Spaceball: Revolution Out Today

Hi there, greetings from Spain! My name is Isidro Gilabert and I am in charge of Virtual Toys Barcelona studio.

We are proud to present our second PSP minis game, “Spaceball: Revolution”, available on February 4th in Europe and one week later in America.

Spaceball Revolution

What’s “Spaceball: Revolution”? It’s an arcade-puzzle-retro game that will put your intelligence and skill to the test as you solve puzzles in a futuristic environment.

You simply have to copy the figures that appear on-screen by firing energy balls at cells in a grid that make them change colour.

Spaceball Revolution

The rules are that simple! So you will decide how to play our game. You can aim using the analog stick for pixel-perfect ball shooting. Or you can use the directional buttons to choose the right square to blast.

Spaceball RevolutionSpaceball Revolution

Tip – you can build the patterns square by square…Or you can make combos to save time and win points!

Throughout the fifteen levels of the game, new obstacles appear including cubes, hoops, laser rays, asteroids, cylinders, pendulums and balls! Each obstacle has unique properties, like being static, mobile, invisible, destroyable and indestructible.

Are you up to the challenge? Only the very best players manage to reach the end!

Game info

  • 2 game modes: Free play and Challenge
  • 15 levels, 5 rounds each level, 10 puzzles each round = 750 puzzles!
  • 4 difficulty levels
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That’s a very trippy looking game!

I agree with Dr-Mog, looks great, seems a good number of puzzles, might give this one a look!

can’t really tell much from pictures, i reckon this is one of those games you can’t really tell about till you see it moving.

Does anyone here know when the Playstation store usually updates? Been looking for the past hours but nothing… Waiting on FF VIII

I only have the old PSP and not a PSPgo, but 750 puzzles is a lot!

@Belias_Timo: Usually between 1700 and 1800 CET.

Dont worry ffviii will be out shortly. maybe next 2-3 hours.

This games looks pretty good, probs gonna be the best mini yet.


Looks interesting, but I’m sorry you really couldn’t of posted the official video for Spaceball: Revolution in the blog post? Screenshots are all well and good, but I think most people will say they are far more likely to buy a game if they can see the game in action.

Posted by VirtualToysSpain on Youtube on the 22nd January – Spaceball: Revolution PSP minis – USA

The pricing will decide if I buy this or not.

We had a particularly early ‘Store Update last week, but typically it happens beyond 4pm; most frequently around 5pm. Odd weeks getting towards 6pm. All quoted are UK times.

PS. [ ]



Thanks for the massive responses… Guess I’ll just find something else to do till then ^^

yep i was right, you do need the video to really get how the game is played.


Same here, that is my only definite purchase today, FF VIII is my fave final fantasy game next to FF X.

Store will no doubt be updated within the next 3 to 4 hours (if it isn’t already)

Looks boring…

Looks like a 3D brickout game but i’m erm…. puzzled by the puzzle element. A vid would be a great help thanks!

se ve bien! :)


@13 Bonyman

I posted a link to the official video in comment #7. It’s appears to be a match the pattern style puzzle, the other objects seem to be obstacles that you have to avoid.

I saw this post on my RSS feed and immediately thought someone had made a Spaceballs game. Imagine my disappointment! This still looks like it could be fun though. ;)

@15: thanks ravenblade86 for the vid link. I’m still a bit puzzled lol.

there was apparently a spaceballs cartoon being made, but haven’t heard anything about it for nearly a year.

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