bridge, most of them can no longer use the vehicle once the bridge has been used.

The Frog one was good, but I thought this compo was for making bridges, or was it just to cross a gap??


It was literally ‘cross a gap’ Capeview – we like to make them as open ended as possible to ensure maximum creative daftness :D

Yeah, I know, but it was just the way the vehicle could be reused afterwards that swung it for me. ROBB was a brilliant design and I love the creativity in that vehicle, but the reusable vehicle was just that bit further. ;)



Great stuff!

Hmm, misread the title as LBP contraception challenge and though ‘ok, the game is compelling, but not that compelling’ :)


Hahaha! I’m staying quiet on that one ;)

Contraptions are brilliant, a real testament to the skill and creativity of the community. Is there any chance MM/Sony will add a special section for ingenious or creative levels/creators in-game, like a Top 5 for the week or something? I don’t have much time to search for levels and think a lot of the good stuff made by the community gets lost quickly. Could you suggest this to MM please?


Hey! Mm recently held an awards ceremony called ‘The Sackies’ to celebrate the best in community created stuff. Check it out here


Wow, I didn’t know so many are still playing this game. I got bored with it a long time ago. A well, got to see such a huge fanbase :)

@MB, no I meant in-game. As in a Top 5 levels in the search options updated every week. A lot of people on forums complain because the really good user created levels get lost or require a lot of time to search individually. Please pass this suggestion on to MM. I asked Mark Valledor on the US blog numerous times but he never responded.

i love all those contraptions

This challenge is great!!!!
Good work guys!!!
Thanks for sharing this oportunity for us!!
Keep mind straight!

from Brazil ;D


epic win


pretty cool

littlebigj-mii 26 January, 2010 @ 19:30

truely amazing, th ROBB was mouth-wide-open-drueling worthy xD but i did like the frog ;D i’ve never taken part in a contraption challenge, but looking at this i’d now love to :D. Any idea when the next challenge is? Ta and well dun evry1 who got to th finals :)


Hello everyone:) I just discovered LBP and I LOVE IT!!!


ive been playing LBP for a long time and only just discovered the contraption challenge- how long do we have to wait for the next one?

ih i would just like to say hi i have always love little big planet and i dont know why my brother and sister dont i think it might be more creative haha cc10 is out now how do you let the judges know that you are making a contraption ?

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