Fairytale Fights Treasure Pack 1 Out This Week

Hello again,

Firstly, let me thank all of you for your feedback to our first post, it has made me feel very welcome :0)
Secondly, I wanted to let you know that the first round of DLC for Fairytale Fights is due for release on the 11th February. Even better – its free!

The DLC, AKA ‘Treasure Pack 1’ contains 4 brand new playable characters and 3 challenging PvP arenas, our local residents now have more foes to slice’n’dice and arenas to paint red with their blood! Fairytale Fights Treasure Pack 1 offers you the chance to experience life in Taleville in so many new ways!

Fairytale FightsFairytale Fights

Our four characters are Bones, Princess Afia, Grandma Red (yes, you guessed it, Little Red’s grandma) and Puss in Boots – Each of our characters have a story of their own to tell, we have started the story for you, but for the rest, you must play to find out :)

Fairytale FightsFairytale Fights

Moving on to our 3 challenges, the PvP arena’s, I will give you a little information, but really – You should play them yourselves to find out more :D

Time to Die – In Time to Die, players have to traverse the tricky elevators on both sides of the room. The battlefield is small, the action is dense! Get to the weapons, risk your own life and slaughter your enemy. Your opponent is just waiting for you to make a mistake!

Rooftop Rumble – On top of the snow covered rooftops you must fight! Use the bridge to throw your opponent into the thorns, crush them against the wall or simply use it as access to the floors below. Trick your enemy into a false sense of security and when the time is right, fire your arrow (triggering the bridge), giving your careless opponent a nice surprise! A bloody surprise!

Cannon Ball Bay – Cannon Ball Bay is made up from 5 islands, and a Pirate ship. Fighting on islands means a lot of pushing and trying to shoot each other into the water, however when you take control over the cannon the fighting changes to a cat and mouse game. Take your 3 chances to shoot at your enemy whilst they cower and hide – this will be carnage!

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wow great! thanks a lot :D it will give mroe fun to the game hehehe
i have a question, will it be free or will we have to pay for it? :(

Well this is a surprise. Thank you. Will there be a game update to accmodate this.

I must take a look at this game, is there a demo?


yes, there is a demo in the store, you should try it ;)

Debbie Brettell 10 February, 2010 @ 09:10

Hi guys!

I can confirm that yes this DLC is free :) How exciting

Dont forget to check out the DLC and let us know what you think on the forum http://www.fairytalefights.com/community

And yes there is a demo – AKA the White Room – Hehe, i hope you enjoy it!

Until next time :)

SpitelordDekka 13 February, 2010 @ 10:48

Great, are you going to put up a REAL demo that actually shows some gameplay in context?

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