God of War III Ultimate Trilogy Edition – Box Unveiled!

Hi everyone

Following my recent blog post, I’m really excited to share the design of the SCEE God of War III Ultimate Trilogy Edition box with you guys. I hope you like it, let me know your thoughts! :D

God of War III Ultimate Trilogy Box

The Ultimate Trilogy Edition can be pre-ordered in selected retailers across Europe, Australia and New Zealand. It’s a limited run so make sure you pre-order it before it’s sold out! This very special edition comes in a high-end, sculpted replica of Pandora’s Box with an epic outer box which features an acetate window: you can actually see Pandora’s box before you even open it!

Once open, you will find the following items:

  • God of War III (of course!)
  • God of War Collection (gentle reminder, this is God of War and God of War II, remastered in HD, running at 60 fps, with Trophy support, all on one Blu-ray Disc)
  • Extra game content downloadable via PlayStation Network:
  • God of War Combat Arena containing an exclusive environment and seven challenges to complete
  • Dominus character skin
  • Apollo character skin
  • Phantom of Chaos character skin
  • Forgotten Warrior character skin
  • Special audio bonus
  • God of War Trilogy Soundtrack – God of War I, II, and III scores from the game (3 CDs in total)
  • God of War: Blood and Metal EP – a heavy metal homage featuring original music inspired by God of War (downloadable via PSN)
  • Additional content:
  • Artbook
  • Postcards

Quick reminder… some of you may recall my last post where I mentioned that a new trailer will be unveiled on February 11 on PlayStation Blog… well, it will actually be in the morning on February 12 instead. Make sure you tune in; you won’t be disappointed.

God of War III

That’s about it for now… any comments or thoughts let me know!


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By the Gods…. that looks awesome indeed!


Wauw love it!


Glad you like it guys :-)


what is the size of the box ? can u tell us ?


Hi Handige_Harry

The size of the box is as follows:

Width – 255mm
Length – 291mm
Height – 161.5mm

That does look awesome, but with so many great games around I can’t justify spending that much money right now, (looking like I’ll be out of a job in March :()

So please tell us that the God of War Collection is still getting a standalone release in Europe too?


Hi newsky87

We’re only including it in the Ultimate Trilogy Edition at the moment. This edition is really to celeberate the launch of God of War III :-)

Maybe I’ve been living on another planet but never played any of these games. Its recommended for people who like what genre?

Does look good though!

It’s a great special edition for any God of War fan, but £110 is extremely steep price to pay for it.

I opted to import the God of War Collection from the US for £22 delivered, and have got GOW3 on pre-order for £33. Which works out at half the price of this for all 3 games, sure I don’t get all the little extras, but they aren’t worth £55.

Is there anyway I can get the Peter Weller documentary without buying that.Apart from the game itself it’s all I want.

BOOOOOooo at the trailer,I wanted to see N4G meltdowns,as it was due the same day as Msofts X10 event.

Already pre-ordered mine at Game.co.uk. That box looks fantastic :)
Really looking forward to the new trailer, too :D


Box looks so awesome!!!

Few questions

1. Do you know if there will be midnight launches in the UK?
2. Is the trilogy edition exclusive to Game in the UK?
3. Do you have any visuals of the finalized contents?

Cheers =]


Hi Toppot

My answers below:

1. No plans for a midnight launch in the UK.
2. Correct, this is only available at Game in the UK.
3. Look out for my next post where I will detail this :-)

All I have to say Thach is where’s my copy!!!


Nice Box, nice design I love it ¦)

Looks good. But how are people in Europe meant to get their hands on the Morpheus Armor?

LOL @ Mike

does this have the same awesome chest that the US version had?


Hi AcidCrashX

Yes it’s the exact same box/chest design :-)

Any sign of the GOW collection as a seperate release. Some of us aren’t massively loaded with the Heavy Rain SE and the FF13 CE to pay for!

What about a release in Middle East and North Africa ?


I’m seconding the mention of the awesome box of awesome the US seems to be getting.


Looks great but its too expensive for me.
I just want God of War collection and GoW3,
Because SCEE are being a bit vague about the GoW collection separate release I imported it last year along with Demons Souls and will buy GoW3 separately Day 1.

shame, wont be getting GoW3 in March.
FFXIII,YakuzaIII and Dragon Age-expansion etc.
+ you got Heavy rain coming the 26th of february, thats just 2 days before March.

I wish Sony could have tried to make this game out by February, instead of wanting to compete with Square-enix in March.

Is french avaible on the Blu Ray God of War Collection plz ?


Hi Champloo. Yes French is available :-)

OMG It looks awesome!

PLEASE answer me. Can you confirm that this box and the contents detailed in (artbook etc…) are the same that will be shipped from Game.co.uk ?

