This Week On The SingStore (28 January 2010)

Hi and welcome to the second SingStore update of the year!

This week, why not add some black eyeliner and hairspray to the mix and rock out to ‘Boys Don’t Cry’ by The Cure or just paint a white stripe across your face instead and feel like ‘Prince Charming’ (just like Adam & The Ants)?

Mr Hudson feat. Kanye West - Supernova

Also available for download, some more songs by Snow Patrol including the gorgeous ‘Set The Fire To The Third Bar’ with Martha Wainwright (duet anyone???), ‘Romeo’ by Basement Jaxx plus things from Avril Lavigne, No Doubt, The Script, Rainbow and Mr. Hudson feat. Kanye West.

Rainbow - Since you've been gone

There’s quite a few songs for all you Portuguese singers including Humanos with ‘Muda De Vida’ plus German and Italian tracks from the likes of Echt and Tiziano Ferro.

Tiziano Ferro - E fuori e bui

Nina x

In English

  • The Veronicas–4ever
  • The Subways–Rock & Roll Queen
  • The Script–The Man Who Can’t Be Moved
  • Avril Lavigne–Girlfriend
  • Basement Jaxx–Romeo
  • Bob Sinclar–Sound Of Freedom
  • DJ Bobo–Pirates Of Dance
  • LL Cool J–I Need Love
  • Mr Hudson feat. Kanye West–Supernova
  • No Doubt–Spiderwebs
  • Rainbow–Since You’ve Been Gone
  • Suede–Metal Mickey
  • The Cure–Boys Don’t Cry
  • Snow Patrol–Shut Your Eyes
  • Snow Patrol–Chocolate
  • Snow Patrol And Martha Wainwright–Set The Fire To The Third Bar
  • Adam & The Ants–Prince Charming
  • Salem Al Fakir–Good Song

The Cure - Boys don't cry

In German:

  • Echt–Weinst Du

In Portuguese

  • Humanos–Muda De Vida
  • Diana Lucas–Desculpa Lá
  • D’ZRT–Querer Voltar
  • Just Girls–Bye, Bye (Vou-me Divertir)
  • Just Girls–Entre O Sonho E A Ilusão
  • NBC–Segunda Pele
  • Sérgio Godhino–Com Um Brilhozinho Nos Olhos

In Italian

  • Tiziano Ferro–E fuori è buio
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Thesnipergecko 25 January, 2010 @ 16:03

Will you ever release “Journey – Don’t Stop”?


Unfortunately a no for now.


Bad, Bad update, i think this will be the worse update sinds the start of Singstar on the PS3.

I will listen to the songs first but i think this will be the first time that I will not get any song from an update.


Sorry to hear you don’t like anything this time round. Maybe next time again…? I hope so!

Thanks for the update again. Will be picking up Avril Lavigne, No Doubt and… The Veronicas?? I thought they were under Warner Music Group??

My super-cool Australian artist recommendation for the week is Vanessa Amorosi. Her biggest hit over in Europe was “Absolutely Everybody” in 1999. Recent hits in Australia include “Perfect” and “This Is Who I Am”. She also did a fantastic duet with Hoobastank called “The Letter” which would be so awesome as a duet on SingStar! :D

Also, you asked me to give you a reminder about the Delta Goodrem song. :)


I hope we get The Veronicas – 4ever, Avril Lavigne – Girlfriend and No Doubt – Spiderwebs in the U.S. update!!!



You’ll get The Veronicas and Avril but sadly no ‘Spiderwebs’


LL Cool J = Awesome. That is all.

Instant purchase for me, even if it is ‘I Need Love’.

i want MA-DO-NNA… I won’t buy songs (anymore)… until the queen hit the stores… ;)

Worse week ever? Utter tosh. All of the following will be amazing on Singstar:

# Mr Hudson feat. Kanye West – Supernova
# Rainbow – Since You’ve Been Gone
# Suede – Metal Mickey
# The Cure – Boys Don’t Cry
# Snow Patrol – Chocolate

Just goes to show that musical taste is pure opinion – Sony do a decent job of keeping a very wide group entertained.


Well, thank you Scummer. Enjoy the tracks you’re getting!

Now people have to watch out so Kanye West don’t take the microphone from you.

i don’t think it’s the worse, at all! i’ll be buying at least 7 songs, and that’s like a record for me… but!, i’m portuguese and there’s been a lot of portuguese songs around here! thank you very much!


Pleasure. Enjoy!


Who do I have to make out with to get some Phoenix on the Singstore?!


Mhh – you don’t. Have you already got ‘Everything is Everything’ and ‘Consolation Prizes’?

If you want more songs though I could have a word with everyone and see who would be dealing with that sort of request :)

Thank you for all the Portuguese songs!

