Gravity Crash PSP Revealed

Hi Everyone,

Hope you all had a great holiday season? At JAW we had a fantastic holiday, and we owe it all to you guys for showing your support for Gravity Crash; your appreciation and feedback has reminded us all why we’ve been working so hard over the past 18months, and it’s nice to see that so many of you guys think like we do – there truly is something special about retro inspired arcade blasting!

Gravity Crash PSP

Something I specifically wanted to thank you for is the levels you guys have been making. So far we’ve seen over 1400 levels and there are some real gems out there! Shining brighter than most I’ve seen are the levels by “E-T-E-C” and “RubiconAlpha”. Their levels are exceptional and I would highly recommend you check them out. They are clever, challenging and enjoyable in equal measure, and perhaps they’ll spark your imagination and inspire you to create a new level yourself – who knows, it could even lead to your efforts earning a mention in my next post!

Gravity Crash PSP

I’d also like to thank you all for the feedback you’ve given about the game so far, and give you a heads up on a patch we’ve been working on to improve the game based on your comments and suggestions. One thing that came up regularly was that it wasn’t entirely obvious that you can rate another players level (which is a shame considering how good a lot of them are), so we’ve made a change to this and added the “Vote for Creator” option to the post mission screen. Now, when you finish playing the level, you can mak e your vote right there, and hopefully more of those amazing levels you dedicate a lot of time to will get the recognition and the credit that they deserve.

The v1.02 update, which will be released soon, also features the following changes and improvements:

  • More intuitive voting for user created levels.
  • Improved menu navigation.
  • Fixes to sound fx playback.
  • Hi-scores can no longer be posted from the Trial version.
  • The hidden level “Umbria” is now correctly unlocked in the Campaign.
  • Polish language now available.

Gravity Crash PSP

Another thing we’ve heard a lot of you asking for over the past few weeks is information on Gravity Crash for the PSP, so here you go…

  • Retro gaming visuals with a modern tw ist.
  • 35 challenging levels in campaign mode, each with unique objectives
  • All new Survivor mode, offering an extra element of gameplay.
  • Create and share your own levels with others.

As well as all of the above, we are still working hard away on some things which we’ll reveal more on a little closer to the time, so keep an eye open for more blog updates from us in the near future!

Thanks again for your ongoing support; we hope you will continue to enjoy Gravity Crash and we are looking forward to seeing even more high-quality levels from you in-game. Please continue to share your feedback, thoughts and suggestions about the game with us, and feel free to give your favourite creators the recognition they deserve in the Blog comments and on the forum, too – we’d love to give some of them a shout out next time!

3 Author replies

The video doesnt work “video not available”

Will be avaliable PSP version this week on PSN store?

Stewart Gilray 28 January, 2010 @ 09:59

No we’re not quite there yet, we just wanted to announce the PS3 Patch, and give you guys some more details of the PSP version.

Thx for Polish language:)

So the US gets a price reduction while the PAL stores do not? That sucks!

When I first played this I knew a PSP version would be awesome :)

A PSP version will be great, consider me sold.

A bit annoyed about the US vs UK pricing issue of the PS3 version though.


likewise, i kinda thought why the hell is this on PS3 and NOT PSP. same as Savage Moon and Critter Crunch. this is the problem with PSP, people just aren’t making good games for it.

i have to be honest the PSP version of Savage Moon is better than the full game.

I’m really happy about this one comming to the PSP, ever since I saw the PS3 version, I wanted to have this on the Go. As long as it won’t be a flop quality wise, I’m getting it.

Will the upcoming patch fix the issue with the save game? I’ve had mine ‘forget’ that I’ve cleared worlds in campaign mode, including all the gems etc I’ve collected. I don’t particularly want to start playing over again until I know it won’t happen again.

Looking forward to the PSP version. Any rough estimate of when it’ll come? Next month? By Easter?

Stewart Gilray 28 January, 2010 @ 10:10

First off let me reply to you comment about save progress …

We are aware of an issue that has reset peoples progress, but we are also aware the some people have been confused by the Game Over screen, where it asks you to “Continue” or “Cancel”, some haven’t realised that if you choose “Cancel” then your only option is to Start a New Game, you CANNOT continue from this.

If you have experienced something different, then drop us a line via our own website which is at or directly to Sony’s Customer Service dept.

Don’t suppose we’ll be getting the price cut on the PS3 version the US store is getting will we?


please add selectable weapons for multiplayer! It really needs the power-ups atleast from the singleplayer! Pleeeease! :D

Good to see the PSPGO being using in the video instead of the PSPSlim like in all the other ads! Sony Does remember is has it! Now if only the library we’re better for it.

1) Will be avaliable on PSP for all regions or for selected countries?

2) It will be PSP Minis or regular game?

3) What will be price?

4) How many MB is game size (approx.)

@djax-djax – It won’t be a Mini’s game as it has download/upload features.

I can’t wait for this game for my PSPGo. It’s a great thing that we can create and share levels on PSP too !

Hi Stewart

please look into changing the way the game saves.

if I am in the middle of a level (and some of the later levels are taking me ~20 mins to complete) and I need to do something else for whatever reason, I lose all the progress – or, as has happened, I leave the PS3 on, for hours, until I can get back to it .. not very ‘green’ …
I don’t mind if it doesn’t save mid-level, and I have to restart the planet if I quit .. but to retry the entire campaign mode? thats madness … not user-friendly …

thanks for listening

Stewart Gilray 02 February, 2010 @ 20:57

Interesting, this may be a clue for something we are looking for.

Can you give me a more detailed explanation of what you have done, if I can ask you to submit this to us directly at our own website via the Contact Us page, I’d really appreciate it.

Usually the saves progress at the end of each Planet, so if you are in the next planet and quit/switch off, you should be able to restart at the same place next time.

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