I have pre ordered here in the uk (only game /gamestation seem to have it)and their site does not list the artbook or cards.

I have inquired about it and the answer from the customer service manager was that the artbook / cards are not shipping with it!?

I need, and any person pre ordering in the UK a clear idea of where or what we can expect.



Hi Sweetdardo

The final content of the box is all detailed in my blog post so don’t worry, you will get everything that I’ve listed in your box :-)


it’ll be the same as what’s listed here.


Already pre-ordered my copy of the ultimate trilogy collection. Can’t wait to play God of War for the very first time. The game looks amazing,just like this awesome box.


Hopefully one that no ones asked yet too lol

Im thinkin about getting this BUT why is it that the US Pandoras Box has behind the scenes/Making Of featurette…. yet the Ultimate Trilogy Edition EU DONT?!

Thanx for answering or thanx for answering even if you dont have the answer anyway.


Hi Kap

The content of the US and PAL editions differs slightly in terms of the extras you’re right (the EU version has more skins, God of War Collection, postcards etc). But you’re right, one of the differences is the documentary which is not in the PAL box.

Curse myself having more money then common sense… I’ve Per-ordered. :)

Roll on March

Yes this looks nice an all blah blah…

But £109.99?

Err i dont think so.

That’s how the ultimate package supposed to be. I wished MGS4 did the same…Since you have remake of GOWI and GOW2, why don’t you put it on PSN as well, lot of people will try out and get inspired, probably you will argue demo, but you never get full experience unless you play the game…

Just love it!

One question, how much would it cost?

what are you going to do with a silly artbook and a postcard? it’s not worth that much.

RagingRaven874 05 February, 2010 @ 11:24

How limited is limited its just that the hardend edition of mw2 was supposed to be limited but there still on sale in most stores at a cheap price

When is the GoW Collection being released separately in the UK. We shouldn’t have to import or pay £110 just to get our hands on it.

That box art looks awesome =)

By the way do you have any idea about the weight of the entire package?

almighty-slayer 05 February, 2010 @ 11:38

Fantastic. Already have it all preordered. I really cannot wait to get it! Sure my postie will enjoy delivering it too :)

Is Kratos image In-game/engine? or CGI?

Is Russian available on God of War Collection and GoW 3. Please, I need to know.

Looking forward to the GT5 trailer thats on the disk.

Awesome boxart! But why aren’t we getting the documentary? It was one of the main reasons why I preordered it.

Thanks for answering my question Thach.

It’s a shame there isn’t some sort of Basic Trilogy Edition (but with a less crappy name), GOW3 + GOW Collection and a couple of the DLC or something for a more reasonable price for us poor people. ;)

Carnivius_Prime 05 February, 2010 @ 11:54

Very nice. There aren’t a lot of games coming out that interest me at the moment (‘cept maybe Red Dead Redemption and Super SFIV) but God of War 3 and the Collection certainly do so I might as well buy this pack and get the most.

I want this so badly I might have to sell my sole as I’m not that rich :(

Just how limited are these? Do we have a figure for how many were made?

Releasing the GoW Collection only as part of the Trilogy Edition seems a poor idea from a marketing point of view. Plenty of people haven’t played the first two and as a result won’t get the third. Had SCEE released the GoW Collection already those people would be primed to get GoW3. I know quite a few people like me who imported.

You should release the GoW Collection as soon as possible. Probably too late now but you should have released the two games also as downloadable titles. Not sure why Sony doesn’t capitalise on the digital distribution opportunities of PSN in cases like this.

Where is this available in Ireland?

wow… looks amazing…
i just don’t like the cover of the gow collection =\

purpleorange101 05 February, 2010 @ 12:11

some one said earlier that they pre-ordered it for 33..and the collection, for 22, but i seriously dont believe them as the cheapesti can find for god of war 3 is only a couple of pouds off..anf the collection is more than 22, more like 28 imported. maybe 30 etc…..wheres this guy shopping>?? the back of a lorry?

Thats the one thing i really wanted to see was the making of featurette because i have the GOW collections and the making of on those on the disc are great, and you truelly appreciate the game more once you witness the blood and sweat and even sometimes fun these guys put into their games. Its a real shame we wont be getting one.

Looks like i’ll spend my money on the standard edition of the game then.

Thanx mike for replying tho m8

Which retailers in Australia will be stocking this. EB games did have it listed , but it has since been removed. I cannot find anyone else here that is selling the Ultimate edition. Thx.

Wow… great design!
Will the Ultimate Trilogy Edition also be available in germany?
At which retailers and when can we preorder it??


Looks good, but can’t justify spending that much!

It looks really fantastic. I wish the standard edition box had similar art instead of the abstract Kratos eye- there is nothing abstract about Kratos! It’s still not too late to change it you know?!

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