By the way, it’s Sérgio Godinho. A minor mistake :)


Ah, forgive us, please and thanks for pointing it out!

VincentVendetta 25 January, 2010 @ 16:31

Uh… N-No? I’m sorry there’s just nothing here for me. I hope you’re still working hard with Universal to bring their songs to the US SingStore.

In the meantime, I’m still working on my SingStar Wishlist; it’s waiting for you here:

By the way, is “The Veronicas – Untouched” on the store? I can’t check right now. If it is, I’ll buy it as soon as I transfer my data from my old PS3 to the new one.

If it isn’t, please consider this as a request :)


Not at the moment – request is noted!


Snow Patrol – Run – on its own? Pleeeeeeeeeeease? I loved singing that on my friend’s old PS2 game and have been waiting ages for it to come on the store. I can’t be doing with Leona and don’t really like the band enough to buy the pack.

Pretty please?

Other than that, Prince Charming – nice.


All you need is a little patience…maybe… :)

Hmmm, is there any chance of getting songpacks added to the store as singles as the same point in time the song packs are.
Not to be a “Negative Ned” or anything but lately it seems a good portion of every update is song packs as singles.

Update caters widely this week actually which is a good thing! Little to my personal tastes: Could do with more bouncy pop really :D

Oh and gotta add this:

“Singstar: Glee” Can we have it? Please please please! Seems to be a fair few of people wanting this so doesn’t hurt to try and get it to the licensing departments attention :D
And before the “It’s hard to license songs with videos from TV and movies” crops up, do one of those picture 3D motion thingy’s you’ve done with other videos like some Motown ones, Cher, Build me up Buttercup etc :p
(See I’ve gave it thought for ya! lol)


Well done but I still don’t think it’s possible, even if we would create a video. Sadly, it’s not just that.

Defintely keep on going with the thinking though. I like it :)

Um, ok solid update. We will ever get Laura Pausini in singstar? Also the duet “Non me lo spiegare” with Tiziano Ferro is awesome, include that too :P

Hi Nina,
What happened to the Ida Maria “I like you so much better when your naked” track that you announced on the blog before Christmas?

Hi Nina, really poor updates since december, any news about my fight for more alternative/electronic music?


I’m fighting with you…

In regards to the reply I got for @15:

Hmmm, I can see it being awkward for some of the songs which aren’t on Sony’s Label’s or Spring off label’s.

The music from Glee is signed to Columbia records, but I suppose the issue would be the covers which aren’t apart of one of Sony’s labels? (Since Columbia is part of the Sony Music corp)

Although I know you likely can’t answer that since all the licensing info can’t be divulged, shame cuz I’d love to sit here even if it takes me hours upon hours to figure out a way for this to happen lol.

Yes…I’m that dedicated to the “Singstar: Glee” cause, and have too much free time haha

But anyway thanks for the reply, but I will still never give up hope!


Like I said before, it really doesn’t make a difference if an artist is signed to Sony or another label. Sadly, we don’t get preferential treatment because we are Sony, too :(

We looking at getting anymore rock anthems on there? When I saw Cherry Pie, I thought – Justice!

Oh also, please add songs from Utada :D

Portuguese songs! Thank you so much for the efforts on updating the SingStore with so much variety ;)

Here in Portugal we have a large community of SingStar’s fans! :D

An ok update, prolly buy 2 songs!

Would love to see more RnB though, Beyonce, Justin T, Usher, Ne-yo, Chris Brown etc etc!

pleeeeeaseeee!!! :D


Already got some Chris Brown on there for you…

bad update :/
please it will be awesome if you add more “the script” songs such as “we cry” :P


Wish List
When your gone – Avril Lavigne
Nobody’s home – Avril Lavigne
The best damn thing – Avril Lavigne
It’s all coming back to me now – Celine Dion
Bad romance – Lady Gaga
Paparazzi – Lady Gaga
Lovegame – Lady Gaga
Party in the USA – Miley Cyrus


Hello Nina!
Thanks for the Update.
I have a few questions hope you can ask.
First, why there’s no longer singstar update on the US blog?
and the other question is:
There’s a possibility that we can have another Travis song? Why does it always rain on me? or maybe side? ‘Cause i was looking something. Lips already have “why does it always rain on me?” But that is a song published by Sony, Indeed Travis albums are published by sony. So, why the competition have why does it always rain on me? and the Sony console don’t?
Thanks Nina!


Hi Nanio_1922,

I’m afraid I am not in charge of the US blog anymore. However, anything you would like to know about US updates you can ask me on here, too and I’ll do my best to answer.

I’m afraid it doesn’t matter whether an artist is signed to Sony or another label, we still have to go through the same procedure for everyone.


Nina x

First of all, thanks for the new Portuguese songs :D

I have 2 questions:

1 – I can never access the portuguese “Buraka Som Sistema”. The artist folder is there but is always empty. Is it just me?

