Love Timelapse Videos? Here’s One From Our MAG256 Event

I’ll have a full report from our MAG256 event — including more video, photos and more — on Friday, after I’ve got my breath back. Many of you were there in spirit, using the #MAG256 Twitter hashtag to appear on our event Twitter wall. Thanks to all of you who did and, indeed, to all of you who showed up and helped give Zipper a good pounding! (Well, once at least).

To tide you over until Friday, here’s a timelapse video of the setup process for the now legendary “256” structure that housed our brave soldiers during the event. I think you’ll agree it’s a pretty impressive feat of engineering.

So here’s the video. I’ll be back with more very soon, but right now, I’m off for a lie down. I think I’ve got shell shock…

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Woah that looks awesome (Y)
I was in both betas, cant wait to get the full game :D

That’s all? What about the actual contest?

When did this happen?

Alex_Assassin_08 21 January, 2010 @ 07:13

Can’t wait for MAG :D

xKillerMonkeyx 21 January, 2010 @ 07:49

Now that is somewhere i wish i was, also how cool is it that the stalls made the number 256 :-)

Jem Alexander 21 January, 2010 @ 16:42

The “6” was my personal favourite.

I was there! Having participated in the beta the game wasn’t a new experience for me, but it’s still a superb teamplaying FPS! A nice touch was lunch served in military style tins. :D

Best, event, EVAR! Still giddy from it! :D
It was awesome to meet so many awesome people from the Official Playstation Forum as well as the journalists – and even Gem. I saw you dude, sneaking in for a pie – covert style. :P
Got loads to say about the event, but I’ll hold back till the main post tomorrow. :)


Jem Alexander 21 January, 2010 @ 15:50

Glad you enjoyed it! Was good to meet you. :)

Covert pie is even better than normal pie. Didn’t you know?

By Gem…I mean Jem. :D

Jem Alexander 21 January, 2010 @ 15:49

Don’t worry — you’re not the first and you certainly won’t be the last. ;)

Was a fun event, here are some more pics :)

Jem Alexander 21 January, 2010 @ 15:49

Thanks for coming, Joe! Was great to finally meet you. :)

funnydude6556 21 January, 2010 @ 08:58

I would have found it so funny if the severs had gone down that day.

Nice video Jem! To bad i have to stay here in Winter Wonderland…
Glad i could see some tweets tought from #MAG256 and be famous on the big tweet screen :-)

Jem Alexander 21 January, 2010 @ 15:46

Wish I could take credit for the video, but I shall pass your compliments on.

Glad you enjoyed the Twitter wall even though you weren’t at the event. I was pretty addicted to it myself. :)

thenoobkiller 21 January, 2010 @ 11:32

Thanks to SCEE for a great day.
I’m still absolutely exhausted with a pile of work to catchup on.
BTW. Bearskopff = MAGlegend. XD

Jem Alexander 21 January, 2010 @ 15:45

You’re very welcome! Glad you could make it.

TehPhilosopher 21 January, 2010 @ 12:09

Cool vid, and great music from the Finnish band Apocalyptica!

I played the beta, and it was a very good game, definitely buying it. I just wish, no, demand, that the bullet traces are gone, or at least configurable. It’s unrealistic, unnecessary, and makes sniping very hard.

Haha! Incredible. Didn’t noticed it spelt out “256” until the very end.

Jem Alexander 21 January, 2010 @ 15:44

You’re not the only one! I pointed it out to a number of people who didn’t see it until they were told.


Can’t watch it won’t load for some reason, also hecked on ps3 web browser and it said “the appliation is not supported” -.-I try again later


Can’t watch it, it won’t load for some reason =X I also checked it on the ps3 web browser and it said “the application is not supported” -.- I’ll try again later

I’ve got to agree with wardragon. Why, since this is the OFFICIAL blog, can the web team not make any videos posted compatible with the PS3’s browser?


The theme song for this game is awesome.
After only like 2 days of the BETA I was hooked on it (it played in main menu) and after the full BETA was over I was basically humming it every time I felt like humming :p

The game is awesome too….Patiently (okay you got me, not so patiently) waiting for the release.

Yay I was there, Eurogamer Sver pissed all over IGN who were Raven :D, Then we played the US and by that time we were all drunk lol was a great night free food free booze great people and FREE MAG Collectors Edition :)

CaptainCortez 22 January, 2010 @ 10:37

I was there!

Was playing for Eurogamer, and we trashed IGN completely in. :D

I had the most kills on my time in the first round, but sadly was still fourth, as it’s point based, and not kill based. I thought what I got (25 kills) was high, but someone else apparently got 55 kills and like 4 deaths,

I did terrible in the end though, and got myself a bit drunk with a friend, as it made shooting people more fun.

Thanks very much though! It was a great event, and I got my Limited Edition MAG as I left….shame the servers aren’t up yet, though. :(


The game was trash, though…It was the gaming equivalent of chewing glass

Unless something major happened between the Serfs PSN Beta and the Nobilities “JA PRIVATE PARTY NO PEASANTS HERE” Beta

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