2 – Where are the incredible UK based “Hadouken!”? You should get them on your list, they just released their second album today and they’re getting better! :D

Nevermind Buraka Som Sistema, my mistake :p


Wish List
When your gone – Avril Lavigne
Nobody’s home – Avril Lavigne
The best damn thing – Avril Lavigne
It’s all coming back to me now – Celine Dion
Bad romance – Lady Gaga
Paparazzi – Lady Gaga
Lovegame – Lady Gaga
Party in the USA – Miley Cyrus

I have to say i’m enjoying seeing The Cure featured, Inbetween Days would be great too. :)

any Taylor Swift planned to be on the store.

Alcest-Wizard 25 January, 2010 @ 18:13

There will be any song of Amy Macdonald in the store? I would really want to have any of her songs :)

Anyway, thanks for the update :)

Ss this game actually any good for tone deaf people like myself? I was playing this on New Years at 3am and having a great time, only problem was that I was awful!


I’m sure you were great! Keep on practicing…


I hope one day someone wakes up and the person in charge of DLC updates will be fired …

It’s worse with each update …


That would be me then :)

Great! One song from No Doubt, and one that’s really good!

Ok! we see here a lot of portuguese, german etc. songs, but what about russians some day? Thanks.


Maybe someday but nothing is planned for now, sorry.

ConnorGarrett 25 January, 2010 @ 18:49

love update but can we have some more leona lewis , mini viva and rhianna

followmyheart 25 January, 2010 @ 19:06

I know ZERO songs… :-O

I know how you feel, followmyheart, almost have the same situation here, with the exception of the Cure song which I happen to have heard *once*. O_o

I sure wish they’d have tossed some 80’s hits into the mix from the old PS2 discs.


I know zero of these songs too. I think it’s just a bad week for me. Still, I’m not complaining, Ihave spent over a thousand NZ dollars on Singstar downloads now and every week without something I want saves me from shelling out for any more. So, I’m hoping they have nothing to tempt me with for the next couple of updates, lol.


Is the game capable of restricting single songs based on the parental control settings on the console? (and uploaded videos of that song). If not is this feature at all possible to add in a future patch? There are a lot of songs that would probably eneed a higher rating than the game itself, but that a lot of the grown up customers would like. One example is a favorite with of mine; Rage against the machine – Killing in the name. A non cencored version of that would be awsome.

This update does not include any French song! What is very disappointing. Can you assure us that the month of February will be better for the French?


I can’t promise you anything right now. Maybe one…


Any chances of getting Owl City – Fireflies in the store?

Thanks for all Nina


Firstly Nina
The Script is my fav band and I have been waiting for the Man Who Can’t Be Moved for ages to come out on the Singstore!
Thank you again!
by the way, I see Pixie Lott (Mama Do)on the Singstore which is brilliant, however is there any chance of seeing her other number 1 hit, Boys and Girls? I know a bit more people than a fair few who would give an arm and a leg for this song to be available on the Singstore!

“Just a girl” with No Doubt would also be a hit! :)

Still no firmware update. The program is starting to become old.
Give us some cool features we are asking for for years.

For the songs, also not so relevant.


kayne and mr hudson = awesome insta purchase.

now nina im a gonna let you finish but we need some more black eye pea’s and lady gaga tracks on the story period!!!!. lol


OK! :)


New update…hmmm bad. :S

Please please please please give me a… ;)
Roxette – “How do you do”
The Corrs – “Breathless” … all song
Ronan Keating – “When you say nothing at all”
Girls Aloud – “Jump”
Alizee – “Moi lolita”
Anastacia ft.Ben Moody – “Everything Burns”
Seether feat. Amy Lee – “Broken”

THX! ;)

A pretty small update (well not that small, but we were spoiled in the holiday updates), but there are some decent songs there. No immedate purchases this time for me, but there are a number of songs that I expect I’ll eventually get :)

SUEDE! METAL MICKEY! A fantastic 90s [pre?] Brit-pop tune. My friends will be ecstatic to hear this! I will also be getting The Cure – Boys Don’t Cry.

Nina, I made a suggestion for a “player pool” recently, and I thought I’d mention it again in case you missed it – basically it is frustrating having to come all the way out to the main menu to change players. My suggestion is to initially pick a “pool” of players that can be swapped in and out from the carousel. See, otherwise when playing SingStar with non-gamers (and plenty want to) I have to host it all night long, and if I don’t, people play as the wrong player, high-scores go under wrong names, and it’s frustrating as I don’t get to enjoy the parties as much as I’d like because I have to keep fiddling with the player set-up… if it could be done from the carousel it would make things MUCH easier!


I’m with you all the way on the Suede front!

I’ll pass it on to the team (but have the feeling I already did before:))

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